Let Your Garden Grow

Good morning love doves! Happy almost-FridaySmile

I’m so glad that y’all love carbs as much as I do! In case you missed it, I wrote a poem for carbs. You should probably check it out. You might pee yourself.

Just sayin’.

AAANYwho, ever since I’ve been going high-raw, I’ve been interested in funky sounding things like…sprouting.

So, I decided to take it for a whirl and try it for myself!


Black quinoa and azuki beans.


First, I soaked them both (uncovered) in their jars overnight.

Then, I covered each jar with a piece of cheesecloth, rinsed the quinoa and beans (to get rid of the digestive inhibitors that are released during soaking), and then propped the jars up at a 45-degree angle in a pan.

About every few hours, I rinse them and invert them again. This keeps them moist so the sprouty sprouts do their growing! Smile


See the little bean sprout? ^^

Can I just say that sprouting is SO fun. I love seeing the little sprouties do their thang!

WAY more entertaining than cooking in a pot, let me tell you.

I feel like a gardener:)

And I love the crunch of sprouts – it’s so refreshing.



Want to try sprouting?

Here are some tips to get you started!


Sprouting is a great method for the lazy-loos (like me), and those that like crunchiness.

The main appeal of sprouting, however, comes from the fact that everything remains raw and it much more easily assimilated in the raw, sprouted form.

The digestive inhibitors are released and washed away, and the starches, fats, and proteins are converted into their simplest, most easily digestible and usable forms.

That means less stress on your digestive system, and more energy for you to kick toosh on the Dreadmill!

Plus, I can never get enough crunchy goodness.

Have you ever tried sprouting?

YES, this is fun:)

Do you have a garden, or do you grow any of your own plants?

No, I am a lazy-loo, but in the spring I might bust one out:)

What are your favorite grains/beans/nuts?

For grains, I luuurve quinoa and amaranth. Garbanzos because of hummus, but azuki because they are yummy. And almonds are my favorite!:)


That’s all for this morning loves! Have a great Thursday Smile




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17 responses to “Let Your Garden Grow

  1. Wow is that time for gardening already? My dad grows a garden full of cherry tomatoes, pumpkin, zucchini and eggplant. I love it and I find myself just eating it right out of the garden…and he thought it was squirrels…

  2. I am totally going to garden once Shane and I have a house. I want to grow roses. I love roses so hardcore. 🙂

  3. movesnmunchies

    wow! never sprouted grains but i might give it a go! i did soak my walnuts haha.. that was the first ive ever done anything like it! .. are you a raw food eater? i had no idea!

  4. Never tried sprouting before…sounds like a lot of fun though!! I love quinoa too, definitely one of the best grains that I’ve just heard about. Black beans are delish too!

  5. Wow thats AMAZING!! I’ve no idea how you can do that?! I kill everything I try to grow…no green fingers here sadly! 😛

    Fave grain is quinoa, unless oats count! Definitely garbanzos for hummus, and any nut in butter form ROCKS:)

  6. This is SERIOUSLY cool! I have never tried this but i love bean sprouts. I am so excited for the nice weather…I’m actually going to try growing my first vegetables this year. Here’s to hoping I don’t kill everything in sight 🙂

  7. Girl u make this look easy peasy! I usually grab sprouts at the grocery store but maybe I should try making them myself 🙂

  8. This is such a great little project! I can’t wait to try it. I think I am defs going to have to try the quinoa. Maybe millet?!

  9. I have never sprouted anything, heck I’ve never even taken care of a plant! lol

  10. I have never intentionally tried sprouting, though I’ve occasionally let my beans soak so long they grew tails. Scary!

  11. Hmmm, interesting. To be honest, I’ve never heard of “sprouting” before, lol. So while reading, I had this weird look on my face. LOL.

  12. gardening looks so fun! I don’t have a green thumb but a black thumb i kill plants =(

  13. How awesome!!! I’m totally checking out those tips you linked too–I’d love to try this! 🙂

  14. My family likes to grow our own asparagus, peppers, and tomatoes. We also have two apple trees, but we don’t get many apples from them since the birds always get to them before we have the chance.

  15. I’m terrified of sprouting, but you do make it look easy! I adore quinoa and millet, and chickpeas for legumes. I’ve only had azukis in the form of red bean paste in desserts 😉

  16. Quinoa is amazing, I love it! I really enjoy anything with black beans! and my favorite is actually pistachios!

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