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Training and Crunchy Crispy Yoga

Despite the unusually fall-like weather we’ve had today, it’s been such a good day. Who needs sunshine? I’ve got slippers 🙂

Yoga class was so much fun! I always come home feeling stretched out and happy, but today I left completely energized and giddy. We had a substitute today who was nothing short of fabulous – the class was filled with laughs and endless conversation, along with every pose becoming ten times more fun and childlike.

The one thing she said at the beginning of class was that she had taught a class for kids yesterday, and they were all having fun, making fun out of what most people would have as “vogue” – pose, hold! pose, hold! “Yoga should be fun,” she said; so I thought to myself, if yoga class can be made more fun, so can everything else.

So my goal today is this: Have fun! To make everything fun, because life is too short to grumble through. You can make it your goal too! Here are some suggestions:

  • Play some of your favorite songs while folding laundry and sing and dance along. Go crazy, girls! (and guys 🙂 )
  • Sing your favorite song while making dinner
  • Imagine that all of your co-workers are giant carrots, broccoli, apples or what have you from the Fruit of the Loom commercial. Or wearing the Cat in the Hat’s signature hat – something that will amuse you.
  • Just be happy! If you’re happy while you’re doing something, it’ll be more enjoyable – so think happy thoughts, people!

So in my post-yoga giddiness, I whipped up a delicious lunch: an Ezekiel sprouted grain wrap with hummus, sprouts, kale, and a juicy heirloom tomato 🙂

Mmm 🙂

The Prep:

Juicy heirlooms 🙂

The Platter:

So good. Too good.


I’m a bit obsessed. I think wraps might grace my plate a few more times 🙂

Heirloom Tomato and Hummus Wrap


  • 1 Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain tortilla
  • about 1/3 cup (or more 🙂 ) of my Simple Hummus
  • 2 tbsp. sprouts (more or less to your liking)
  • 3/4 – 1 cup kale
  • 1 medium heirloom tomato, sliced into 5 slices
  • 2 toothpicks (very important!)


  1. Defrost and warm the tortilla, then spread with hummus, leaving about a half inch bare around the edges.
  2. Evenly distribute sprouts, kale, and the tomato slices.
  3. Roll up tortilla, being sure to roll tightly and use your fingers to push fillings under the rolled part as you roll (so it doesn’t squoosh out!).
  4. Place 2 toothpicks (yes, this is what they’re for!) in the wrap, each about 1/3 tortilla length away (divides the wrap into 3 parts).
  5. Cut wrap in half using a good knife (like a bread knife, has teeth) and enjoy! 🙂


  • Use any kind of hummus, or instead use some vegan cream cheese, sour cream, Vegenaise, dressing
  • Use as many different fillings as you want! Some other ideas are: other veggies, seitan, tofu, tempeh, vegan deli cuts, Gardein chicken strips/beef tips/any cooked and cut Gardein product, rice, beans, other grains..or if you want this for breakfast, have a breakfast fruit wrap! Just use jam or nut butter instead of hummus. Mmm 🙂 The possibilities are endless.

What’s your favorite wrap combo?

During lunch, I always have some reading next to me to enjoy after I finish eating (I never read when I eat. I always try and put my whole self into the meal, the food, and the experience it brings).

As usual 🙂 Rereading

AP Lit summer reading and my new favorite guide to running!

After lunch, I got a pleasant surprise! Eat, Pray, Love FINALLY came in the mail. Let’s just say I was really excited.

I don't waste a minute 🙂

In other notes, working out first thing in the morning has gotten so much easier! Not only am I excited before bed, but when I wake up I’m ready to go. The first few days, I was tired and sluggish once noon hit, but now I feel completely energized throughout the day! Can’t get used to the water if you don’t go in it, as I always say 🙂

Some of you might be hesitant to try working out first thing in the morning, but you should try it! Here are my tips and tricks for motivation:

  • Sleep in your workout clothes. I’m serious! It works. I did this for the first week, and it never failed me.
  • If your house is chilly in the mornings, sleep in a sweater or jacket (or have one next to your bed to put on). It keeps me in a warm, energized state when I wake up instead of the cold that makes you sleepy.
  • Have your shoes by your bed so you can pop them on as soon as you wake up.
  • As soon as you wake up, wash your face with cool water and drink a glass of water (or more). Hydration is very important!
  • Look up what shows are on during your planned workout (if you’ll be indoors), and get excited for the show you’re going to watch. For me it’s always the Today show – why not start the morning with some fresh news and gossip from Kathy Lee?

Let me know if you try any of these out!

I’ll be trying out some of these training plans:

From Self.com's workouts

Many thanks to Hal Higdon! This man is amazing

Question: What are your favorite ways to get motivated for your workouts?

Oh, and before I forget! Today’s inspirational tea bag quote:

Okay, that’s all for now! See you after dinner lovlies 🙂




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I am a lovesick puppy

Not for a boy…oh no, not this time. For almond butter.

After my morning workout (20 mins running, stretching, abs, arm weights), I whipped up the most delicious brekkie I’ve had in a hot long time:

It ain’t very pretty, but it was delicious, let me tell you. Gluten-free rolled oats with a ton of cinnamon, a chopped up cameo apple (my favorite apple), and a giant spoonful of crunchy almond butter. Mmmm 🙂

Now, mind you, I was an almond butter virgin until this morning. I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to try it! So I did.

The goods.

It was amazing. I licked every last bit off of the spoon from the jar. And it was great in the oatmeal! I think I’ll start adding some almond buttah to my morning oaties 🙂 I didn’t completely enjoy the ton of apple in my oats though..I think from now on I’ll stick with big fruit on the side, and tiny chopped or dried fruits in my oats. I like mine creamy, not with giant chunks! So I ended up eating all of the apple pieces first, and then my precious oaties. Delish.

I ate every last bite.

Success 🙂

So for all of you almond buttah lovahs, some food porn:

Hungry yet? I am 😉

Backtracking a little bit, I got to read some of Chi Running before beddie bye last night. It’s different from all of the running books that are super serious and talk about it like it’s a science – which it is, in many senses – but I prefer the style of this book. It’s much more laid-back, conceptual, and tangible to fit everyone’s fitness and skill levels. I guess that’s what puts the Chi in Chi Running 🙂

This guy is also an ultramarathoner who’s crazy good at what he does, training athletes and doing T’ai Chi while he’s at it. No, this guy doesn’t do crazy weight training, cross-training, or Body Pump. He runs and does T’ai Chi. This guy might have the key to the universe.

I’ve begun to really enjoy running, an activity that I used to grind my teeth through and continuously think to myself, One more mile, Katelyn, just one more minute…just 100 more calories and then you can be done. It was all about calories, mileage, and making sure I always ran exactly an hour and 15 minutes.

Now, I run with my body. If my body needs a break, I’ll walk for a minute. If I’m thirsty, I’ll take a sip. If my lungs are working too hard, I slow down a bit. If I wake up one day and feel like I need a day off, I’ll take it.

Because I don’t feel guilty anymore.

It’s a beautiful feeling. I’ve come to just enjoy getting up early when the house is quiet, enjoying some fresh water while I check my email and read blogs, and then enjoying the feeling of waking myself up with some running and the Today show (and I’ll admit, Sesame Street and Arthur some days 🙂 ).

I always leave my run feeling awake, refreshed, energized, and ready for a yummy, hearty brekkie 🙂 There’s no better feeling in the world.

Question of the Day: What are your thoughts on working out, break days, and guilt?

I’m excited to hear your responses 🙂

Off to power vibrant yoga! Have a beautiful morning lovlies 🙂




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