Good morning lovies! Hope everyone had a good Monday Smile

But as for the title of this post, I am actually FREAKING OUT for at least 3 reasons.

1. I am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow!! AHHHH

I hate needles and all things surgical, especially the thought of people I don’t know poking around in my mouth…

Slash I won’t be able to eat or drink anything after midnight tonight which will be REALLY hard for me, since I eat all the time and I’m always a ravenous beast when I wake up in the morning. So, surgeons, if you get a growl or two don’t freak out, it’s just my poor tummy:(

Double slash I’m going to have chipmunk cheeks and do crazy stuff that I’m making my padre record on video…get excited to pee yourself.

Triple slash I have a college interview Saturday and let’s just pray to GOD that I still do not look like THIS by then:

















2.  My Econ term paper is due tomorrow.

Any paper is a good reason to be fuhhhreakin out, especially when it’s a term paper. All-nighter, anyone?

Slash my Econ teacher is hilarious, only he would make “QUAZINOTOLICIOUS x 2π” an answer choice with THIS sucker as an illustration:

















Love my life.

And to be serious, the thought of going under the knife tomorrow (okay, it’s a teeth pulling, but it’s STILL SURGERY) is semi-distracting. But tomorrow was the only time when I could get my toothies out before midterms, and I canNOT wait a whole ‘nother month to get these babies extracted.

In my mind, I know I would turn into Dracula.

Stand back, this girl needs her ibuprofen!

3. I have a Lit paper due Friday.

Hopefully my chipmunky condition won’t impair my essay-writing skills (skillz? hollla). Slash I will be bloggy blogging while I’m stuck on the couch with chipmunky cheeks and up on vicodin. I’ll be relying on you all to entertain me. And my dog, Lilly – I think she has dog ADHD? If that’s possible, she’s the poster dog for it. I love her:)


So, tonight I’ll be prepping loads of smoothified-food for myself to slurp tomorrow. Basically anything that I usually eat will be slurped in pureed form. Sounds gross, but maybe if I eat it with a spoon it will be like soup?

My dinner last night was a BEAST of quinoa, hummus, and raisins with a salad, but I didn’t snap a picture because I was STARVING after my run. Slash I actually wasn’t that hungry, but my runner self just wanted food and knew my muscles would like it.

You’re welcome, muscles.

So, here’s a picture of dinner from a couple nights ago, times two and plus a banana with almond butter..and an Orange-Cranberry cookie😉

IMG_3266That would be dal (dhal? dahl…?) made by yours truly, with red quinoa. I LOVE this stuff, it tastes and smells like Grape Nuts cereal which I used to scarf when I was an itty bitty child while all the other little girls were eating lucky charms. Healthy eating starts young:)


What are your favorite smoothified foods?

I love Green Monsters…groar!:)

What’s your favorite running workout?

I love speed intervals and hills…zooooom!

What are your tips for getting wisdom teeth out? Do you have any funny stories? Tell me and make me laugh:)




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25 responses to “FREAKING Out.

  1. movesnmunchies

    dont fret girl!!… okay fav smoothied food is defs a green monster- running workout… probably just running outside!.. and well my bro got his out and he was FINE.. the best part was how he was so out of it after.. so im sure you will not rmbr a thing!

  2. I actually had a really good experience with it. I was able to walk and talk the next day. It isn’t bad-I swear.

    I like greek yogurt and ice-cream the best when I can’t eat whole foods. I figure it gives me an excuse.

  3. Calm down lady, it will be okay in the end! Are you going to be awake when they take the wisdom teeth out? They had to knock me out!

  4. good luck with your wisdom teeth! You’ll be fine. I was really terrible the first day (all 4 of mine were impacted + I got them all out at once), but I could definitely still talk/function/etc.

  5. oatsandspice

    I hope everything goes OK today with your wisdom teeth 🙂 Look at my recent blog, I posted a pic of me right after I had mine removed… Hopefully you won’t get an infection like I did – I’m sure you will be fine! Just eat lots of soup and yogurt 😉

  6. When I got my teeth removed I craved Fudgesicles like CRAZY. And soy milk. I had never really had soy milk before, but for some reason I could NOT get enough.

    I still love it. 🙂

  7. I got my wisdom teeth pulled a few months ago, it was pretty horrible! After I “woke up” I was so sore, sick and exhausted that I didn’t really react to the drugs, I don’t think! My mouth was bleeding, I was nauseous, and I had those blasted chipmunk cheeks for 3 days! I got soooo sick of smoothies. My mom brought me a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie and I couldn’t even suck with the straw and from this day on I hate Tropical Smoothie because it just brings back bad memories!

    Good luck! You’ll be fine!

  8. Aww girl! I am so sorry! Just relax and remember stress never helped anyone! In fact it just makes it worse! So go for a run or whatever, eat a nice dinner ( whatever meal hah) and have your mom rub your back to relax and hit the homework! You got this!:)

  9. no worries! you will be fine, you are stronger than you think!!! And oh yes we love our green smoothies, have one everyday.

  10. little racer

    Hi! I just came across your blog! I had my wisdom teeth pulled a while ago and all I can remember is eating cream of wheat and yogurt for two weeks…I did not have a very good experience, but I think I’m just an exception! I remember I was so hungry for some real food that by the third day I made myself a sandwich and ate the whole thing even though it was pretty painful…was it worth it? haha…stick to the milkshakes and soft stuff for a little bit first!!! oh, jello is so good after you get your teeth pulled so make sure to stock up on it and chocolate pudding!!!

  11. I was such a baby when I got my wisdom teeth out- I am thankful my mom was very patient with me. 🙂 We watched movies literally all day… and then by the 2nd day I was dragging her out like every other hour to walk with me because I couldn’t exercise. We probably circled the neighborhood next to my apartment 20 times in 2 days…

    • I am going to be antsy like you have no idea. I hate being confined to couches/houses especially when it’s because I have chipmunky cheeks. I will be making my Dad take me on walks allll day!

  12. Okay–don’t judge or think I’m a drug addict buuuuuut I got eight wisdom teeth out when I was younger and I looooooved it because the drugs they give you are AMAZING. Seriously, enjoy.

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