Indulgence Friday

Good morning bloggie babes! And Happy Indulgence Friday🙂

This is going to be a new tradition on CK, inspired by the dear Mama Hall (my lit teacher, I love her and she is my idol). You can thank the chocolate gods for this woman, she told me about how Friday is her “indulgence day”, and I knew I had to spread the love!

So, I’ll be starting off the day right with a hugh jass bowl of cookie dough (go have some, I swear to goodness you will never turn back). Because I’ll be getting my sweat on in a few minutes and then meeting with Mama Hall herself about an essay on Frankenstein (which is the best book ever, beeteedubs), I will be much too busy/sweaty/hungry to take a picture so here is a recycled picture of said deliciousness:

This deserves a giant “holy yumsky”. I cannot get enough of cookie dough bowls, and once you try one, neither will you. I literally have to restrain myself every morning to not eat the whole thing in two seconds flat (not to say it hasn’t happened). It’s that good.

I had it classic-style with Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood, my fave protein powder, maca, and tons of cacao nibs. Plus tons of berries, obv. It adds volume and therefore takes longer to eat, maximizing the deliciousness and duration of the bowl.

It’s science.


Yesterday’s workout:

  • 30 minutes ellipticizing
  • 15 minutes spin
    • Bottoms Up, Trey Songz and Nicki (jumps)
    • Telephone, Gaga and Beyonce (climbing out of the saddle)
    • Firework, Katy Perry (sprints)
    • Like a G6 (4-second jumps)
    • Magic, B.o.B (hard, steady cadence in the seat)
    • Dynamite, Taio Cruz (sprint in the saddle)
  • 15 minutes ellipticizing
  • 10 minutes arm circuit weights


I only wish I looked that good after a spinning class – instead I am a deliciously sweaty mess who is happy off endorphins but on the hunt for cookie dough. I’m serious, this stuff is like healthy protein deliciousness for my tummy!:)

As you can see, my workout ADD was flaring up and the Today Show was not up to par in the entertainment department. Hoda and Kathy Lee are toomuch:)



So, I watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days most of the time on my iPod because nothing good was on, which is disappointing considering I don’t have cable and my gym has every channel known to man.

Today I’ll (hopefully) be running, and most likely using the spin bike/stair stepper. My hammy has NOT been happy with me lately, so I’ve been taking it easy and kicking toosh on the spin bike instead:) Injuries = no bueno, so I’ll see how it feels.

I should probably get a foam roller…anyone know where to get an inexpensive one? I’m a cheapo:)

Slash send me these ones, it is almost my birthday (okay not really, it’s in July), and these are pretty:) I will be your best friend forever and ever if you send me anything actually, especially if it is 100% dark chocolate or one of those new Blueberry Muffin Larabars that I can’t wait to get my hands on! (hint hint)


Oh, and next time after my long run, an ice bath might be a good idea! I refuse to risk an injury, even if it means soaking in freezing cold water in the dead of winter (anyone want to send me some sunshine?! much appreciated:)). Of course, once I’ve gotten sick of the ice I’ll blast the hot shower and vow to never take an ice bath again – but then I will:)

And for all of you fitness chicas, here is an interesting article I found through Brendan Brazier’s website that he contributed to! It’s great information for athletes of all levels, and speaks to important things such as pre- and re-fueling, as well as fueling throughout the day. Yum I love eating:)


In other notes, my awesome uncle is flying in from New Joisey midday, so we’ll be having a riotous old time showing him the (cold) sights of Upstate New York while trying to not freeze:)

Slash we will most likely be going out for Indian food tonight which makes me obnoxiously happy because I am needing my chana masala fix, and FAST! I do not kid when it comes to food.

Double slash I will be sure to indulge in something delicious, I just do not know what yet. Should I roll with pancakes for lunch? Or perhaps a bit of banana soft serve with my bowl of melted chocolate? Maybe I should roll with some cookies, I am craving chocolate chippage! We will see:)

What is your Friday workout?

Mine better be running or I will explode.

How are you celebrating Indulgence Friday?

Uhhh, eating. A lot:)

Is it cold where you are? And can you send me some sunshine?

Please and thank you:)

Happy Indulgence Friday! See you later alligators:)




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22 responses to “Indulgence Friday

  1. It’s freezing here too girl. I have a swim meet this weekend, so today I actually have to eat decently.

    That photo cookie dough looks so delicious. I want to make some every-time I come to your blog.

  2. movesnmunchies

    ITS SO COLd.. im currently in 4 layers and the heater is BLASTED.. but then again the heater is broken in my room and of course its the only broken heater in the entire house.. IN MY ROOM
    so layers it is!! i wish i cud go to a spin class one day.. sounds pretty funn, but my quads are super weak so that might not go tooooo welll
    indulgence friday. YES PLEASE
    not sure how i will be celebrating yet!

  3. It is sadly cold here, too. I’ve been giving my Uggs way too much love lately because of it. And I think I am getting a cupcake to celebrate indulgence friday!! That may change as the day goes on, though 😉

  4. Happy Friday to you girlie! I’m indulging with a Venti from Starbucks 🙂

    Seriously, I wish I looked good while working out, too. But, no, I am a red faced and sweaty girl…

  5. runyogarepeat

    It is cold, but Monday’s below zero temps all day were worse. My Friday workout is either spinning class/yoga class/running with a friend. I’m so indecisive because I love all those workouts. I am so celebrating Indulgence Friday with my favorite vegetarian wrap – falafel – after the gym.

  6. Friday is sometimes my off day since I get home from work around 5:45, and I still need to shower and get ready for the night. Sounds like your workout was great though! Ugh, it’s cold where I am too 😦 Have a fun weekend!

  7. Today I did leg presses, push ups, pulldowns, just overall weight training. MY muscles are on fire 😀 And it’s nice and toasty here so I’m bringing you some heat!

  8. It’s sunny here, I would send you some sunshine! I am deff going to make a cookie dough bowl, soon!

  9. It’s still pretty cold here, but the SUN is shining!!! Which makes me very happy. 🙂

  10. It’s freezing here…and there is snow and ice everywhere! THat cookie dough bowl looks good! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and when it tastes like dessert it makes it that much better!!

  11. dmcgirl37

    I dont work out on Friday lol TOO frickin busy with school and work I’d have to work out at 9pm lol not gunna happen! NO way in hell…

    Dana xox

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    Have a great Wednesday!! :0)

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