What really goes on in a classroom

Every Tuesday night, I spend two hours of my valuable time in Driver’s Ed lecture. From 7 to 9 at night. Awesome.

Sure, you’d think this class is super important and we’d talk about important things such as: how to not crash your car, what road signs mean, and how to, well…drive. But not so much. We spend maybe 15 or 20 minutes actually talking about important things, the rest we spend talking amongst ourselves. I spend it doing my schoolwork that I’ve learned to call “busywork”, but you know, that’s a different story 🙂

When we are talking as a class, it usually goes along the lines of this:

  • How much you can get away with drinking and still not crash your car
  • How to manipulate car salesmen into giving you cheaper prices
  • The easiest place to take your road test
  • How to make a paper airplane
  • How to get away from a designated driver that isn’t so designated anymore
  • Why technology is slowly ruining our society
  • What BAC you can legally get away with
  • Your BAC after using mouthwash
  • The meaning of life

Okay, scratch that last one. But you get the idea.

And in regards to my AP Bio class (which I love to death – go Doc Smith! 🙂 ), today included a similar (but not quite as extensive) list. It went along the lines of:

  • “Doc Smith, can men have babies?”
  • “Doc, can a baby be born with like..girl parts and dude parts?”
  • “So even though I’m a guy, I could be born looking like a girl?”
  • “So you’re telling me my balls could shrivel up?” (followed by uncomfortable squirming)

That’s what happens when our class talks about genetics. Totally entertaining, though it makes our class sound super smart 😉

Do your classes get off topic? What’s your favorite memory of an off-topic class talk?

The one in Bio today definitely is at the top of my list at the moment; definitely one of the more light classes of the day.

Time for me to recover from my food baby and annotate some Romanticist-era poetry! Enjoy the rest of your night 🙂


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