Mission: I Feel Pretty

Good morning bloggy boos! How are you?

I’m feeling pretty snazzy myself:)

I had a different post planned for today (bee tee dubs, sorry for no post yesterday! I am a busy little munchkin), but this has been on the brain for awhile now. This is going to jump around a bit, but I promise in the end it will all make sense:)

It’s confession time.

Are you ready?

I’m not perfect. (gasp!)

I know, shocker. But seriously. None of us are, and that’s what makes us all so uniquely beautiful.

But some days, we all let this get us down too much. We don’t do the right thing, we get a bad grade, are a few minutes late to work, what have you.

More than likely, we beat ourselves up for not saying the right thing to the guy or for not straightening that one part of our hair, or like myself last night, I was fed up with how long my bangs had gotten so I trimmed them myself.

Fail. boat.

I began to start cursing myself with, “Ugh, Katelyn, why did you do that?! Look what you did! Now you look like a crazy idiot and all of your friends will think you are crazy because your bangs make you look like a nutjob.”

But then I caught myself.

Why do we say these things to ourselves?

At that moment I asked myself, “Would I say this to Little Me?”. In other words, would I say this to a little five-year-old version of me?

Of course not!

So why do we say such awful things to ourselves?

Let me tell you a little story.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of having about four hours between my first and second classes of the day, so I came home and was so jumpy umpy that I decided to get my workout in then instead of later on in the day.

I hopped on the treadmill and did speedwork for a shweaty seven miles. It was awesome, to say the least.

But around 25 minutes, I felt my muscles starting to ache a little bit and I could feel that it was from not running in so long, but I wanted to keep pushing myself. I heard myself saying that if I slowed down or took a break, I wouldn’t be able to run a marathon, ever.

But then I took a second to remember how I felt when I saw my Dad approaching us after running the Boston Marathon for the first time, covered in salty sweat, a shiny silver blanket, and with Gu gel on his face.

^^ After my first 5K

I had never been so proud of my Dad in my entire life. I cried the happiest tears I can ever remember.

Then, on December 1st, he was out running at six in the morning, and it was rainy. It was pitch-dark, and I can remember the rain practically being sideways.

At 6:45, we got a call. He was in the emergency room and had been hit by a car. I had to go to school, and my Mom didn’t tell me everything she had been told on the phone; instead, she told me only that he had been hit and she was going to see him, but that he would be okay.

The thing was, he wasn’t going to be okay.

He was in the hospital for two weeks, and for the first few days could barely speak and almost didn’t remember who my sister and I were. He slept continuously, and was hardly himself.

He had sustained a terrible head injury, leading to bleeding in the part of his brain that deals with memory and thinking skills. They told us he might need brain surgery, but thank goodness he didn’t.

He spent two weeks in a rehabilitation facility, and is on disability from work possibly until August. We do not know if his brain function will ever be the same.

However, his recovery has been one of the speediest and most efficient that his doctors have ever seen. If he had not been taking such good care of his body his whole life, his body would not be repairing itself at the rate that it is.

So as I was running and feeling terrible about my future as a runner because of one little muscle cramp, I thought of my Dad.


Here is a man who was hit by a car, sustained a brain injury, but is able to recover so quickly and get back to running within two months of the accident.

I began to cry. The biggest feeling of pride and love welled up in my heart, and suddenly my muscle aches were meaningless. I was flying. My legs were propelling me so quickly on my treadmill that I could have sworn I was pushing the treadmill rather than it pushing me.

At that moment, I remembered why I had started running in the first place. It gives me such joy and pride to know that I have pushed my body to its limits, to move my body in the way that God intended, improving my mind, body, and soul all with steps on the pavement.

I realized that one muscle cramp wouldn’t kill my training. I realized that I was strong, beautiful, and so incredibly blessed to be given legs to walk on and a heart to love with.

And lastly, I realized that no one would give a shit that my bangs looked crazy because a. most likely no one would even notice, and b. it’s just appearance. No one really cares if you’re having a bad hair day! If you’ve got a on a smile, no one will even notice your crazy hair, and if they do, they won’t care because you love yourself.

After all of this, I took my glorious shower, got ready, looked in the mirror, and surprised myself by thinking, “Wow girl, you’re pretty!”.

What? I caught myself; I feel pretty?

Right then and there, I smiled at myself and realized how beautiful we all are, and that we beat ourselves up way too much about the little things.

So, I captured that moment with a dorky mirror picture of myself, and I encourage you to do the same.


This is incredibly weird to be putting up a MySpace-esque picture on the bloggity blog, but lezzbehonest, we’ve all done it and doesn’t it make you feel like a hot piece of bootay with every subsequent picture you take?

It does for me:)


Just for good measure.

So my friends, I leave you with this:

You are strong.

You are beautiful.

You are loved.

We all need to believe that a little bit more, so I encourage you to think some good thoughts, be kind to the Little You in you, and feel pretty.

Best. movie. ever.


So take a picture of yourself feeling your prettiest and e-mail it to me or, if you have a bloggity blog, post and link back and I will put up all of the pictures in a cumulative blog post.

Imeann, if the idea of sending a picture of yourself doesn’t totally creepskys you out, but we are all best friends so who currs.

We are all beautiful!

Let’s start a movement!

Mission: I Feel Pretty

Speak kindly, think positively and be beautiful.

If you’re feeling passionate about this like I am, have a look at Janae’s post from yesterday on exercise guilt. I absolutely love her, she is so inspirational and has helped me to remind myself what my crazykins personality actually sounds like through all of this. It’s so easy to lose yourself in hard times.

That’s all for today loves! Have a great Hump Day🙂

How are you making yourself feel pretty today?

Telling myself I am one hot piece of bootay and eating some chocolate. Yezzer.

Do you ever experience exercise guilt? How do you get past it?

I think of my Dad ❤

Have you ever gone through something hard with a loved one? Please share! We can all help each other out, that’s what bloggy friends are for!

I love you all so much!! Don’t be shy, believe me I have been through a mother with breast cancer, nothing is worth bottling up:)




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54 responses to “Mission: I Feel Pretty

  1. This post totally made me tear up. No lie.

    You’re such a beautiful, inspirational young lady. Please don’t ever let go of that.

  2. That is so scary what your dad and family went through-i’m so glad everything worked out….such an inspiration.

  3. movesnmunchies

    oh my gosh Katelyn.. i barely have words for this post.. it is absolutely beautiful and i need to read this EVERY single day.. you are amazing and your posts are so inspiring!!!!!!!

    ps.. i made your pizza last night!!

  4. Wow Katelyn, this is such an inspirational post. Your father is amazing!

    I often put myself down and with no good reason too. Why would I even do that. I’m going to really work on that aspect of my life. It has been a goal of mine since the summer.

  5. you are so wise! I love every inch of this post. Its beautiful. Hearing about your father gave me chills, such an encouragement, and inspiration! Today is abot embracing health, emabracing self, and being thankful!
    Amen to that!

  6. omg what a fabulous post- i just did something like about ‘never apologizing for who you are’ but yours is just incredible! what a fabulous writer and all your inspiration is amazing. keep it up girl 🙂 xoxo love your blog!

  7. This was an amazing post. Your dad, and your family as a whole, is extremely strong and inspirational! Definitely agree, we’re all pretty, and sometimes I think we all forget that! 😉

  8. this is an incredible post. It almost brought tears to my eyes as I read what happened to your dad. What a strong man. You are so lucky to have realized how precious life is and how strong you are. We all are. And it’s okay if we need to be reminded. This made my morning.

    Thanks girl

  9. Tearing up at work over here!!! What an amazing post… thank goodness for your dad’s speedy recovery!

  10. This post is amazing, gorgeous girl! The hardest thing I’ve ever been through was the loss of my father to a car accident. He was the rock of both sides of my family so it was devastating, but in the end it brought us all so much closer, made my brother and I incredibly strong people, and gave me a huge passion for life in general-living up every moment to its fullest (as cliche as it sounds!)

  11. I love this post! Thank you for sharing. Great read to start my morning.

  12. Great post. This is one of a few self-love posts I have read lately. And these post have popped up at a time in my life when I really need to read them, so thank you ❤

    Also, cutting your bangs just takes practice! I have been cutting mine for a few yrs because I am too lazy to drag myself to the salon every time I need a trim, plus that's a little too much $$ for my broke college self. The first couple of times I did, I'm not gonna lie, they looked awful…but every time I do it now they look pretty damn good!

  13. Thank you for such an inspirational post, you make me realize what is really important in life, and yes we are all beautiful so many women need to just say that phrase and believe it! Keep inspiring others, you have a gift.

  14. this was beautiful, and so, so touching. you are amazing. ❤

    wishing your father the speediest of recoveries! that is just so scary. 😦

  15. Girl, you are SO pretty!!! And it’s so true, we ARE beautiful! We’re powerful, awesome women! woohoo!!! 🙂

    I’m glad you posted pictures! And thanks for this post. It put me in a good mood, and made me relax that my bangs are going crazy today 😉

  16. Katelyn you literally made me tear up and I am the most unemotional person in the entire world! I absolutely love this post and you made me want to jump back on track without yelling at myself for getting off track.
    I’m so sorry to hear about your dad but at the same time so happy that he has recovered so fast and that he is a great inspiration and a positive role model to you!
    and you are beautiful, clip those bangs back – they will grow back in a week!!

  17. I love this. “What would I tell little me?” That is such a good way to put it. It is amazing how often we talk down to ourselves, I don’t think anyone realizes how detrimental that is to our self esteem, even though you are doing it to yourself. It’s like you are your own bully, it’s sad, but I think the majority of us do it. Practicing positive self talk is hard. It’s like we are taught to not say good things about ourselves in fear that we will be perceived as cocky or self absorbed. Very thought-provoking and a great topic of conversation

  18. That’s so amazing! I feel like all the best runners dedicate their runs to someone in their lives. Scott Jurek (vegan!) runs for his mom and always waits at the finish line until everyone crosses. Pretty darn cool.

  19. Katelyn, this is so inspirational and beautiful!

    That story about your dad is just so breathtaking and you are so lucky to have such a healthy father! What a blessing it is that he did not get injured worse and that he recovered so quickly.

  20. Aww girl this post is AMAZING!! Totally made me well up!! Your dad sounds like an amazing guy- you must take after him:)

    I’ll definitely join this movement! Great idea, and you are one of the most GORGEOUS girls I have ever seen, and that is true. Love ya girlie!! 😀

  21. this post was truly inspiring. you are beautiful!

  22. gosh, what is it about daddy-os that makes us all so full of emotion?

    I did a post on my dad’s recent battle with cancer, and this really took me back to that time several weeks ago (http://lifeofblyss.blogspot.com/2011/01/take-that-cancer.html)…

    I get over exercise guilt by telling myself how GOOD I always am at pushing myself. I need to cut myself a little slack!

    and a goofy mirror pic is comin’ your way. just you wait. 😉

  23. Here’s a little something to make you feel better about your bangs – at least you didn’t give yourself a mullet! Haha When we were younger my Baby Sister decided it was a good idea to cut her own bangs – right before our dad’s wedding! Unfortunately, she went a little too far on the sides and gave herself a full fledged mullet 😛 Moral of the story – it could always be worse haha When I read the beginning of your post I remembered that and couldn’t help but share 🙂

    Seriously though, I love this post. It was amazing and so motivational. I am so happy your Dad is recovering so quickly, I can’t imagine what I would do without mine. And you are so right, those things we pick ourselves apart for – bad hair day, a new pimple, whatever it is – 99.999999% of the time, no one notices! We are all beautiful, and we need to remember to remind ourselves that!

  24. UH-MAZING! You have no idea how perfect this most is for what I go through everyday, I am constantly thinking negative thoughts especially while exercising and need to stop! Your dad’s story is inspirational, thanks for sharing! Last night I actually decided that I am going to run this Disney Marathon next year and I will need some inspiration to get through the 26 weeks of training required!

  25. Beautiful post from a beautiful gal! Need to keep these inspiring thoughts with me, I can easily get down on myself especially with exercise! The most motivated I ever felt to exercise was when I was running 5k for charity because I thought “This isn’t about me!”

  26. Katelyn, this is so touching and I am so sorry you had to go through this! But I am glad you are drawing positive things from it. You go girl!

  27. Okay, some of my comments aren’t showing up and I’m not sure if it’s a moderation issue or what, but this post is absolutely beautiful as are you. Thank you for sharing this with us and I wish your dad the best, speediest recovery possible!

  28. runyogarepeat

    Wow, this is inspiring! I felt exercise guilt and frustration yesterday during my yoga time, and this is exactly what I needed to read. I started running because of my mom, and we ran our first half-marathon together, it was such a great experience! “You are strong. You are beautiful. You are loved” is going to be my new running mantra!

  29. Vanessa

    Well, this is just what I needed to read. I just got back from a 3 mile run that I didn’t want to do. However, I made myself because I didn’t run enough this morning. I need to remember even on my days of no exercise that I’m still beautiful. It’s not the milage I run or the way I look due to running that makes me pretty. Beauty comes from within!!! Let your light shine for Jesus!

  30. GIRL, THIS POST MADE ME CRY!!! YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION AND I FEEL SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU!!! I cannot believe how amazing your dad is!! He has been through so much and is so strong. What an amazing example!! I will be thinking about him too. You are so incredibly gorgeous and I look up to you in so many ways. I love thinking about why I really run….just like you it gives me pride and joy!!! I am making myself feel pretty today by enjoying some chocolate….that makes me feel pretty, I am a weirdo. I LOVE YOUR MIRROR SHOTS!!! You are the greatest and I LOVE YOU now move to Utah and come hang out with me!!! Girl I am so excited for your nutrition and public health degree…then let’s go to culinary arts school together k?!?!

  31. aww. i love this post. i’m glad your Dad was able to recover as quick as he has. 🙂

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  33. Today was actually one of those days were I just felt great about myself. I love having those 🙂

  34. what a beauuutiful story! your dad must be so proud to have such an amazing daughter ❤ not to mention a fab-o chef

  35. This was such a beautiful post Katelyn! I absolutely love your outlook–and your Dad sounds like such a strong person! No wonder he created such a strong, beautiful daughter!! 🙂

  36. Wow – this was an amazing post Katelyn. It must have taken so much courage to write this post. I had no idea about your dad. I am so so so glad he is making leaps and bounds in his discovery. I’ll be praying for him.

    I think sometimes it’s so hard to feel good about ourselves on bad days. I know that no matter what goes wrong in my life, that whenever anything bad happens, I always turn back to what’s wrong with “me”. I know it’s wrong, but I think it’s a natural defense mechanism we all use.

  37. Such a touching post, girl!
    You’re a beautiful writer. All the best to your father 🙂

  38. You’re such a cutie. And your dad’s story is one to remember- such determination!

  39. I love this Katelyn!!! It is beautiful!!!

  40. brothern8ture

    I have only been reading your blog for a little while, but this post was simply amazing! I love the fact that you are so open, honest, and reflective about the things you and your family have made it through! Your dad sounds like one tough guy. Such an inspirational story, especially that he is now running again… Thought I should let you know your writing is incredibly easy to read as well and doesn’t sound anything like all of the other blogs out there! It’s refreshing. 🙂

  41. Just wanted to tell you I think the world of you and I love our friendship:) Have a great day gorgeous girl!

  42. elleeatsvegan

    i love this! such a great post. 🙂

  43. I’m not surprised writing this made you cry, it almost did me! What a brilliant post and thank you so much for sharing it… all best wishes to your dad too, and from even that funny picture, I think you could cut all your hair off and still be beautiful.
    I’ll send you a picture, if I’m brave enough, what a brilliant idea 🙂

  44. lovelindawagner

    Great story! Have you heard of Operation Beautiful? This sounds a lot like it which is so awesome I recently did a post http://bit.ly/hCwnOb You should do it!! I post pics on my blog all the time!!

    You ARE Beautiful!!!


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  47. Thanks for sharing this! I just came here via Alyssa’s blog (fashionfitnessfoodie) and I’m glad I did. This is great, Katelyn!

  48. Aww….this is awesome!! when are you gonna do it? I need to send one in soon!

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  50. mesquiter

    I ran across your blog and felt the need to post. Very nice story and from the heart. Best of luck with all you do. BTW, I’m a guy and feel a bit embarrassed to be posting on your blog. Also I’m an oft injured runner who lost his father a few years ago. Cherish all your moments with your parents. Life can change so very fast.

  51. just read this… very inspiring about your dad!!! And yes, I’ve been guilty for telling myself lies (“you can’t do it”, “if only you were…”, “that’s so stupid”…), but am working on replacing that with encouraging/reaffirming statements! Thanks so much for the reminder, girl!!!! 🙂

  52. This was such an amazing post. I love your blog and have given you the Stylish Blogger Award! Here’s the deets: http://bit.ly/fdFGmc Congrats!!

  53. You ARE pretty, of course. And this movement you are starting is beautiful.
    I am incredibly moved by your Dad’s story and though my heart feels for your family’s struggles and pain he is 100% proof how God weaves everything together for Good for those who belive in him. He has become such a powerful example of strength for everyone who hears this.

    I have never commented here before soo…Hi!
    You are such a positive person and a wonderful example of living and embracing a healthy life and I need ALL the help I can get.
    Plus I love your “weird fugly” food. That’s my kind of food (pickles and peanut butter over here id that gives you any indication…lol).

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