Would you like some hummus with your bowl of raisins?

Good evening bloggy boos!! How are you?

This is an odd time for me to be blogging…it feels so weird. Rooooooarr.

So, I am going to make this a quick one because I am starting writing this post at 8:41 PM and I am very tired aka I am going to bed as soon as I hit publish. Let’s see how fast I can write this post. Okay ready set GO!

Firstly, I have to thank you all so so so much for all of your beautiful comments on my last post!! You have no idea how much it means to me, I cried while I read every single one of your comments, and I will be responding to them as soon as I have a free moment and am not asleepy weepy in my warm bed:)

My Dad read the post and absolutely loved it, and he loved every single one of your comments. I bet you a million bucks he cried while he read them but he would never admit that to me so thank you for making my Daddy’s heart smile🙂

After he read it, he came downstairs and we had the most special daddy-daughter hug moment there ever was. I cried obviously and we talked about our upcoming college trip to D.C. and all of the fun things we will do together like run past the White House every morning. But more on that at the end:)

Also, keep the Mission: I Feel Pretty pictures coming!! You are all so beautiful, I cannot even tell you how happy it makes me that y’all are realizing how beautiful you really are and celebrating it! Can we all be best friends and have a sleepover please and talk about food and makeup and men and watch Mean Girls?

p.s. If you are ever feeling down about yourself, not being kind to the Little You in you, or feeling downright sad or bad about you or your body, do NOT hesitate to send me an e-mail!

I love receiving e-mails from you guys and helping you through hard times, it helps me to keep myself thinking good thoughts and it makes my heart so warm and fuzzy to help others! The beautiful thing about blogging is that we can all support each other, we never have to be alone:)


Also, if you ever come to New York State or the East Coast at all for that matter it will happen, I will be sure of it, we will all teleport to the same location and party hardy with tons and tons of candy and raisins.

SPEAKING OF RAISINS the shortage has been replenished!! You can just imagine how skipdiddlydoo happy I am:)

BUT, unforch I have been having tummy problems and my Madre thinks it is from the sulfites in the redonk amounts of balsamic vinegar I consume every day, which is a valid point I googled it (thank you WebMD). So, I will be going without balsamic vinegar for the next few days and I do not know what I am going to do with myself.

Does anyone know of a balsamic vinegar that does not contain any sulfites?? Please let me know because I am dying, I do not think you understand, I put balsamic vinegar on EVERYTHING. Hummus, salads, grains, beans, anything with raisins, you get the idea.

Oh, and the title came about because as I was eating my third bowl of hummus, buckwheat, and raisins tonight, I realized that it was mostly raisins.

I think I have an addiction people, I need to find a Raisins Anonymous or something this could get dangerous.


Okay, first things first.

I made popped amaranth!


Yeahhhhhh boiiiii

Shmelled just like popcorn!:) And I love the shmell of popcorn. Yumshky.

(That is what I would sound like if I had a lithp that made “sh” sounds instead of “th”, except I don’t have a lisp I just like to talk like that)

And chickadees, this was embarrassingly easy. I was really intimidated by the idea after reading about it in Brendan Brazier’s Thrive and on The Edible Perspective, but you will laugh when you see how easy it was.

First, heat up a saucepan on medium-high heat. Bee tee dubs, make sure you have a lid or your amaranth will pop all ova tha place, but Imeann if you’re into that kind of thing and cleaning up messes then don’t bother.

Measure out a couple of tablespoons (do it 2 or so tablespoons at a time, it burns easily), pour it in, pop on the lid, and shake the pan back and forth for about 15 seconds.

At this point I turn off the heat and check them to see if they need to pop more, if they do then I turn the heat back on and do another five seconds or so. Usually this is enough time though if the heat is on high enough.

Pour into a tupperware and refrigerate for up to a week!

About to be popped.




In my cereal bowl, duh.


I mixed some up with chia seed gel, cinnamon, stevia, and hemp milk. And topped with rasps, as per usual.


I really did not like the texture of this. Maybe it was the chia seed gel or the fact that I used hemp milk?

I am used to a more thick, chewy breakfast mixture (I’m looking at you, cookie dough), and this was WAY too liquidy. Icky! Made my tummy feel gross.

But, if you are a cereal person which I SOMETIMES am, but only if it is not soggy, then this is for you:)

I also had the popped amaranth with my lunch, coated in delicious balsamic vinegar (sad face) and tons of hummus and raisins.

It was delicious and crunchy, and added a fun toasty flavor to the mixture that reminded me of sushi rice! Which is weird, but maybe the balsamic added a soy-sauce like flavor.


Next up, today’s outfit! I actually put effort into my outfit today, surprise surprise, and I even washed my hair. Holy moly wait I made an effort to look good today?!

Don’t get too excited though, this is not going to happen every day;) I had an internship interview after school for nutrition and it went really well:) I am so excited to start it this summer and tell you all about it!

Anywho, the outfit. It will be in the form of more classy MySpace-esque pictures, get used to it people:)


Why I always make this face when I take pictures of myself, I honestly don’t know. I like the way it makes my face muscles feel though, I know I am weird.


Kneeling because my mirror is not up on the wall, it is propped on the floor because I am too cheapo/lazy to mount it on the wall:)

Everything is Forever21 except for the tank top which is Delia’s, and the fuzzy socks which are a la mi Madre🙂 I think she got them at Old Navy though, they are so cute and fuzzy and have hearts on them! They keep my feetsies very toasty in the winter.

Wait breaking news…TODAY IS WAS A WHOLE 48 DEGREES OUTSIDE!! You have no idea how happy this made me…it smelled like spring. You know the shmell that is just so fresh and skippidy and makes you think of Easter bunnies and skirts and sandals? Yep, I smelled the good smell today and it made my day a million times better:)


Nextly, look at the adorable Valentime’s Day gifts my parents gave me! They are so cute, I was smiling ear to ear when I found these on my placemat in the morning wrapped up in pink wrapping paper. They know me too well:)

Loofah on a stick.


Remember when my loofah broke? Uh yeah, I have been in dire need of a new one ever since. Madre to the rescue!! I love this, and it is eco-friendly which rocks too:)

Dr. Bronner’s!


This guy is a soap genius, and this smells so minty fresh and wakes me up first thing in the morning! Plus the ingredients are natural and fresh, except for the sodium hydroxide, I do not know how I feel about putting an NaOH2 compound on my body because I have no idea what it does but at least I know its formula (thank you AP Biology!).

And lastly, the best. gift. ever.


Yes, those are PINK travel utensils that snap together. I did not know how to contain my excitement, when I brought them to school Tuesday I was showing them off to anyone and everyone. Obviously it is my job to spread the snap-together excitement.


I have no idea how the ‘rents found these, but if you would really like to know just shoot me an e-mail and I will gladly ask the Madre for you:)


And LASTLY, this is what I found in my pocket yesterday:


That would be a shriveled Carrot Candy Corn.

Remember Carrot Balls and Baseball Barrots?

Well, this was a carrot that was shaped EXACTLY like a candy corn, and I put it in my pocket to remember to take a picture of it, but instead the jeans went in the wash with the carrot and it ended up like this.

Hahahhahaha, bad blogger:)

But lezzbehonest, this is way more humorous than an oddly shaped carrot. Maybe this is what a carrot would look like if you dehydrated it or raisin-ified it?


Okay, lastly….

Calling All Bloggers!

The Padre and I will be in the Washington D.C. area on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of this weekend/coming week for college visits, so if you are in the D.C. area and want to have a bloggy meetup, I would love to have a blogger dinner at Café Green or someplace equally delicious!

If you’re interested, shoot me an email at chefkatelynblog@gmail.com🙂


That’s all for tonight lovlies! Have an amazing evening, and come back for tomorrow’s Indulgence Friday recipe! I will be recreating this chocolate cake, aka I am drooling just thinking about it.

Have you taken your Mission: I Feel Pretty challenge picture yet? If not, go do it!

Come on boos, let’s start a movement! Feel free to do it on your bloggy too and link back, the more Pretty Love we spread, the happier the world will be:) Let’s love ourselves!!

Have you ever tried popped amaranth? If not, what’s your favorite cereal and popcorn topping?

Fave cereal = oat bran, but I used to love shredded wheat and Grape Nuts before I was gluten-free! Slash fave popcorn topping = chocolate chips, cinnamon, nooch, and sea salt:)

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Did you get any gifts?

I love my parents:) Slash I don’t need a man for Valentine’s Day! I spent it eating chocolate and feeling pretty:)

How will you be celebrating Indulgence Friday?




p.s. I finished this post at 9:48. So much for the short post!


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28 responses to “Would you like some hummus with your bowl of raisins?

  1. I LOVE popped amaranth! I heard you can pop millet too (and maybe quinoa??)! I top my oaties with it 🙂 I feel yah with the raison obsession! Never tried balsamic and raisins though…. hmm yah only live once? I bet it’s good though!

  2. Peanut Butter Banana Softserve with chocolate chips! Is it bad that I’m already salivating at the thought of tomorrow’s indulgence? 🙂

  3. I’ve totally been intimidated by popped amaranth before- now I feel like I must give it a try 🙂 You don’t even wanna know the crazy things I find in my white coat pocket lol.

  4. I haven’t taken any I feel pretty pictures but I will try and remember to do so tomorrow!!
    I’ve never even heard of amaranth. Where can I get it?? My favorite cereal is Kashi go lean (well if im being honest its lucky charms haha but i never eat it) – Favorite popcorn topping? Old Bay!! or M&ms. but not together
    I celebrated Valentines Day over the weekend with my boyfriend and then with my mom, grandma and brother on Monday. I got wayyy too many gifts I was overwhelmed. Did I just say that?
    I’m not sure if i will celebrate indulgence Friday – I’m trying to go sugar free!!
    I live in the DC are and would love to meet up 🙂

  5. Ive been wanting to try that soap for awhile i’m excited to try it.

  6. wow soooo much to say!

    i just bought 2 bags of raisins today! we love em too

    your sulfites/sulfates issue…definitely could be onto something. i think possibly inherent in vinegar, in the chemical reaction/fermentation, sulfates WILL be produced as a byproduct. From making my own fermented foods, i.e. kefir, kombucha, kraut, this is common. But in fermented foods, the probiotics are HELPFUL to the GI tract.

    Google the chemical reaction stuff…chemistry was a long time ago for me 🙂

    all your beautiful jazz…is just….wonderful! so good for all of us to feel beautiful and hear that message 🙂

  7. The funniest thing is I was on my Google Reader and I saw you had a new post…I was like…what??! She posts in the mornings!! What’s going on??! Haha!! 🙂 And your little candy corn thing is hilarious. I find the most random things in my pocket! Have fun with your dad. Wish I could make a blogger meet-up. I’m in Chi 🙂

  8. Those Pink travel Utensils are AWESOME!!! I need to get me one of those! 😀

    Hehe, I love raisins too! 😀

    One of my favorite cereals is oatmeal with peanut butter on top! On the Saturday before Valentine’s I went to a Dance. 🙂 Danced the night away! 😀

  9. lovelindawagner

    I posted pics 🙂

    http://bit.ly/hCwnOb and here http://bit.ly/eWt3bp and I’m gonna keep going and going!! Let’s take the world by storm with love for ourselves!! LOL!


  10. Girl. Where can I get that soap?! I can’t use it out here (have to have body wash) but I will be back in America (Oh Lord, yes!) next month and I am totally digging any sort of mint soap. No kidding. Love it. 🙂 Let me know!!!

  11. LOVE your outfit you gorgeous girlie!! And you had BETTER share that chocolate cake recipe, or ELSE! 😉

    Sending you my piccie tonight! Get ready to be scared! 😛

    Have a great INDULGENCE FRIDAY girl!! I just started mine with a bowl of Triple Chocolate Oats. Awesome!! 😀

  12. movesnmunchies

    aAHAH oh my gosh you have the best rents ever.. i NEED those snap together untensils STAT. Ive never tried popped amaranth nor have i ever seen amaranth!… the name sounds so scientifical.. AH I WISH i were going to be in DC!!!!!! i would so love to do a bloggidity meet up.. BOO everyone come to LONDON!! OKAY YAY!

  13. I’ never made amaranth! I do love popcorn though! I usually add coconut oil and sea salt:)

  14. I just bought Burts Bees peppermint soap!!!! Peppermint = yummy smelling skin 🙂

  15. Haha I am far too lazy and unable to hang my mirror up too! I would really like it to hang up but… I’ll have to see if I can get someone to do that for me. 😉

  16. you are too cute.

    come to VA Beach for a blogger run! I’ll give you lots of raisins. 😉

    ..aaand my mirror is propped up against the wall, too. nbd.

    I’ve never even heard of amarath! what’s my deal?

  17. LOVING the utensils. i have such an obsession for utensils!

  18. i’ve never had amaranth…that carrot is so funny! i NEED the travelling utensils. that is so cool!

  19. I have those snap utensils too!! haha Mine are from Meijer!!

    Popped amaranth sounds right up my alley! That will be on my next grocery list! 🙂

  20. Katelyn,
    I wonder if you’re getting enough fat/protein in your diet? …Raisins are good in small doses, but they are a sugar…and sometimes dipped in sulfur. I am also a lover of balsamic (or was, until I got pregnant– then it was too acidic for my sensitive belly!).
    Personally, (in my non-pregnant state), I like a lowfat diet similar to what you describe eating. From my own bellyache (when not Celiac related) experience, balsamic or apple cider vinegar or too much Kombucha (yum!) may have been the culprit! Adding a tad of your favorite oil will probably do wonders too. Have you tried hemp oil?
    Best of luck with your DC visit.
    -sarah (and baby…coming very soon…like maybe tonight!);)

  21. I love those utensils! They are SO cute! I have been looking for ones like them because I always forget to bring forks or spoons from home. I have practically mastered using popsicle sticks as makeshift forks and spoons at work!

  22. I love your outfit it’s way too cute! Glad your dad enjoyed reading all the responses 🙂 Have a fabulous Friday!

  23. Haha you are a trip with your raisin addiction! I’ve been devouring this broccoli salad with yogurt, grapes and raisins like it’s nobody’s business for the past 2 days. SO GOOD! I’m so sorry about your loss of the balsamic/tummy aches! Feel better soon, doll!

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