My Healthy Dose of Awkward

Okay so before I get to my recap of the SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS raw brunch, I must let this out.

Three awkward things I did today:

  1. In the shower, I accidentally put conditioner on my face, thinking it was face wash. No bueno. I mean, how does that even happen? Maybe it was because I was singing Raise Your Glass at the top of my lungs and hair was the last thing on my mind? Oh, and I was singing it just like this:

    I love Pink, she is a MONSTA

  2. After said musical distraction, I proceeded to blast that very song as well as Hey Baby and Like a G6 (somehow I never get sick of either of those songs). And I danced. My hair is now dry, THANK YOU awesome dancing skills of mine. I wish I had a picture of this but no one on the internet needs to see me pop lock and droppin’ it!
  3. I licked my plate clean. Which caused some of my lovely new friends to laugh hysterically and announce they need to take a picture IMMEDIATELY!

    IMG_3417Me and all of my friends. Actually, they were all crowded around the photographer and laughing. I am toomuch:)

    Wait, I like this picture better.


    Yurp, HOTTAY

    Why am I so pale? Summer, please come back!! I don’t believe in paying for skin cancer so I refuse to use tanning beds. Bronzer is no longer sufficient. Anyone want to go someplace obnoxiously sunny and warm? It is cold in New York and I would like some sun.

  4. Okay, I lied. Number four is that I am typing this while still in my bathrobe because I absolutely had to write this post right now. Face it people, rambling just can’t wait!

Okay, now onto WHY I was licking my plate!

Firstly, I have to thank Christine, the owner of Wellness Within, for hosting this awesome event! She is a sweetheart, I can’t wait to work with her more!

IMG_3400Sorry, Color Pop on LiveWriter makes us look orange. At least I look less pale:)

She has such a great business going, and is expanding soon! If you are in the area, definitely take the snowy drive out to her store on the beautiful (and hoppin’) Park Avenue. I wish I could get out there more! (p.s. if you’re in the area and want an awesome restaurant, GO TO PARK AVENUE!)

Onto the FOOD.

Despite my full belly from breakfast, I was more than happy to stuff my face with raw goodness.

Crepe #1.



Above is the apple crepe with peaches, blueberries, and a vanilla crème. And a cinnamon roll🙂

Both were delicious, I scarfed this down in about 0.2 seconds, along with a small bowl of fruit, resulting in this:


Devoured and licked clean with a big smile on my face:)


And green juice. This was absolutely amazing, I wish I wasn’t so cheap and would buy a juicer but hey at least my birthday is coming up soon! (aka this summer, not soon, but EVERY DAY is my birthday in my mind since every day is awesome)

















I might be wrong, but I believe this was romaine, celery, cucumber, and parsley. SO good, I love veggies, this was sweet enough it didn’t even need anything else:)

Next up was the banana crepe con a chocolate hazelnut crème sauce, banana slices, cacao nibs, and chocolate hazelnut milk.


I praise the chocolate gods for this one. And the lovely and amazing Damaris! She is an incredibly talented chef.


















Chocolate banana crepe also enjoyed by Dakota! I am so glad I met this girl, she is a sweetheart and is gorgeous, she should model! (and I heard she makes a mean raw lasagna…cook make food for me please?)


















And the adorable Autumn Ray! (I think that’s how you spell it? Sorry if I butchered it!!).


















I got her mid-bite! Sorry girl;)

Next up were more cinnamon buns and a blueberry pancake! Ahhhhh holy yumsky.

IMG_3397Plus a crème sauce that I wish I knew what was in it but it was so good I could care less. Another plate LICKED clean.


If I could eat pancakes every single day of my life I SO would. In math class two years ago on Pi Day (yes it’s an actual day), we had pie WEEK and every single day someone brought a pie or some amazingly delicious dessert that somehow turned into my lunch every day that week.

In honor of Pie Week and my love for pancakes, we should have a national blogger pancake week with crazy creative pancake recipes for ALL meals! Who’s in?

Behind the scenes:

IMG_3406Damaris and Sasha (or Sacha?) making pure MAGIC. Magicians, I tell you.

IMG_3408Dehydrator action.

Group shot!

IMG_3419Such beautiful ladies! I can’t wait for the next event, apparently they have them twice a month! I can’t wait for my fill of yummy raw food to devour:)

Again, sorry about looking like carrots… I hated the pale version so deal;)

Damaris, Sasha, Dakota, Autumn, or any of yous that attended, if you want the original picture (aka not carrot-y), shoot me a comment and I’ll e-mail it to you:)

p.s. Damaris, if you’re looking into being a personal chef PLEASE COME BE MINE. I’ll pay you in smiles and lots of licked plates. Deal?

Okay now I am going to go curl up in my turtleneck and granny sweater by my space heater and study my brains out, making this face:


















Please say a prayer for me, I might not make it through the sea of heavy textbooks, notebooks, and flashcards that I am currently drowning in. I HATE midterms week. Did you know that teachers hate it as much as we do? Yeah, let’s abolish it.

What awkward thing did you do today?

I licked my plate clean. Shoo, I do that every day! Except it’s usually a bowl because I hate plates, bowls are awesome and can be filled high with lots of delicious goodness.

Do you pledge to make a [crazy awesome] pancake recipe? (please say yes) If you do it, post the recipe in a comment or on your blog and link back!

YES now I have to post a crazy awesome pancake recipe, good thing breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!

What’s your favorite way to eat pancakes?

With almond butter, fruit, apple spread, and some sort of chocolate. Cacao nibs, please:)

What’s your take on raw food?

I’m in love. Raw food has made me feel even more energetic than usual and everything tastes better than it used to!

Slash I may have eaten a king’s sized meal (read: this brunch plus snackage) and then attempted to bust out an awesome work out but totally failed with an achey tummy. Too much fat and protein all at once, my stomach is not happy with me. But it was so good that I don’t even curr, I’d take food over exercise any day:)

p.s. I have eaten 100% raw so far today, I am super pleased with myself.

See you later boos!




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59 responses to “My Healthy Dose of Awkward

  1. Oh my god.

    Finally someone that understands about pancakes. I love pancakes and have them for many meals of the day all day everyday.

    Your day looks like so much fun. I want to get into crepes, but I’m still unsure how to make them ha.

  2. Pancakes are delicious! Love topping them with blueberries and maple syrup. Hm…one awkward thing I did today was slip in my bathroom. Not sure how I managed that one! 🙂

  3. oatsandspice

    Omgsh, that blueberry pancake literally looks to die for (I am drooling)… It looks kind of like raw cookie dough. YUM!

    Your little raw luncheon looks so fun! I wish there was something like that by me!

  4. Nice blog post on this event! I wanted to go, but being 9 mos. preggers and having to watch sugar intake, I was worried about that part of the menu. I have been involved with Wellness Within as a yoga teacher/Reiki healer for the past year (though as it’s transitioned and I have gotten more pregnant, I have stepped aside to see wonderful things like Damaris’ events blossoming there!).
    Definitely recommend folk check it out: Come spring/summer, I know more workshop events are going to be planned– including some on the yoga front. I’m already envisioning a yoga event followed by a raw food brunch! What do you think?
    Sarah 😉

  5. Sign me up for pancake week. That should be a blast!!!

    I once thought conditioner was body wash and scrubbed myself with it.

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  7. Hi Beautiful!!! Hahaha, I love your pics and your recap of your day 😉 I hope your conditioner was organic at least? hehe

    This happens when you are tearing it up with Pink!

    I loved the comment you made on my blog today about not being such a fan of sugar. Have you ever used Stevia in a frosting? I am looking for a sugar free option for the bakery!


    • It was! Aveda allll the way:) And yes, I’ve used the Baking Blend of NuStevia brand in frosting in place of powdered sugar and it worked like a charm! Next time I would probably use a bit less, though, and add more if necessary. Try it out!

  8. I lick my plate clean too! Actually, I lick anything with food on it clean. I think it disgusts everyone around me 🙂

  9. You are too cute!! I do awkward things everydayyy! I also embarrass myself at least once everyday! It’s just me. 🙂

    I need to start putting parsley in my juice–that sounds great!

  10. movesnmunchies

    ahahhah awkward is my middle name.. i love raw food! those cinnamon buns esp look FAB!

  11. YES I am so in support of pancake recipe week! I could definitely eat pancakes for every meal too 🙂

    And glad you enjoyed your raw meal! The crepes look amazing zomg.

    Awkward thing I did today: Well seeing as it’s only 8:00, you would think it’d be nothing so far. But I definitely got my foot caught in a door frame, tripped and fell hard on my knee, and sat on the floor for like 5 minutes crying to keep from crying and waking my parents up. Good job Kiki.

  12. Well….haha. The conditioner on face would freak me out-not gonna lie…glad you fixed that one, haha! That crepe (drool worthy) and green juice combo-perfection!

  13. I’ve put body wash in my hair SO many times.

  14. What a fun outing with friends! All of that food looks delicious! I adore raw foods but sadly there isn’t much of that here in Greensboro.

  15. I’m so happy you found my blog, because you are hilar! Meaning hilarous…obviously. 🙂
    I might just look at the picture of that green juice every single freakin day until I get a juicer. I’ve wanted one for so long!

    Have a good night! 😀

  16. omg you are precious and i’m so glad you came to my blog. i am always awkward. this boot thing i am wearing from spraining my leg is NOT HOT…so yeah i’m awkward 24 hours/day right now.

  17. You’re not alone miss! I accidentally washed my face with shampoo. Horrible.

  18. Bahahha I kinda love that you lick your plate 🙂

  19. You can’t beat pb and chocolate on pancakes. It’s devilishly good.

    And I’m with you on feelin’ pasty. I’ve been working the Jergen’s Natural Glo… which still doesn’t feel right!

  20. I basically love that you likced your plate clean. You’re my kind of girl! 🙂

  21. Haha! Gotta love those awkward moments! At least you looked adorable licking your plate! 🙂

  22. 100% raw food!? I don’t know if I could do that, especially since I’ve never even tried sushi! 🙂

  23. good move with the licking the plate clean haah

  24. Girl you are seriously GORGEOUS!! I loved this post so much and seriously you are not pale. I am jealous of your hot face and bod!!! I need those crepes in my life right now ha!! Bummer about the conditioner in the face! I LOVE those songs too….and they really never get old!! I spilled my whole water bottle on me today and had to keep teaching!! PS Billy got the bag on the nike website and you can design your own colors!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

    • Thanks girl!! Wait you are SO much more gorgeous, slash spread some sunshine, I want to be tan like you:) And I will send you crepes because now I am going to make myself a GORGEOUS gym bag, Billy rocks! 🙂

  25. Becca

    I’m always awkward, because i’m clumsy. I’ve gotten used to it but my poor hubby is probably always embarrassed lol oh well. on a side note what mascara do you use? your eyelashes are always so big and pretty!

  26. I totally cracked up at the title of this post!!! Man, I have MORE than a healthy dose of awkward each day. Sometimes, I really wish that I could cut back. lol

    Love your blog, btw! Just found it and will definitely be returning 😀

  27. my friends think im weird cuz i lick my plates all the time! my fellow plate licker, have no shame hehe. i love the idea of posting awkward things..i definitely have a lot of awkward moments. hmm im trying to think of one today… i do however remember yesterday singing a justin bieber song for the fun of it and not realizing my dad was in the room next to me (he got home earlier from work but i had my headphones on and didnt hear him get in)… explaining that one to him was majorly AWKWARD! lol 🙂

  28. Nothin’ wrong with being a little awkward – who wants to be “normal,” anyway? 😛 I can’t say I’ve done anything too terribly awkward yet today as I’ve only been up for two hours, and alone for one of those – but I did start demanding to know where my bananas went, and was about to check my sister’s lunch bag to see if she secretly took one or two 😛
    Your brunch looks FAB!! Holy cow – I’d die happy with those crepes, pancakes and cinnamon rolls! I’d be licking my plate, too 😉
    Aaand, seeing as how I eat pancakes on a daily basis, count me in!
    (p.s. you are absolutely GORGEOUS, girl!)

  29. JUST found your site! I have been raw for 26 out of the 27 days in January so far! I am in lOVE with eating raw! You’re right…the energy levels…they’re insane! In a good way. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  30. Looks like a delicious raw FEAST!! I’m so jealous! I love raw food– especially when it’s warmer outside! And I could drink green juice everyday. (wait, I pretty much do that!)

    I’ve done 100% raw before, for about 30 days at a time, but I actually prefer eating “high raw” instead– it’s a little easier on our bodies, since cooked veggies help keep us from over-cleansing. But I’ll take a raw dessert over a traditional one any day! 😀

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