…would highly approve of this beastly salad I ate on the road. Yes, I brought my family-size salad bowl with me on the road, it’s fine.


Eaten with my favorite new travel utensils🙂

GOTCHA! You totally thought I was going to say I met the prez:) Sorry kiddos, today is not the day. If I end up going to school in DC though, I might end up seeing the First Lady playing tennis! Or Obama might speak at commencement..who knows;)

So you know how my family likes their food..yeah we do not joke.


PB + Prune sandwich made by yours truly, promptly scarfed by the Padre. We do not use jelly in this family, we use dried fruit. Prunes and raisins, please and thanks!


FYI, we at that whole container in two days.

Me + Padre = Mean Eating Machine.

The view inside:


H2O duh, and my Droid is charging via a pluggity plug thingymajig the Padre bought a year or so back on a road trip. Best. investment. ever. Go to Radio Shack and get one of these, it is less than $30 and will save you loads of stress over your phone, iPod, laptop, what have you, dying in the middle of a car trip and thinking the world is going to end.

Not that I would know or anything.

The view outside:



Honey bunches, you can bet your bottom dollar I was begging the Padre to take a detour but he said no. Sorry Mike, we’ll get married another time.

We spent the long drive singing along to Glee (can you pay my bills? Name that song!) I am marrying Blaine, I do not care if he is gay, listening to Hamlet (for Lit, no I do not do that stuff for fun), and talking about my dream of combining nutrition, public health, anthropology, research, and travel internationally. I can’t wait to see where college takes me!

Oh, and we also did our fair share of yelling at other drivers through our windshield (oh yeah, we told ‘em). One guy was a jerkasauraus rex and was tailgating me on a 75 mph highway. Jack. butt.

My sched for the day:

  • Working out
  • Eating every raisin I can find
  • Having one of my besties over for movies, food, and girl talk:)
  • Memorizing the Hamlet “To Be or Not to Be” speech (the things I do for classes…)
  • Packing (again)
  • Eating more raisins
  • And going to SLEEP

Oh and DON’T FORGET TO SEND IN YOUR MISSION: I FEEL PRETTY pictures! I have gotten gorgeous ones so far, you girls are absolutely beautiful!! I am so glad we are all helping ourselves to feel more special:)

That’s all for this morning loves! It is WAY past my bedtime, and I am about to fall asleep on my keyboard so here are some questiones for you!

What do you eat on road trips? Do you pack food too, or stop on the way? What do you pack/get?

I ALWAYS pack food, but occasionally stop to grab nuts, fruit, something I am dying for (like raisins..bee tee dubs not ONE gas station I stopped at had raisins, so in case you are a crazy raisin lover like I am, you better pack some for yourself!).

What are your favorite road trip activities?

Jamming out to the iPod, Travel Scrabble (I am a pro), and getting on each other’s nerves. Life is good.

Do you watch Jersey Shore? Are you crazy obsessed too?

I am marrying Mike the Sitch. Our children would be really tan and have AWESOME abs.

Tell me some of your dreams for the future!!

I told you mine, now it is your turn:)




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  1. movesnmunchies

    I LOVE JERSEY SHORE!!!!!!! and YE Si always pack snacks.. usually nuts n fruit… dried fruit.. bars.. larabar type thangs.. the whole shabang! i DEF wnat to be a personal trainer/nutiritonist and work in a BIG open gym that blasts dance music !

  2. I always bring my own food along. I usually pack PB & banana sandwich along with some granola bars, fruit and nuts! And maybe some choc 😉

  3. Oh Em Geez! I have seen that sign before.

    I love prunes and prune juice! Yummy! Dried fruit on a sandwich sounds delicious.

    I hope your trip is fabulous! 🙂

  4. I usually forget to pack things for trips, but I love the huge salad bowl – I have a big bowl like that, and I’m sure I’d get funny looks if people saw me eating from it…but hey, it’s veggies!!! You really can’t overeat on them! No, I don’t watch Jersey Shore (although I don’t live too too far away from the one you passed on your trip) And humm…well I like to make stuff and I’m musical… I have 1 cd out, bu want to make more. Also would love to some day open up my own shop of something…perfume/bath&body products, or some kind of food or something 🙂

  5. I think Pauly is adorbs 😉 But yes you are SO RIGHT about the travel charger thingy… easily one of the best purchases if you’re ever in the car for more than 3 hours.

  6. I’m obsessed with the Jersey Shore!! I can’t believe they’re going to do Italy next season.

  7. Snack bars and dried fruits are my thing!! Much as I love raisins, they can’t top dates I’m afraid!! 😛

    Seriously though, your road trip looks like FUN!! I’m joining ya next time, k? And I’ll bring the raisins+dates 😉

  8. I bring my own food for the trips. I like to take some of my Delectable Whole Wheat HOME-MADE Bread, jars and jars of peanut butter, homemade Larabars, almonds, snack-pack veggies, and even a salad if I get the time. 🙂 I also love dry roasted lightly salted edamame for some protein. 🙂

    When I grow up, I definitely want to do something associated with Health and Nutrition. I want to do my major in Chemistry with a Nutritional Focus. That way I’ll not only be in Nutrition, I will understand how all of the chemicals interact with each other, b=how the body handles all of the different things, etc. Your body has so many systems, reactions etc, and I want to be able to understand them all and how they interact. 🙂

    Hehe, you can never get enough veggies!!! I love big salads! They are like my favorite! 😀

  9. Jersey Shore is a staple in my watch list. An episode must not be missed 😀

  10. I love packing food for road trips I always make special things and cannot wait to dig in once we hit the road!

  11. I always pack food AND visit places in the area that I want to try!!
    My favorite road trip activities are good music – must.have.ipod.
    LOVE jersey shore… But i have been extremely out of tune with t-shirt time this season. I need to play catch up!

  12. I pack food for road trips, but I always LOVE to stop at random places on the side of the road.

  13. I love packing apples and granola bars 🙂

    I also want to be a Physicians Assistant when i get older!!

  14. fiercetyper

    The SITUATION? REALLY, Katelyn?! He is so douchetastic! At least Pauly is a nice guy in his JerseyShoreness! 🙂

  15. I always, always, always pack for trips! Fruit, dried fruit, nuts/trailmix, snacks I made, snacks I bought, etc. Of course I’ll stop at places to get more but yes, for the most part I like to bring my own stuff just in case.

    I don’t watch Jersey Shore (just Glee, and yes, Blaine is so sexy!) but my sister is a huge Jersey Shore addict. Mike is so full of himself.. but.. I kind of like it. His abs aren’t too shabby either. 😉

  16. i never watch jersey shore but watch real housewives, kardashians, kendra for my reality tv fix!

    i never leave the house without fresh fruit cut up in baggies and a snack bar in my purse. for both me and my 4 yr old 🙂

  17. healthyhelper

    ahaha that is so awesome you passed Jersey Shore! I am obsessed with that show! It’s so trashy but sometime you need some bad tv in your life lol! your dreams for college are pretty similar to mine actually… I want to combine acting, medicine, and travel….should be interesting :)!
    Oh and btw I love wegmans! just had to mention that because of the prune container. I actually have that same container sitting in my house right now! I love dried fruit…especially figs, prunes, and raisins.

  18. I need to try a prune and PB sandwich!! You and your dad seem like an awesome father daughter team 🙂

  19. I definitely pack road trip snacks. Lots of fruit, maybe some Quakers rice cakes and string cheese. 🙂

    Looks like you had such a great time!

  20. I promise the jersey shore isn’t that special! I’ve spent many summers there. In the past two years, I have never spotted a cast member. Actually, my personal trainer ran into pauly d. at her gym, but not anywhere near the shore.

    I have to try pb and prunes! Actually, I’ve never tried a prune before, so I should do that first. But anything sounds good with pb!

  21. Your road trip with your padre seemed Fun! Good daddy/daughter time!! Jersey shore would have been so tempting to visit! If u marry mike then I’m marrying pauli D! Haha. Oh and glee def makes road trips worth it!

  22. Ryan @ Aloha Appetite

    I am LOLing at your Jersey Shore references.

    My dream is to keep living my dream in Hawai’i. 😉

  23. Your food looks beautiful and delicious. It is always hard to prepare a dish that is both delicious and healthy but you made it!
    If you want more healthy recipes, please visit the following recipe site.
    Check it out! I think you will love it.

  24. you’re too cute. I love road trips! Musics, random games, lots of snacks, and stopping at random places to take fun pictures.

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