I Triple Dog Doctor Donut Dare You

Good morning rays of sunshine!! How are you?

I loved hearing about all of your bloggy friendships/meetups and especially your favorite snacks and quick din dins! Most of us are on the same page:)

Oh, and I am not going to lie you guys are hilarious. You have no idea how much some of your comments make me laugh, it is offich, we are all having a giant bloggy slumber party and using our crazykins vocab because that is what we do, mmk?!

Bee tee dubs, yesterday at the gym I did upper body weights. Holy. soreness. Guys this might be TMI for some of you but lezzbeserious MY BOOBS HURT. People doing upper body for the first time in a million years = big mistake on my part. Hello, sore Monday!

And keep sending in your Mission: I Feel Pretty pictures!! I am so glad this is becoming an ongoing project, it makes me so happy to see all of you embracing yourselves!

So since so many of you asked for one, I took a picture of her highness, Her Fugliness. Behold, the Quinoa-Hummus-Raisin-Balsamic Bowl, pre-mixing:



If that does not defer you enough from the deliciousness that is enclosed in that bowl, the doggy-bowl-esque serving dishware will. No I am not a puppy deep down.

BUT these puppies will make your heart melt!

The Padre forwarded an adorable e-mail to me last night, in which there were pictures of a baby deer (that looks JUST like Bambi) that followed a doggy home. How cute is this?!


One more for good measure.

Image (1)

Okay, all together now… Aweeeeee πŸ™‚

Just TRY and tell me that did not make you turn to mush. I triple dog doctor donut dare you.

Bee tee dubs, back in the day that was the ULTIMATE dare. You had to do it or else the world would collapse and you would be covered in green slime like on that Nickelodeon show that always came right before the Amanda show. Did anyone else watch that as a kid?! I always thanked my lucky stars that I was not the lobster. Poor guy, costume was probs a million degrees.

Okay,  time for Melt-Your-Heart Part Deux.

This dog has been euthanized and risen from the dead. Not joking. It was pronounced dead, thrown in a dumpster, and found healthy and well the next morning. Not only is that absolutely terrible, but this dog is basically a miracle/Jesus dog. Have a looksky!


Click and watch the vid you will die, this is the cutest puppy in the world, he is only three months old!

So since I am using that awesomesauce title, I am going to Triple Dog Doctor Donut Dare you to do something kind or selfless for another person today. Whether it be holding the door, paying for the coffee of the person behind you, helping someone with their schoolwork, or saying hello to someone new, make someone’s day and spread some smiles.

Case of the Mondays who?

That is all for today chickadees, I am off to class! See you tomorrow:)

Something to think: If the Incans and Mayans didn’t have stoves…how did they cook their quinoa?

I spent the good part of last night wondering about this as I drifted off to dreamland. I hope to goodness they did not eat their quinoa hard.

How are you going to make someone’s day today?

We shall see, we shall see:) Come  back tomorrow to find out what I did!




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30 responses to “I Triple Dog Doctor Donut Dare You

  1. movesnmunchies

    YAY FOR A SLUMBER PARTY! that would rock though. and YES iknow the boob hurtin feeling!! during basketball season we had to bench press and i was pretty sure my boobs were ripping apart- no fun.. AWWWWWWW I JUST TURNED TO MUSH!

  2. Oh my gosh…that deer is so cute! But all I can think about is—what are they going to do with it! The mother probably doesn’t want it back if she’s still alive, and it won’t survive on its own. My friend’s dad used to bring home stray animals like that—and they had a deer living in their laundry room for a while. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to keep a wild animal like that! But still super cute πŸ™‚

    I think the incans and mayans used fire! right? Who knows—maybe they sprouted their quinoa πŸ™‚

  3. fire? Gee, now I’m gonna be going to thinking about that all day, haha. Awh, the little deer and pup are so cute:)

  4. That deer and dog cuddle sesh is presh! I’m making someone’s day today πŸ™‚ I made truffles and scones over the weekend and I’m giving some to my best friend when we meet up later today πŸ™‚ Enjoy your Monday!

  5. haha i love your post. So spastic…they make me giggle. 1. I want to steel that baby deer, I heart Bambi. 2. I bet the Mayans used FIYAAAA (fire). It don’t matta how they did it, quinoa is pure genius. 3. Its only 7:56 and you’ve already made my day brighter!

  6. runyogarepeat

    So so adorable! Random acts of kindness are awesome too, they make me full of warm & fuzzies. It wasn’t today, but a few weeks ago, I had two free ski day passes, and my friend used the other one. We had to use both of them, so we gave the other one away to the next person!
    Huh, what a thought – probably quinoa by fire?

  7. Um srsly. Blogger slumber party. ASAP. It would be thee most fun time in the world.

    And my selfless act happened yesterday- I must dish because I totes never do stuff like this but I just did. This girl I see at the gym all the time (when I’m home) its clear she has lost weight and was trying to lose weight, and yest when I saw her there I went up to her after and said “I dont know if you are trying to lose weight or what, but I haven’t seen you in a couple months and I just wanted to say you look great”. You could see her just light up and I felt so good for her- I wanted her to know her hard work is def paying off. Is that selfless or no because I actually felt good that I did that…whooops…maybe not selfless….

    and Chef Katelyn… please! what recipe should I make of yours this week! what is your fav/ best one!!

  8. aww that baby deer is soo freakin adorable I want one! I think smiling at someone is the best way to make their day who knows what theyre going through, and its so simple to do.

  9. that dog/deer duo story was on the ellen show! πŸ™‚ love her, love the animals.

  10. I totally love that you triple dog dare us to do something nice for another person today!! I try to do that everyday, but today I’m going to give an extra 110%. πŸ™‚ Maybe offer up my machine if the gym’s too crowded, or pay for a coffee (like you said-I got a coffee date afterschool!). Anyways, love the doggy dish-haha you’re too cute! (PS! I think your posts were VERY much influencing me last night as I was typing up today’s post…check it out!)

  11. Deer following the dog=adorable. And why am I so tempted to try ur bowl of randomness πŸ™‚ I love hummus…and raisins…and quinoa…and balsamic… πŸ™‚

  12. oh this totally made me mush! i love mushy mondays!

  13. I am totally in on the slumber party. Your blog always puts me in the best mood!! I WANT a baby deer now!! I don’t know how they cooked it….. maybe they ate it raw ha.
    I am going to make Billy a yummy dinner tonight:)

  14. Omg cutest Bambi ever!
    I will def do a random act of kindness today! I’ll let ya know what it is tomorrow. Or will that not count if I tell you what I do!?

  15. Slumber party YES!!

    That deer is adorable. I love that we are seriously twinnies and use the same phrases, it’s going to make our lunchtime so amazing.

  16. healthyhelper

    OMG that puppy story made me cry…..how awful! But that deer pic is adorable so it made me happy again. I am so happy to finally see a pic of your famous bowl…now when I make it I will not what to go for!

  17. hahaha what the heck!??!?!?! THAT PICTURE IS SO CUTE!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for that!

  18. What a cute picture!

  19. YAY for Slumber Parties!!! πŸ˜€

    The baby deer is SO cute!!!! Bambi is like one of my most favorite movies of all time!


  20. emandtee

    I made your quinoa-hummus-raisin-balsamic bowl for lunch today! It was soooo delish! It has been added to my lunch rotation. Isn’t that post workout soreness the best? Call me crazy but I love it!

  21. That picture is adorable!!! It totally looks like Bambi, awww πŸ˜€

  22. Aw!!! I love the deer and dog together!! What an adorable picture πŸ™‚

  23. Awwww!! I totally just adopted a dog and she is the best little doggy ever. I totally pictured myself with a daschund (wiener dog), but I ended up with a pit mix instead. She’s so cute and affectionate and she thinks she’s small enough to be a lap dog! Adopting is the way to go.

    And I totally wish there were more bloggers in Florida to meet up with. =/

  24. mayans/incas = open fires and fire pits πŸ™‚

    Quinoa-Hummus-Raisin-Balsamic Bowl looks amazing!

    your comments always make my day πŸ™‚

  25. Loving this quinoa dish; so fabulous with raisins and hummus. Such a great idea; I’m going to try this with my dried cherries! Thank you; love your blog. Keep up the great work!

  26. Aw, oh my gosh that little baby deer is so cute!! I want one!!! πŸ™‚

  27. I think my heart just combusted at the cuteness of the Bambi-lookalike! SQUEE!! I also love your mixing together of balsamic, quinoa, and hummus. Tasty times indeed!

  28. Don’t you think they cooked their quinoa over an open fire?

  29. abbey

    I love your hummus recipe so i was wondering how long that big container of garlic would last so i can have it ready at all times!

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