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I’m a Nutjob

Disclaimer: If you’re not into reading a long (semi-uplifting) story, skip to the pictures 🙂

Yeah, I am. I mean, what have I been doing all this time…college apps, or something?!

Seriously, though. Every day, I read every blog post that pops up in my Google reader like the good creeper bloggie I am, and always think to myself… “I so have to blog about this!”. But I don’t.


Senior year. College apps, loads of homework, and a family crisis I’ll be talking about in another post. Long story short, my life has been nothing short of rough.

So, every day I work to keep myself focused on school and not let the bad take over the good. I’ve had the amazing support of my friends, family, and teachers.

But lately, during all of this craziness and feeling totally out of sync, I just wanted to write. To blog again. I’ve always been a journal-keeping kind of girl, but for some reason I end up waning off of it for months. Blogging has been my journaling; my outlet. And I’ve been craving it.

So how did I end up sitting here, writing a blog post during my usual exercise hour?

Well, I went to the gym. I got on a treadmill to run, since I try to run every other day and cross-train on in-between days or rest.

The second I got onto that machine, I knew I wasn’t feeling it. I told myself, just try a few minutes. If you still aren’t feeling it, do something else.

But honest to goodness, I stopped dead on that treadmill and looked around at all the people working out. Why am I here? I thought to myself. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I wanted to write about. For days, I’ve been thinking up ideas for blog posts during my workouts, never having enough time to write one at the end of the day.

You see, one of my New Year’s goals is to take more “me” time. I’ve usually considered exercising my “me” time, or cooking, going to a yoga class, etc. But I realized when I was working out, I was craving me-time, and exercising at that moment wasn’t it.

So I came home after five minutes on the treadmill and here I am typing up this obnoxiously long post that you can read, scan, or simply ignore – I’ll understand. Long rants ain’t everyone’s thang 😉 I just hope y’all can understand my absence and not knock me off of your Google readers for being totally sporadic and well…just not posting very much!

I’ve posted previously about being “back in the game”, but clearly I have not been. I need to keep myself blogging, because it is so good for me. And I love all of the beautiful bloggies I have met through this page. You guys are amazing, truly, and every day your posts lift me up and ignite my passions a little bit more.

Hopefully this hasn’t been too much of a long drag for you readers! However, I felt like I had to let that out.

Ahhh, I feel better now 🙂

Anywho, you’re going to be seeing some changes around the bloggy. I’ll still be posting recipes and food goodness, but I want this blog to be more about daily shenanigans, which will include such yummy foods, workouts, and health tips. I just don’t want this page to be all about food.

Lately, I’ve been feeling back to my old (read: normal) self through reading Janae’s blog at hungryrunnergirl.com. She probably thinks I’m a total stalker (it’s fine, I mean I am…jokes), but her spunkiness and love for life (and incredible energy) has helped me to identify with the girl I once was and feel a little bit more like that. If you’re into spunk and fun, check out her blog! It always makes my day 🙂

Back to my point, my “normal” self will be shining through in these new posts, which means a bit more spunk, energy, and randomness…so if I use some rediculous phrase, do something weird, etc…get used to it.

Cause I’m a nutjob, remember? Winking smile

So, in lieu of normal blog posting, I thought I should explain my recent endeavors in photographic form:


First off, I’ve been making Thanksgiving goodies…



Hitting up Whole Foods with the fam…

IMG_3180IMG_3183Awe, Grandma 🙂 So cute! And mi madre + my aunt.

















And yes, grinding my own almond butter! Excuse my “cute face”.



IMG_3186Imeann, if you’re in the market for a lifetime’s supply of rice..

Only at Whole Foods 🙂 Did I mention we need one?!

IMG_3185The Huchlers! These two are a riot. Slash they bought me 5 packages of TJ’s peanut flour…I mean, if I had a TJ’s nearby I would buy it myself 😉

IMG_3175I’ve also been eating lots of Quinoa.

Mixed with my home-made hummus (sounds gross, but don’t knock it till you try it!)

IMG_3156And mixed with mi madre’s homemade pearsauce and raisins


See my new pink Droid in the corner? My favorite Christmas present 🙂 I’ve named her Gigi and Lulu (Mama Pea, good job name picking! too cute  :). Her name really depends on the day.

I reaaaaally like quinoa. And raisins.

Oh, and Green Monsters!


….it’s fine.

And dal (or is it dahl? dhal? maybe I’m just nuts).


Oh, and I really like my vaporizer.

IMG_3218World’s longest cold, anyone? This baby keeps me from wheezing every day..healthy as a peanut 🙂

Plus, an Edible Arrangement delivered for my Dad! This was delicious to snack on, let me tell you. I think I ate like half of it? At least. Yeah. Sounds about right.

















Oh, and this I just thought was so cute. I love VS.

IMG_3220Plus, I made these gluten-free and vegan Orange-Cranberry Cookies..did I mention I’ve been gluten-free for months now? Feeling ten times better. You’ll be seeing more gluten-free recipes around the bloggity blog 🙂

2010-12-31_22-57-21_327Plus, more cute snowmen!

















Awe 🙂

Oh, and me looking supahh-fine after a killer run.2011-01-04_16-34-30_993















I know, don’t you wish you looked like this right now?

Alrighty tighty, that’s all for now! I have to go bake a giant batch of cookies for AP tomorrow (actually, I just REALLY have to pee…).

Oh, and I should probably do that giant stack of homework I have. It’s fine, me-time is waaaay more important 😉








p.s. I feel a MILLION times better…wahoo!!


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