I Found My Twinnie! [Indulgence Friday]

Good (afternoon) chickadees! How are you on this gloomy oomy Saturday?

Despite the gloom/rain/mush, I am j’adoring the warmth:) Yes, 47 degrees is a BIG DEAL in Upstate New York!

So yesterday was a bit crazy craze, sorry for no post loves! I had a sleepy day on Thursday, and then slept in a bit on Friday. I finally got to catch up on your bloggity blogs this morning! My Google Reader was full to the BRIM.

Anywhos, yesterday I cranked out another one of these spinning workouts at the gym, and then met my new bloggy friend Lisa for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Natural Oasis!

They have some of the best Ethiopian food I have ever tasted, and it is dirt cheap. And since we all know I am a cheapo, this is the perfect place for me:)

Since I am a seasoned eater at Natural Oasis, she had me order for the table. I chose the Risotto, Ethiopian Spiced Lentils, Curried Red Lentils, Sauteed Kale and Collard Greens, and Brussels Sprouts with Cauliflower.




It all came with a giant pile of Injera, which is so. good. If you have never had Injera before, I urge you to go out to Ethiopian food tonight and try some. It is made of teff flour, which is crazy high in protein, and it is like gluten-free and vegan sourdough that you use as a plate/mop up stuff with. I could live on this stuff basically.

For dessert, we ordered some carroty deliciousness that involved raisins, so that is all I have to say about that:)


Okay, enough with the food. I am not going to lie, this was the most fun I have had in a LONG time. Me and Lisa are basically twinnies just not the same age. Our birthdays are four days apart, we have the same philosophy about food, and have the same interests in regards to public health/nutrition/where our interests lie.

We were talking for so long that we actually got kicked out of the restaurant. They had cleaned everything up, put on their coats ready to close, and turned off the lights. “Goooodniiiight!” <—In their saweet Ethiopian accents

Hahahaha they pretty much gave us every hint to PLEASE LEAVE NOW.

But not before we got a picture together, obvs.


Isn’t she gorg?! Go check out her bloggity blog, she is a culinary genius and just so fun to talk to. We are already planning on going to some crazy sounding classes that our gym has, so keep your eyes out for that:)

Hahahaha it is going to be so funny, did you know that our gym has a HULA HOOPING class?! It sounds crazy craze but the Madre took it awhile back and was crazy sore, so I am going to be laughing the whole time and then pay for it later by being sore. Karma people, karma:)

Slash we will also be making some raw deliciousness at her casa so get excited to see some yummy food in the near future! And hopefully running the Marine Core Half next year if I end up going to school in DC:)

That is all for today love bugs, I am off to the gymmy gym gym and then working on some papers before din din, and hopefully heading off to see some of my girls tonight! If not, more of an excuse to make some Raw Chocolate Mousse🙂

See you tomorrow morning bloggy boos! You will be seeing the post that was SUPPOSED to go up yesterday but didn’t because I am a lazy loo and slept in:) Aka, get ready for a Reader’s Request on my favorite go-to-snacks and meals on-the-go!

How did you celebrate Indulgence Friday?

ETHIOPIAN FOOD and making a new friend!:)

What is your favorite Ethiopian dish? Or if you don’t dig Ethiopian food, what is your favorite thing to order at a restaurant?

Ethiopian food: Lentils and injera. A match made in heaven:) Other restaurants: Raw Pizza!

Have you met someone through the blog world that you just “clicked” with?

Yessss, we are twinnies duh!




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21 responses to “I Found My Twinnie! [Indulgence Friday]

  1. I’ve never tried Ethiopean food but really want to! It looks delicious.

  2. Gosh! All that food looks DELISH!!! Just looking at the pictures made my mouth water.

    btw…I’m a new follower to your blog & I’m absolutely in love with it! Keep those posts coming!


  3. I’ve met Kelsey @ Clean Teen Kelsey. We clicked instantly! We are so alike! I love her so much. 🙂 She is one of my deepest friends. 🙂


  4. Awww, I love Lisa’s blog! Glad you guys had so much fun together! You both look gorgeous!

  5. I totally recommend hula hooping! Soooooooooo much fun, I took a 10 week class last year, it really worked the whole body! I can also now hula hoop around my chest and knees too 😛 I still have my hoop and will do it while watching tv sometimes as a mini workout when I am too lazy for the gym 🙂

  6. I had chicken sammies for dinner and froyo for dessert. It was perfect! And I definitely feel like I could be friend’s with any of the blogger’s who usually comment on my page and vice versa. So much support from everyone!

  7. Hula Hooping at the GYM??!?! AHhh soo jealous!
    Injera is awwwesome and that red lentil curry looks amazing!!
    Happy Weekend 😀

  8. healthyhelper

    I had no idea you live in Upstate NY! I live in Buffalo…how close are you?! And that etheopian food looks amaze! I have never had it before but I really really want to try some NOW…especially the lentils and the injera!
    My favorite thing to order at restaurants is fish…they always grill it so perfectly with great seasonings…love it!

  9. I have yet to try Ethiopian food, but I really really want to!! I think I would love it!!

    I was unaware of indulgence friday until now, why did no one tell me!? Will definitely have to celebrate this week! 😉

  10. Sounds like so much fun–I love both of you ladies, so I can’t imagine your dinner with Lisa was anything other than fabulous!! 🙂

  11. Seriously….that food was Ah-mazing!!!! …Actually it was so amazing, that Joe and I just went there for dinner tonight 🙂
    He loved it too—so we’re definitely going back.

    Looking forward to trying new fun (crazy!) classes at the gym. I will for sure be horrible at the cardio hooping! …but I’m really looking forward to my new kettlebell arms.

    I feel like I have a new lil sis 🙂

  12. that risotto looks like the bomb.com! omg yum! so cute that you found your little “twin”, I love finding people just like me! 🙂

  13. drdutch

    Ive never tried Ethiopian food but I love lentils!

  14. I LOOOVE Ethiopian food! Misir watt is my favorite.

  15. I’ve never tried Ethiopian food, but I really want to! I don’t think there are any restaurants near me- I will have to travel 🙂

  16. Mel S

    My boyfriend and I went to natural oasis tonight!!! The food was soooo good! We got the coconut milk chai tea, curried peas, risotto, acorn squash, and my boyfriend got the pizza (I couldn’t try it since it contains wheat). So you must be from Rochester, small world!

  17. Ha that is hilarious about being kicked out. Everyone I have met through the blogging world-I have loved. I guess it would make sense though since I don’t read blogs of people that I would actually hate in real life. ha 🙂

  18. fun fun fun!!! love both you two girls 🙂

  19. I had Ethiopian for the irst time in December,a nd loved it! Injera is my favourite, or the spicy dals….

  20. The 3 of us are in Roch, right? Go us 🙂

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