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Butter, Rinse, Repeat

Hi friends!! How are you?

I am pretty dandy myself:) Vermont is absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait to head out for the day!

But, until I can upload Vermont pictures, here is one of my more recent delicious endeavors that I had to share:)

Okay, are you ready for this? I am attempting to restrict my rambling a tad, I know you all will miss it dearly:)

Shredded coconut.


Food processor.


Coconut butter.


Butter, rinse, repeat.

Rinsed out the food processor, decided to make another batch. Repeat.

It took a million years to get buttery, but it is totally fine it was so worth it:) I licked the spatula, obv.

I was, how you say, stuffed to the brim?

Uh yeah, basically my stomach was about to explode it’s fine.

This buttery goodness is so good, I do not understand how I used to hate coconut, now I am going to eat this stuff by the jar.

Do not get a jar of coconut butter (or any nut butter for that matter) near my face, it will be gone in two seconds flat mmk.

Kind of like this:

I like to eat:)

Have you ever made coconut butter?

YES aka I am making this every day:)

What is your favorite nut/coconut butter add-in?

I am going to try cacao powder next batch! And cacao nibs:)

What is the latest funny movie you have seen? Give me ideas! I love a good movie that will make my abs hurt from laughing so hard:)




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