And Then There Was Mousse. [Indulgence Friday]

Good morning bloggy boos! I hope everyone had a rockin’ Indulgence Friday🙂

Mine was a blasty! I had an awesome time do-si-do-ing through my half-day and then lunched it up before I read a ton of Thrive during my 60-minute elliptical power sesh.

How did I do that, you may ask? I brought the giantest (shut up there is no grammar this early in the morning) rubber band I could find and wrapped it around the elliptical to hold my book flat. I wish I had a picture but I don’t so I will leave you to your imagination:)

After my workout, I didn’t even bother to shower (I know I am gross) so I used my favorite trick…HOMEMADE DRY SHAMPOO🙂

I use this stuff way too often to reveal (showering is for wusses), and there will soon be a recipe for that dry shampoo:) Actually, it isn’t really a recipe, just more of super simple secret trick that I will soon reveal to you and you will never have to wash your hair again.

Okay, that is a lie, you should shower because otherwise you will be stinky and greasy and no one likes a stinky person.

Just saying.

AAAANYwho, the Baby Sister and I headed out to a dinner date we’d had planned for a week or so, and took advantage of a gift certificate AND a buy-one-get-one-free coup that we had saved up for one of our favorite restaurants (we love our coupsSmile).

I know, we are cheapo but hey, who can refuse a free meal? Winking smile

It involved a lot of this:



And this:



Can I just say I love my sister. She is the

Who else have you met that can devour THAT bowl, and do it like this:


Um, I love my sister. We shared an epic high-five. This family loves their food:)

By the way, those chopsticks she’s using? A Christmas gift to Baby Sister from Yours Truly, since she is chopstick-ally challenged. Isn’t it adorable?

I will express it’s adorableness in photography taken by Baby Sister in an attempt to be artistic while I was in the ladies room.




Did I mention she is the

Pure artistry right there:)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we both devoured giant bowls of Peanut Butter Noodles.


Sorry for the awesome lighting, y’all;)

Peanut butter + noodles = how much better can it get?!

We have been obsessed since we were itty bitty and knew what Asian food was, aka we would always demand peanut noodles because we were picky and to be honest that was  all we would eat.

Now we get it every time we go to this restaurant.

Which is every week.

Girl’s gotta get her peanut butter fix!

My fortune:


Uh. Greed. Can I just say that fortune cookies are very very wise? Only a cookie could think of that;)

Then, we mosey’ed over to Sbux and didn’t buy anything, aka sat and chatted and shared jokes about the fun people that sit in the big comfy chairs with their laptops playing COD. Dream big, people, dream big:)

Then, in honor of Indulgence Friday, I recreated the foodgasmic Chocolate Mousse I had last weekend.

Oh, did I ever.


Quick, simple, and rich. This will be my birthday cake frosting this year…sprinkled in cacao nibs:)

And the best part? It is mostly raw, and can be made completely raw with the use of raw cacao instead of cocoa powder (I am a compulsive “nothing goes to waste” person, so I was not about to open a new bag of raw cacao with a wide open can of Ghirardelli staring at me). Tadaa!


Raw Chocolate Mousse

Makes about 1 cup (2 large servings)


  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 3 tbsp. cocoa powder, or 3-5 tbsp. raw cacao
  • 3 tbsp. agave nectar, more if desired (I prefer a more bitter-tasting chocolate, so I used no more than 3, although I didn’t really measure)


  1. Open avocado by cutting in half, removing the pit, and then scooping the flesh out.
  2. Process avocado in a food processor until creamy.
  3. Add in cocoa/cacao powder, then agave nectar (this order is important in order for the powder to not go all over the inside of your food processor). Alternatively, you could do all of this in a bowl by mashing the avocado and then mixing in the rest of the ingredients thoroughly once the avocado is creamed.
  4. Chill in the fridge (or the freezer is even better, if you like it super thick like I do) for at least 15-30 minutes.
  5. Serve topped with cacao nibs, fruit, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, agave nectar, or whatever you fancy! Swedish Fish would work too:)

I topped mine with bloobs, raspberries, and cacao nibs. Love me some chocolatey endorphins🙂


Round 2:


With more berries, cacao nibs, and a Raspberry Amaretto Cookie🙂

The prep:

Gather your ingredients…


Simplicity at its best:)

Slice your avocado like a champ.



Whip out your trusty Chop Chop🙂


I. love. this. thing. Perfect for blending up oats, aka this thing was my fifth appendage when I got my wisdom teeth out. All of my food = blenderized in this sucker.

Process until creamy, like so:


Then transform it into chocolatey deliciousness.



Done, and done.

Enjoy while laughing your ass off while watching Easy A with your family. Yes, we are comfortable enough to watch these kinds of movies with each other, I like to think of it as a special bond🙂


Hahahaha I love Amanda Bynes🙂 Did anyone else watch What I Like About You back in the day? It was my favorite. show. Literally had to come home from school by three every day in order to watch this show or the world would end.

My plansky for the rest of the day? I’mma go make some protein pancakes and then get back to you with that recipe asap:)

After that? No idea, but I LIVE for the weekend and something fun will go down:)

Do you always order the same dish at your favorite restaurants, or do you switch it up?

I’m a creature of habit, but lately I’ve been getting a little bit more adventurous:)

Have you seen Easy A and did you basically pee yourself?

Yup, slash I am marrying Penn Badgley (I think that is his name, he is just hot Gossip Girl boy in my mind).

What is your favorite dessert? Or better yet, your favorite chocolate dessert?

I would have to say this mousse and any chocolate fudge cake/frosting. I am a chocolate MONSTA:)

Have a fun Saturday, loves!



p.s. Did I mention that I love late-night snackage..yeah, right now I am noshing on some Baked Falafel Balls. Try them with balsamic vinegar, you will never go back! (or better yet, ketchupWinking smile)


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75 responses to “And Then There Was Mousse. [Indulgence Friday]

  1. I’ve made raw chocolate mousse with avocado and agave many a times before!! I absolutely love it and it’s so ridiculously healthy (and filling!) Have you ever tried tofu chocolate mousse? If you like mousse as much as I do, which it looks like you does, you’ll love my recipe! 🙂

    love the new layout btw

  2. Looks like an awesome meal! I love hanging out with my little sister too.

  3. At certain restaurants I will usually order the same meal especially if I love it. All the photos are great and it’s nice to see some sisters going out on a dinner date. It looks like the two of you are pretty close just like my brother and I.

  4. I do have favorites but since I like to try new restaurants as much as possible I find myself ordering new things almost everywhere I go. I haven’t seen Easy A but have been wanting to. I really like Amanda Bynes and Penn Badgley, so cute! I really do love chocolate mousse, I’m not sure if I’d like to avocado one I have weird feelings about them, and chocolate molten cakes but they have to come with vanilla ice cream, I don’t like chocolate overload.

  5. That’s it, I am buying some avocado TODAY so I can make that mousse! Girl you are a GENIUS! 😀

    And I’m not even kidding when I say I could not LIVE without dry shampoo. It’s one of my life essentials, along with chocolate and peanut butter…those noodles look delish by the way! I’m gonna try to recreate that soon I think… 🙂

  6. I love that movie. I thought it was super cute, and have loved Amanda Bynes for-EVAH. She was super cute in What a Girl Wants, and I totally had a crush on her British boyfriend. 🙂 Emma Stone is super cute as well.

    I can’t wait to try out that mousse. Yum!

  7. Easy A was hilarious! I’m also glad someone else uses the too. Favorite saying ever.

  8. movesnmunchies

    hahah i ALWAYS order the same meal at a restaurant i like! thats why i go in the first place!! and ahh i love this mousse.. i actually have a costco sized bag of avocados in my fridge ATM. so thats where its at!
    Whatver happened to your sister’s blog!! she never blogs anymore 😦

  9. This pudding looks amazing! It is happening this weekend in my kitchen!!!!

  10. p.s I am also queen of the dry shampoo and not showering hahah

  11. I’m so bad at trying new things at restaurants, W is always yelling at me! I get stuck on something I love and I wont eat anything else, haha. The food looks delish and I love the chopsticks!

  12. My favorite dessert would have to be raw fudge babies. Pure chocolatey, peanuty, goodness. I love your sisters chopsticks and the fact that she brought then to the restaurant. So cute!

  13. I loved Easy A! I thought it was such a cute movie. My bf refused to see it with me! 😦 And I am such a bore I always order the same things off a menu lol I think I need to start switching things up 🙂

  14. Mmmm girl, I love anything with peanut butter! Sounds soooo good 🙂

    I love when Amanda Bynes says “There’s a higher power that will judge you for your indecency.” Funny movie!

    P.S- What happened to your sister’s blog?!

  15. That pudding looks AWESOME!!! I love the ingredient list! 😉 I am totally frost my cake with that!!!

  16. Ah, that looks so delicious!!

    I’m curious if your homemade dry shampoo is the same as mine–does it involve the use of a baby product?! I have a no-wash hair secret too. 😉

  17. runyogarepeat

    I loved What I like about you!!! I haven’t seen Easy A, but the Gossip Girl boys are my favorite. My favorite chocolate dessert is ice cream (or dark chocolate coconut ice cream) or chocolate chip cookies.

  18. I don’t know what impresses me more, your sisters awesome bowl all gone or your mousse! Both are fantastic!

  19. oatsandspice

    YUM the noodles are delicious – I def. had an indulgent Friday yesterday — I think I am still full right now 🙂 I like your cute new layout!

  20. Hi Katelyn! That avocado dessert looks delish and I just watched Easy A this wknd too =) Love the blog girl!


  21. Great post and recipe!! That foods looks delicious and Omgness i used to LOOVE Amanda Bynes. I haven’t watched Easy A though 🙂

  22. I thought Easy A was soooo good! My boyfriend actually liked it too! I’m the type of person who sticks to the same things at restaurants, like you! If I know it’s going to be good, why take a risk, ya know?

  23. Oh yeah, I could eat that whole bowl of noodles TOO! 😉


  24. omg I want my hand all over that mini processor!!! how much was it? yay for raw recipes: great for dorm life!

  25. You and your sis are adorbs! 🙂 and that mousse loooks amaaaazing

    I still haven’t seen easy a 😦 but I adore Amanda Bynes in SHe’s the Man… tee hee 🙂

  26. That mousse looks divine!! And I am looking forward to your dry shampoo recipe! I go through CANS of that stuff every month.

  27. You guys are the cutest. I’m totally a “cheapo” too, whatever! If there are coupons I am so going to use them! That just means more opportunities to eat meals out. Why not!
    Avocado mousse/pudding/whathaveyou is the bomb. I’ve made similar combos before, SO good. I need to do this again!

    Restaurant dishes = mmm try to switch it up. I like variety! Totally depends on the restaurant though.
    Easy A = hilarious! (and Penny Badgly = dreamy)
    Favourite chocolate dessert = toughie. Some kind of extreme fudgey chocolate cake or torte probably, something hardcore haha.

  28. Don’t you love the properties of avocado? I love how thick and creamy it makes everything when blended. My current favorite pudding/ smoothie using avocado is coconut milk, avocado, banana, cocoa powder and protein powder! 🙂

  29. squigglefloey

    Ummm, HELLO — those are possibly the CUTEST chopsticks (and way to use them) that I’ve EVER seen! (and I’m half asian) hahaha. You are adorable chicka.

  30. A healthy mousse?! Yes please!:)

  31. Linda

    mmmmm that chocolate mouse looks good. I make the same exact recipe and sometimes substitute stevia – it’s so, so good! Maybe I’ll make some tonight for the game…
    and those peanut butter noodles look good, real good! Damn girl, you’re makin’ my mouth water!! I think this post was tha! 😉

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  33. This mousse looks delicious! I’m going to have to make some asap. 🙂

  34. Pingback: Exciting times #3 « sweetoothrunner

  35. OMG where did your sister put all that food?!?! I’m so impressed. Seriously. That’s freakin’ awesome.

    I’ve made avo pudding/frosting before and it’s SO GOOD. Probably better than real fake frosting, right!?!

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  41. can i not add any honey? will it be to bitter or not seems like mousse?

  42. Pingback: Whew! | cinnaminiyogini

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