Gloomy oomy day

As you may have gathered, today was gloomy..and oomy. The kind of day where you just want to snuggleufugus under your covers with a movie and be a lazy bum. So that’s exactly what I did. I got my favorite tea mug (it’s the pooh characters 🙂 you can find the best things at Disney World), put on some sweatpants (you can never have enough sweatpants), and watched Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Estaire, two of my all-time favorite showbiz people.

Unfortunately I have too much self-discipline to be a total lazy bum, so I hit up the gym for an hour of elliptical training, arm weights, and abs. The day got a little less icky after that.

But days like these call for hot, creamy, satisfying dinners; so that’s exactly what I made. It included a certain Spinach Pie that is a favorite of my family (you can find my signature recipe here), roasted asparagus drizzled with leftover Lemon-Tahini Dressing (which was so good), leftover black jicama rice with almonds, and salads.

yumyumyum 🙂 so decadent

my plate! the Pie got a bit squooshed (I was impatient and didn't wait for the whole cooling time..shame on me.)

This Pie is so perfect. It’s made totally with spinach, beans, walnuts, and spices and it is so good. It’s like they come together to make a perfectly creamy concoction that makes your mouth (and your tummy!) so happy. It’s what I like to call a “happy meal”, because it makes you and your tummy so completely happy!

Most people probably call that kind of thing “comfort food”, but comfort food makes me think of greasy, unhealthy bad carbs with lots and lots of cheese. No thank you. When it’s healthy (and vegan) it gets its own category 🙂

So I’m wondering: What’s your favorite thing to do on a gloomy day? What’s your favorite “happy meal”?

Enjoy the rest of your evening lovlies! I’m hitting the sack early tonight, I have two job interviews tomorrow! Wish me luck 🙂




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