My First Vlog! [Makeup, Skin, and Hair Must-Haves]

Good morning bloggy boos!

Yesterday I was invited to celebrate some Oscars lovin’ at a friend’s house, so I knew I wouldn’t have time to write up a normal post.

So, I gathered a few of my morning essentials to share with you guys! These are some of the best products I have ever found, and they have never let me down.


Oh, and bee tee dubs I look hot in the freeze, please ignore it and click play before you go into shock:)

Some of the products highlighted in the video:

I’m curious – do I sound how you expected me to? I am always so surprised by bloggers’ voices when they do videos!


Just for fun, a couple of pictures from my night!

Samantha, my biff who I haven’t seen in forEVER because she has been at college! Girl is enjoying her life at University of Michigan, and hopefully I will be visiting her at the end of the month!


You know who your true friends are when you can go without seeing them for months and then see each other again, and have it be like no time has passed whatsoever. I love this girl!

Us back in the day:



Oh and her adorable brother. How cute is he?!


He JUST got braces. Poor child, I had mine during the awkward middle school years too. Braces were definitely my LEAST favorite thing. Can you say eating mush for days on end?!

That’s all for today love doves! See you tomorrow:)

What are your must-have products?

See above:)

Did you watch the Oscars?

YES, Anne Hathaway is my fave, she is adorable! And I was SO happy that Toy Story 3 won! Deserved it, 100% 🙂

Do you have any long-distance friends that you still keep in touch with?

Yesss too many to count, those ones are the best:)

Any requests for future vlogs?

Don’t be shy! I luuurve suggestions:)




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29 responses to “My First Vlog! [Makeup, Skin, and Hair Must-Haves]

  1. I love VLOGs! This was super fun to watch, I want to try that shampoo, but not the volumizing one, I have WAY too thick of hair for it, haha.

  2. Love your VLOGS….I use Aveda too-pure abundance…hello super thin hair over here!

  3. movesnmunchies

    YAYAY for vlogs!! i did not watch the oscars— time difference was crazy and i was SHREEPIn in my bed!
    I TOTALLY thought ur voice was higher for some reason.. but the voice you have DEF suits you more than what i thot it wasa going to be 😀

  4. You guys are adorable. I’m glad you had a fun time watching the Oscars.

    I love hearing bloggers voices (that sounds a tad creepy ha) I use a lot of Clinque which I love.

  5. Your voice actually sounds how I expected it too! Haha is that weird? The Oscars are my FAV award show, I actually really liked how it was geared towards our generation.

    Oh and OBVS Anne was rockin’ it

  6. you are so cute! your voice reminds me of mine for some reason!

  7. Totally with you on Toy Story 3!! 😀

    I absolutely love Desert Essence’s products!! I love love LOVE their face wash! It works so well, and my face is so clear! YAY!


  8. I so agree, everyone always sounds different than I expect them to. I wish I asked that question when I did my first vlog a few weeks ago… I wonder if I sound funny. 😉

    you, however, sound a lot like I thought you would.

    and I never know what to vlog about! if I think anything up, I’ll pass the buck on to you.

    My must-have product has got to be the Redken heat defense lotion I use for my hair. That, and Garnier Moisture Rescue gel for my face!

  9. I was so glad the kings speech won. yay!

  10. I have quite a few hoes in different area codes… lol

    Thank goodness for facebook and texting. My friends in far away lands are so important to me, but I couldn’t keep up with them otherwise!

  11. Loved the vlog and LOVE aveda products and dessert essence I use it and it makes my skin sooo soft and clean! Keep vlogging.

  12. Love vlogging although I dont think I’d be able to do it… You are so pretty 🙂
    I am a big fan of Obagi products and Nars make -up!

  13. fiercetyper

    Well, shiz. The voice I had made up in my head for you was so wrong haha. I like it 🙂
    My must-have-or-I’m-not-leaving-the-house products are Smash Box face primer, Smash Box HD foundation, MAC graph black eyeliner! The second I am out of any one of those three I am high-tailing it to the mall.
    Oh, and yesterday I totally got that Dr. Bronner soap you mentioned! Only 2 dollars at Trader Joe’s and wow it DOES smell amazing 🙂 The big lavender bar soap they have there is soooooo yummy too and also like 2 bucks I think.

  14. Your voice sounds like I expected it to, but you weren’t as… excited? upbeat? as I thought you might be. Maybe because you just woke up? 😉
    I don’t wear makeup so I don’t have too many must-have products. Just oatmeal lotion and a sensitive face lotion. No preferences.

  15. I LOVED THIS AND YOU ARE THE PRETTIEST LITTLE THING IN THE WORLD!!!! Please do as many vlogs as possible!!! I loved it!! I have to have my clinique self tanner and base and mac bronzer, I would die without it. I have friends in Hawaii that I still talk to all the time, it is the best:) Have an amazing day gorgeous girl!

  16. Love your VLOG! I think the best friends are definitely the ones who you can go months without seeing and nothings changed!!

  17. Your vlog was great, you are so pretty 😀 And I definitely have friends that I hardly ever see and then when I do it’s like we never stopped seeing eachother.

  18. Love the Vlog, girl! You’re so cute!

    I’ve been wanting to do one, just not sure what I’d do it on haha

  19. Cheryl

    Hi- I have question, does Maybelline animal test? I know they used to long time ago, but they got bought out by Cosmair (who makes Loreal and Lancome), and they used to animal test but maybe changed their position. I want to find a good vegan mascara but not break the bank. Right now I am using MAC Haute and Naughty, probably not vegan but MAC doesn’t animal test, and while more expensive the containers are recycleable at MAC for free lipstick, lip gloss, or eye shadow.

  20. I love California Baby! It’s an everyday face lotion for babies…duh 🙂 but I use it because my face gets so dry in the winter!

  21. healthyhelper

    This was so helpful! I am always looking for new skin care products.
    I love finding out what other bloggers sound like! You actually sound a lot different then I expected lol…. so it was interesting to see what you really sounds like.

  22. ohh mahhh gahhh. love the vlog. you’re tempting me to do the same!

  23. Just found your blog and love it! I did watch the Oscars…missed the red carpet though…my favorite part! Caught the recap on E this morning 🙂

    My favorite face care line is “Yes To” right now. Makes my skin feel so soft and smooth!

  24. Love you VLOG–you sound similar to what I thought you’d sound like! 🙂

  25. Check, check, and check! I use the desert essence stuff already (and LOVE it!), also I use the Aveda smooth infusion… love Aveda.
    Love the vlog 🙂

  26. Aww, I love your vlog! I use the desert essence face wash and I loooove it.

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