DIY: For the Lazy-Loo in You!

Good morning bloggy boos! I hope everyone’s Sunday was as relaxing as mine:)

I woke up to a giant bowl of Cookie Dough and did my bloggy reading, as usual, and then headed off to the gymmy gym gym for an AWESOME 70-minute spin! Can I just say that I absolutely love having spin bikes in the cardio room, it makes my life ten times more fun when I can make my own spin class:)

The same playlist as usual (dubbed “Cardio Queen”…haSmile), but shuffleified. I love surprises!

  • Bottoms Up, Trey Songz and Nicki (jumps)
  • Telephone, Gaga and Beyonce (climbing out of the saddle)
  • Firework, Katy Perry (sprints)
  • Like a G6 (4-second jumps)
  • Magic, B.o.B (hard, steady cadence in the seat)
  • Dynamite, Taio Cruz (sprint in the saddle)
  • Raise Your Glass, P!nk (climb out of the saddle)
  • Hey Baby, Pitbull (jumps)
  • The Time, Black Eyed Peas (sprints)
  • We R Who We R, Ke$ha (climb out of the saddle)
  • Feedback, Janet Jackson (jumps)
  • OMG, Usher (out of the saddle)
  • Rocketeer, Far East Movement (sprints with resistance)

Then, I came home and ate a lot of food. I would show you the three split-pea-quinoa-raisin-balsamic bowls I had, but that would just be repetitive:) Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Slash they always look disgusting so you are better off this way:)

Aaaaanywho, today I thought I would share some of my tricks of the trade with you guys. As you know, I hate showering/spending too much time on my appearance, so these are some the ways I “beat the system” Winking smile


CK’s Tricks of the Trade

  1. To avoid washing your hair, make your own dry shampoo

    Imeann, go into your kitchen cupboard and grab this stuff because it will make your life a million times better.


    No, this is not a joke. Put your head over the sink (or stand on a towel), put a bunch on your fingers, and massage it into your roots/scalp/wherever you are greasy grease. Leave it in for ten or so minutes, then brush it out really well. I promise, your hair will not look white after you brush it:)

  2. To beat the lip-chap blues, use a gluestick. Okay, that one was actually a joke..well, sorta.


    Above is Yours Truly’s favorite chapstick of all time. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter never lets me down. It costs approx. two bucks and lasts almost half a year.

    Everyone will think you are putting gluestick on your lips but then you will just laugh at them because your chapstick smells like chocolate and makes your lips look luscious-loo and delicious.

    Trust me, boys like a chapstick that smells like chocolate.

  3. To avoid the hectic-ness of student life, prep food ahead of time.

    That means chopping up veggies, cooking a giant batch of quinoa, and opening a million cans of beans. Oh, and make your hummus for the week, too:)I usually do all of this biznass on Sundays just because it’s the day before Monday, aka the start of the week, aka I pack redonk amounts of food with me at all times. Being a student ain’t easy, kiddos!
  4. If you are limited on time for an outline, use the glossary.

    Aka, when I have zero time to do a Bio outline, I scan for all of the vocab words and then write down the definitions from the glossary.Done, and done.

    This sometimes also works for the humanities, but not always.

  5. If you’re reading a book for a class, read the book and then review with online tools.

    My favorite websites for reviewing material and understanding it on a more in-depth level are LitCharts and SparkNotes.LitCharts is best for very specific (and extensive) information, and SparkNotes is better for reviewing general events of parts of the book.
  6. For soft and silky hands, moisturize every night before bed.

    Every night before bed, I slather on one and a half pumps of Curel Ultra Healing lotion. I rub it in, and then go straight to bed and let the rest soak into my hands. I wake up every morning with silky, soft hands!:)It’s fantastic in the winter because of the dryness and the freezing cold temps. However, I use this stuff year-round..who doesn’t love smooth hands?!
  7. Use a planner.

    Uh, self-explanatory. Planning is essential (except in the case of spontaneity, I wouldn’t mind an impromptu drive down the East Coast to Florida).I don’t think I can praise the use of planners well enough. I use my planner for EVERYTHING because I can sometimes be forgetful and it is awesome to have a cute little book with all of my appointments, dates, and assignments written out.

    Plus, if you write in the time you’re planning to work out, it feels more like a part of your life instead of something you have to “just squeeze in”. Shazam! Done, and done:)

Okay lovie doves, I am going to leave it at lucky number seven and leave you with the following hilarious Superbowl commercial (since I don’t watch the actual game, just the commercials on Hulu Smile).

Hahaha. Laughter craving = satisfied.

Have an awesome Monday, chickadees!:)

What are your favorite songs to spin to?

Like a G6, Hey Baby, and Raise Your Glass. I lip-sync on the spin bike, no shame:)

Tell me YOUR favorite tricks of the trade!

I love hearing how people beat the system!

Did you watch the Superbowl or just the commercials like me? Slash who won the game? (don’t hate, football makes me fall asleep)

Commercials. That’s what I like to call GAME TIME.




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29 responses to “DIY: For the Lazy-Loo in You!

  1. Um, I really need to follow your “lotion your hands before bed” trick…because I let my hands get SO dry in the winter. It’s a little embarrassing at the moment, actually :/
    And I sort of started watching the Sbowl for the commercials, but even that was boring. I heard a rumor the Packers won? I haven’t verified yet though. Shows how much I care 😛
    Have a good day, girl!

  2. I LOVE that chap stick!! Seriously, I use it ALL THE TIME!! Tastes like chocolate:)

    Love your tips girl! I always make food ahead too! My fave thing is making a ‘family serving’ of food for dinner one night, and then having the leftovers later in the week when I’m in a hurry:)

  3. I just did a spin class for the first time this weekend and LOVED it! Such a great workout!!!

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  5. I love this. I plan like it’s my job. People wonder what would happen if I ever lost the thing.

  6. movesnmunchies

    CORNSTARCH!! that is the craziest diy trick but i LOVE it and will totally try that.. wher id you hear about taht! i actuallly have legit NO good little tricks in my life… yeah i just sat here for a minute trying to think of something but. no..i truly dont!

  7. I NEVER leave home without my planner… it is always in my bag 🙂 And I seriously need to go buy some cornstarch because I absolutely hate dry shampoo because it feels like hairspray. Thanks for the tip!

  8. I posted a while ago about using Makeover Spray by KMS-stuff is like magic!!!

  9. mickiruns

    Is it wrong that I don’t want to shower, because it’s winter and super cold, and I can’t bear the thought of being nekkid? I’m so weird…

  10. I’m going to have to try that dry shampoo. My hair is long and thick and takes too long to air dry. And I refuse to use a blowdryer.

  11. Your playlist is pretty much exactly like mine except I have Enrique Iglesias “Tonight”, Black Eyed Peas, and some David Guetta. And I did not watch the game but I did see the half time show which was great except for Fergie’s voice which was way off. Oh and Glee after the game! 🙂

  12. Awesome tips, and that’s a great playlist. I’ve never done a spin class but they sound like so much fun! I definitely agree with your planner tips. I love mine!

  13. I love the tip to avoid washing hair 🙂 I am totally trying that tomorrow!

  14. I always moisturize my hands before bed! I’m even a mega nerd and bought moisture gloves so that the lotion soaks in totally and doesn’t rub off on my sheets 😉

  15. i am absolutely going to use the corn starch trick. i’ve been looking for a dry shampoo for nicaragua since, uh, we won’t have PLUMBING.

  16. I like your D.I.Y.’s! I will have to pick up that lip gloss if it is chocalatey. 😀 And def. gonna try using corn starch for dry shampoo! I was going to buy some but…eh…I’m cheap sometimes. 😉

  17. I’ve never tried corn starch! I always use baby powder to freshen up my unwashed hair!! I used the cool cucumber scent. 🙂

  18. runyogarepeat

    I definitely need to try this hair trick. In spin class, we ended with Little Lion Man on a climb, and it was awesome!

  19. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Ok, WHY have I never seen that Palmer’s chapstick?! I need some!

  20. just wanted to let you know I’ve been eating your “cookie dough” for the past like week or so, and it’s love….it’s definitely love! Like I wake up, and the first thing I think is “Oh, good, I get to have a bowl of cookie dough this morning” 🙂 I just posted about it and linked back to you. Have a super week!

  21. I will have to try the cornstarch trick. I usually use baby powder, same concept. I also am addicted to lipbalms as well. I. can’t. stand. dry. lips. I use Aveda hand and foot lotion every night before bed, and some body lotion most nights for silky smooth skin. My trick is to apply the lotion while still damp so it seals in the remaining moisure left on your skin.

    I have never tried a spin class, I am intimidated by them. I may have to give it a try some time soon 🙂

  22. “Magic” is a solid workout song- for any exercise. The steady beat is fantastic!

  23. Awesome tips! Thanks a lot. I would have NEVER thought to use a glue stick for chapstick!

  24. Bec

    I am a huge fan of chopping all my veggies, making a big pot of brown rice on sundays. It definitely makes my week easier.

  25. High five for a fellow lengthy-shower hater! Woot! 😛 Love your tips – especially the cornstarch one. Does that really work??

    Funnily enough I was sure I’d escape the Superbowl as I live in Australia where almost not one cares, but then I went to visit my parents and my dad had stayed home to watch it! We don’t get the good ads though, just normal Australia daytime ads about retirement and Hungry Jacks burgers 😛

  26. I use baking soda on my toothbrush every other night when I brush my teeth. It helps remove stains. 🙂 Thanks for your tips! 🙂

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  28. Dolce

    What exactly is “out of the saddle”?

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