It Snowed on my Cookie Dough + Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake!

Good morning friends!! How are you?

I hope your Sattyday was gloriousπŸ™‚

Mine was spent eating everything in sight (I was so hungry, I swear to goodness it is ALWAYS my time of the month), watching Hulu, and gymming it up with a sweaty 60 minutes on the elliptical.

I was so sore from my run with the Padre! Running outside is NOT the same as running outside, especially when the wind is blowing so hard it is going up your nose sidewaysπŸ™‚

My Sattyday started with a glorious Cookie Dough Bowl, con a tablespoon of raw cacao, a teaspoon of acai, chia seeds, and flax meal..oh and tons of coconut, it was snowing outside (BOOOOO!), therefore it snowed on my cookie dough.

If I tried to Latin-ify that, it would go something like β€œIt snowed outside, ergo my cookie dough was snowed upon.” <– See what I did there?? I am a genius I tell you, that whole year of Latin I took really did the trick:)


Have you ever had coconut on your morning cereal, it is so good, I think this is going to have to happen every single morning. Some of you may think I am crazy for being late on the coconut train, but I used to hate the stuff (do not ask me why, I could not tell you). This stuff is delicious.


SNOW:) Love it on my cookie dough, but I could do without it on my grassy green lawn that is now wet, brown, dead, and covered in slushy white β€œsnow”. I am saying it as β€œsnow” because Upstate New York weather means it is never fluffy snow, it is either slushy or frozen.

If any of you are interested in a tropical vacation where it is warm and sunny and there is sand, feel free to book plane tickets!!

Until then, I’ll be eating lots more of these:)



Delicious, nutritious. Gett @ m3 <— I was a gangsta rapper in a previous life


Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake:

And now the moment you have allll been waiting for!


Remember when I devoured my piece and the piece of the lady next to me?!

That was a good dayπŸ™‚

Now, I have recreated that bad boy!

Feel free to drool, no shame here at CK.


It was perfect. Not to sweet, and very chocolatey. And fudgy wudgy, just the way I like it:)

I love it when the flavor of the cacao really stands out, and isn’t overpowered by sweetness!


On a Pooh plate, obvs. Gift from the β€˜rents:)

Oh, wait, you wanted the recipe? My bad;)

Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake


  • 1 cup packed and pitted dates (I use Medjool)
  • 2/3 cup walnuts
  • 2/3 cup raw cacao powder (or unsweetened cocoa powder)


  1. In your food processor, process walnuts to a flour and then add dates.
  2. Process until dates have formed into a paste, and it all balls up in your food processor.
  3. Add cocoa powder and process until fully incorporated.
  4. Transfer to a container/small pie or cake pan (I used a round tupperware), flatten the top, and refrigerate overnight.
  5. Pop out, garnish, slice, and enjoy!!


Garnished with rasps and cacao nibs.



Next time I am going to use my Raw Chocolate Mousse as frosting. Which is going to be very soon, since more than half of it is already goneπŸ™‚

I would have done that this time (β€˜twas the plansky), but I got caught up in packing food for my trip to D.C. with the Padre! (ahhhh I am so excited!!)

You could also sub another nut for the walnuts. For a Chocolate Cookie Cake, sub cashews and add chocolate chips! I will be doing this for the Baby Sister’s birthday cake in May:)


I’m off to go have a slice of cake and finish packing! I am writing this Saturday night because Sunday morning will be busy busy!! I am hitting up the gym early in the morning with the Padre (boooo too cold to run outside!), then scarfing down breakfast and hitting the road!

As you read this I will either be shoving a Cookie Dough Bowl in my face or on the road on my way to D.C.! It is going to be a whole 70 DEGREES, I am so excited, I am going to wear shorts!! And FLIP FLOPSπŸ™‚ Guys this is a big deal, especially with the awful Upstate New York weather I deal with every single winter.

Send me some sunshine in a bottle? Please and thanks:)

Don’t forget to send in your Mission: I Feel Pretty pictures!

And, if you are in the D.C. area and would like to meet up, shoot me an e-mail! There are some D.C. bloggers that have expressed an interest already, so hopefully you could join us!:)

Have an awesome Sunday, love doves!! See you from D.C.!

Is it snowing where you are? If not, make me jealous of your sunshine!!

YES, do not remind me, if you send me some sunshine I will melt the snow here and love you forever:)

Do you like the co-co-nut? What is your favorite way to eat it? I need ideas!

So far, just on top of cookie dough, but I think I need to get creative:)

Are you a fellow fudge-lover? What’s your favorite fudgy dessert?

CAKE, and brownies!! And fudge, obviously. Can’t go wrong.




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29 responses to “It Snowed on my Cookie Dough + Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake!

  1. That chocolate cake looks delish omg I cant wait to make it coconut would be awesome sprinkled all over it πŸ™‚ Have a fun trip enjoy the warm weather!

  2. movesnmunchies

    THIS CAKE looks AWESOME!!! so so yummy!! and MAKE coconut butter and then make CCK’s suga free fudge- do it!

  3. It’s not snowing but it is 35 degrees, which for california is like heavy snow, haha.

    I LOVE COCONUT BUTTER! It’s so good. I talk about way more then I should to all my friends. I’m trying to get them on the bad wagon, but having the word raw slapped across jar for some reason makes them shy away…their loss, more for me:) haha

  4. I am not even kidding when I say I am MAKING THAT CAKE TOMORROW!! Girl it looks SO good and you are an actual culinary genius.

    P.S. When is the picture deadline? I’ll try to send it asap, but I just wanna know to make sure πŸ™‚

  5. I love coconut. I haven’t made coconut pancakes in a while and I think perhaps I’m going to have to make some very soon.

  6. Your cake sounds FABULOUS Katelyn! πŸ˜€ I’ve got to go make it! It sounds DELICIOUS! AND I love the ingredient list! πŸ˜€

    Enjoy DC! πŸ˜€

  7. Flip flops!!! I can’t wait! Have a great trip with your Padre girl!! πŸ™‚

  8. So much chocolate I think I’m in love πŸ™‚ And no coldness here, you can pretty much wear shorts lol It’s warm in the 70’s. I’ve never even tried coconut on my oats! *gasp!* I think I must get to that asap

  9. genius!!! I love how simple the recipe is..I’ll def be trying it!

  10. I put “snow” on everything and I love it! Oh and that cake is divine! Would def not last long at my house! Have fun in D.C.!! Enjoy the sun!!

  11. I think your raw chocolate fudge cake is going to be my new very best friend πŸ™‚

  12. is it still snowing places? I’ve moved on to the days of highs in the 60’s and 70’s. um: previous life? no! you are a rapper in your current life for sure

  13. I am such a huge fudge lover!!! Your cake looks seriously amazing. It’s all rainy in Chicago right now 😦 Not as bad as snow though!

  14. brothern8ture

    That dessert looks awesome… I love using raw ingredients though I don’t have a processor. Vita-mix is on the list, but until I strike gold I might have to stick with the more hands-on method of chopping and smushing… As for coconut recipes: There is one and only one that you must try. You are simply not a cool person if you don’t. It is so simple too, you have no excuse… Chop up a granny smith apple (key is the sourness), coat it in a light coating of coconut butter, roll in carob powder or raw cocoa powder and stick it in the oven at 200 degrees for about 3 minutes until it is nice and warm. Perfect motivation for a long run πŸ˜‰

  15. runyogarepeat

    Combine coconut & banana in a smoothie! It seriously tastes like tropical heaven. I’m also dying to try coconut butter, gotta get some of that stuff.

  16. Oh my gosh I’m drooling. That cake looks AMAZING. And I also used to dislike coconut for no apparent reason. Now I love it! I tried making coconut butter in my vitamix the other day, but for some reason it wasn’t happening. Oh well, I can enjoy it in it’s flaky form as well.

    P.S. Thanks for your help on the links!

  17. Your raw cake looks amazing!! Hope you are having a fun drive to DC!! Yay to running with your dad…he sounds HARD CORE!!! It snowed here this morning. HAVE SO MUCH FUN GORGEOUS GIRL!!! I could live off of chocolate….especially in the form of chocolate chips and brownies!

  18. I lovvvvve fudge…and coconut!! Yum that cake looks so good…and SUPER healthy! LOVE IT! πŸ™‚ I’m waiting for the snow to leave too…boo! 😦

  19. That cake looks soooo good! I make an Ani Phyo one that has raspberries on it-perfection!

  20. I have never enjoyed coconut…but i also havent tried it in years so maybe i should give it another shot!
    So, I dont think tomorrow is going to work out for us to meet up 😦 Such a bummer! Where did you get pizza? Btw, what college are you checking out??

  21. Wow, that looks ultra-decadent…and really rich! I’m from the DC area so I would have loved to meet new bloggers, but am studying in SoCal right now…I hope y’all have a blast though!

  22. gosh, I really need to try to make these delicious looking fudgy wonderlands with some dates. I’ve never tried it.. but I’m getting super curious!

    and I LOVE coconut! but… (dun dun duuunnn) I’ve never bought it myself to put it atop my foodies.

    next grocery store visit, that’s allll gonna change. πŸ˜‰

  23. elleeatsvegan

    that chocolate fudge cake looks AMAZING!!
    it’s still so cold where i am, ugh! so ready for spring to come. πŸ™‚

  24. I’ll try anything with the word chocolate in it! That cake looks delicious!

    It snowed here last night, so we had a delayed opening for school. Score!

  25. So delicious! I really need to make a raw chocolate dessert soon. I hope you’re having a a great time in D.C. It’s sunny and fairly warm here in Dallas. πŸ™‚

  26. What a perfect little recipe for a chocolate cake for 1 !! I must try it, you are so creative!

    No snow here- 70* and sunny ! Have fun in DC, that’s where a bunch of my family lives!

  27. Hi pretty girl, I tagged you in my post yesterday! πŸ™‚ No pressure if you’re too busy to fill it out, it’s just another of those 7-facts-majigs making the rounds πŸ™‚

    hope your travels are treating you well!!

  28. Bridee

    I stumbled across your blog and LOVE it!! I put coconut in my homemade granola!! Yum!

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