On Taking “Me-Time”

I’m going to start by giving the best piece of advice I’ve ever given myself: Take some me-time. Every day.

What is me-time, you might ask? Taking time for yourself. This can mean many things for different people, but it’s often sleep, reading, journaling, and just sitting and listening to your own thoughts. Take time to take care of you. Paint your nails! Make some dessert 🙂 Listen to some music, go for a run, watch some tv or a favorite movie but just do something every day that’s for you.

I’ve always been adamant about taking my “me-time”, but lately it’s been very difficult: college essay class, applying to college, filling out job applications..it’s all very stressful, time-consuming, and totally necessary. The only problem is I got too caught-up in my work. Many of us do this, doing extra paperwork or homework just to get it done…but this isn’t always good when you forget to listen to your own needs. I’ve been bogged down, unenergized, and unfortunately, totally uninspired. But once I took the time to have some me-time, I feel a thousand times better! Energy, inspiration, passion..haaay! 🙂

You may notice that this blog post is different from ones I’ve written before. I’ve decided to try writing a little differently, making this more about health and life so that people who are not vegan don’t feel like this blog isn’t for them. I finally made this decision after spending an extensive amount of time reading this blog and realizing that it’s the right way to go for me and for my readers. Notice how I said “me”? 🙂

I want everyone to be able to read this and feel at home, even though every recipe and photograph will be completely vegan! 🙂 I’ll encourage everyone to make them, not forcing the fact that it happens to be vegan and super-healthy (which, of course, everything I make is) :).

So that’s enough for now, I’ll reflect more on my day later!


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