Shake Yo Bootay

Good morning friends! How are you?

I am sunny delicious this morning even though it is not that sunny. If you ain’t got sunshine, bring your own, am I right?

Anywhos, sorry for no post yesterday bloggy boos, lately it is WAY too easy to get caught up on schoolwork, projects, test studying, you know what I mean. BUT I have still been reading all of your bloggys from my Droid as I walk the halls, so do not fret:)

Remember when I told you about the crazykins class Lisa and I were going to go to Tuesday night? Didn’t happen. Dangflammit, Eke! Stop being out of town/sick, I wanted to get my butt whooped!


^^ My excited face

It’s okay though, we went to Spinning and I am pretty sure my butt went numb about twelve times. We took class from Joanne, who is a rockstar and could probably teach spin all day and not get tired. My idol.

So, butt-whooping will commence next week. I’m already shaking in my Uggs (p.s. I really need to get rid of those, it is time for Sperry’s weather mmk).


New Traditions:

SO the new tradition I am putting up on the bloggy is To The Nines Tuesday! And no this genius idea is not my own. Some of my girls from school thought it was a cute idea, and so I am sharing it with all of you!

So now, not only do you get to hear crazy randomsauce things about me, you get to dress up and feel pretty, too!

Win-win-win Winking smile

So, here is my first To The Nines Tuesday outfit. I felt so adorable in this outfit, the last time I got to wear this dress was on my birthday!


Sorry my mirror is narsty. But it’s a black cardi, floral-printed dress, and black tights, all Forever 21. Necklace is a la Grandma CK. Love her<3

And, surprise! I got a new mascara:) It. rocks.


Sorry for the close-up eyeball shot. Didn’t mean to get all up in yo space:)

But I had to demonstrate that this. mascara. is BOMB.

Checkitt –> Maybelline’s The Falsies mascara. Floats my boat and rocks it. Buy this biznazz now, and be a cheapo like me:)

Bee tee dubs I was making a quinoa-hummus-raisin-balsamic bowl this morning (yes mid morning snack not for breakfast, not to say that hasn’t happened though), and I ALMOST FORGOT THE BALSAMIC. I tasted it and knew something was wrong. Yup poured on a giant pour of balsamic and all was right in the world.

p.s. I am so glad to hear that you guys are loving them as much as I am!! I love seeing tweets/pictures/emails about them, keep making bowls of deliciousness and spreading the love! Smile


Tangent Tuesday (except it’s Thursday Winking smile):

Oh so for a bit of tangentness for you, here are some randoms I’ve encountered over the last few days:

Most giant bag of chia seeds ever. Love you Padre!


Biggest container of garlic known to man. This is because I am a lazy loo people. And it tastes way better than fresh garlic when I make hummus!


Baseball Barrot of the YEAR


Why you lookin like a fool wit yo money on the ground?


Tiniest green been EVER. How cute is that?!


STOP – smoothie time! Banana, flax, hemp protein, blueberries, coconut oil, and carob powder. Teaspoon of xanthan for thickness. Get in mah belly.


Moon:) Awwwwoooooo! <—My she-wolf howl. Watch out Shakira, there’s a new wolf in town!



Shake Yo Bootay:

Now that I am done with my randomness, here is a recap of my Wednesday night, and the reason for the title of this post!

I decided to go to a dance class for the first time in AGES (stopped seven years ago) because I was getting a hinkering for it again and I could tell because I found myself listening to classical music and doing plies. Rock on, sista!


Anywho, I went to a floor/barre class expecting some ballet action or at least some movement, but it was way boring. We didn’t do much at all, I was so bored, it is amazing the ways I think of to keep myself entertained. I am pretty sure the teacher was falling asleep too.

SO, I started talking with one of the other instructors and explained to her, LISTEN, I am a runner, I would like to do something that actually involves movement and sweat. She told me I should try out the intermediate and advanced classes. Cha-CHING! Checkin that shizz out next week. Way excited.

I was dancing literally even before I was born. The Madre was a dancer her whole young life, and danced at NYU and then for ten more years teaching dance classes at a studio in New York City. So basically I knew how to dance before I could walk (name that song!).

Sorry no pictures, figured it would be rude in the middle of a dance studio;)

That’s all for this morning loves! See you tomorrow for Indulgence Friday!

Did you dance when you were young? Do you still dance?

YES, and I thought running was my thang now and not so much dancing, but I realized that I still love ballet and contemporary. I’ll be testing the waters over the next few weeks:)

How will you be dressing To The Nines this Tuesday? Tell me about your favorite outfit!

This is defs one of my all-time faves. I just wish it were warm so I didn’t have to wear tights! I hate pants.

What is the last butt-whooping class you have taken?

Spinning. Errday. But it’s fine, totally worth it for a fine bootay!




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26 responses to “Shake Yo Bootay

  1. I don’t know how you do spin classes! I think I’ve done one once and vowed never to do one again 🙂 My favorite class to take is Sculpt. It is yoga and plyometrics combined in a 115 degree studio! SWEATTTTAY. mmm mm.

  2. Favorite class at the gym is muscle madnesss, kicked my butt every time! Green bean is presh I couldnt eat it. !

  3. I’ve never tried a spin class! I heard they’re pretty intense though!

  4. movesnmunchies

    LOVE the new tradition!! YEs i danced for like 7 years! i did hop hop and lyrical… contrast much? i LOVE THAT THICK SMOOTHIE~!

  5. I use to dance when I was younger, and I really miss it! Yesterday I took Spin, which was tougher than normal so I loved it! And today I am taking a Total Body Hardcore class which ALWAYS kicks my butt!

  6. Excited to hear more about your dance classes it sounds amazing!! I danced until high school when I broke my ankle twice and had to call it quits. I miss pointe 😦

    Ohhh and I totally agree about fresh garlic in hummus… not sure about it.

  7. I danced until I was about 13 or 14….ballet baby!! I think it’s beautiful and still love it, but I knew I just didn’t want to commit to a serious training schedule. I still love seeing the Nutcracker though!!

  8. I grew up dancing too! When my body started changing though, I had to call it quits. My balance was just off. I still pick up a class every now and then though:)

    I took spin the other night for the first time, holy moly it was a major sweat session!

  9. I never took dance or gymnastics or anything of that nature. I did, however, win a dance off in the hood in a teen club. That was kind of the highlight of my high school career. But uhh-that is another story ha.

  10. I’m going to try that hummus raisin quinoa balsamic bowl ToDaY!! U have convinced me! As for your outfit…super cute & I love it!

  11. I miss dancing so much! I took tap for 5 years, and I starred in 42nd street, the musical. and MAN, do I miss those days onstage! 🙂

    I still have yet to try spinning. I need a buddy to get me to go!

  12. I haven’t danced in about 2 years now. I did it for about 15 years and even got my graduation diploma. It was one of the most satisfying times in my life. Such a great outlet for all those stressful days 🙂

  13. I LOVE spinning! I haven’t been able to find a class that fits into my new schedule and I miss it!

  14. runyogarepeat

    Thursdays are my favorite because I go to my favorite spin class, then to a short abs attack class. I did dance when I was 4 and have pictures of my cute bumblebee costume. Even though I don’t dance, I love watching dance shows!

  15. I love the idea of To The Nines Tuesday! Your outfit is fab! 🙂

    You’re so right that if there’s no sunshine–bring your own!!

  16. Spinning was good—but still can’t wait for kettlebells!
    I also think I need a break from the bike seat…mon and tues were just a litttttle too much!

    I love the idea of dressing up on Tuesdays, but that’s the one day I work totally from home…so I would look pretty silly all dressed up and no where to go (well…except kettlebells!).
    I didn’t dance when I was young…I just did gymnastics, but I always admire the dancers!

  17. Aww yay! I am dancer too 🙂 Started when I was 7, which was — let me do the math… carry the 3… umm — okay, 21 years ago. Been in a professional hip hop company since ’01 called Culture Shock Los Angeles.
    I like your dress up idea! I’m lazy and often run errands in running clothes ’cause I suck but it’s fun to put an actual outfit together for no reason at all other than to feel nice 🙂
    Most butt-whooping class as of LATE… house dancing class… holy shizballs I would be approx 83.4 pounds if I could take that every day.

  18. I danced ballet, tap and jazz from age 4-12 but stopped so I could play soccer.
    Worst. Decision. Of. My. Life.
    I miss dance so much but I have totally lost ALL SKILL. And all the girls my age are like waay ahead of me now. Poop.

  19. Spinning — every. single. time. Kills me! But I love it for that reason; I love the burrrrn! : )

  20. Definitely going to have to try out that mascara! 🙂

  21. I didn’t know you toook Ballet when you were younger! 😀 That is so cool!!! My sister took Ballet, but the closest I ever got to Ballet was Gymnastics. 🙂 I love watching Ballerinas go on point though. It looks so graceful! 😀

    I love your new tradition!!! Forever 21 is one of my favorites! 😀


  22. I used to dance when I was little…then they realized I had too much energy and threw me into gymnastics! Glad you had a good but whoopin’ in spin-give it 3 more times and the numbness goes away;)

  23. I love spinning! My plans to go tomorrow were thwarted- I am hoping I can go on Sunday!

  24. Your eyes are absolutely gorgeous in your mascara pic! So big!

  25. healthyhelper

    Can you believe I have never even taken a spinning class?! It is like the most popular gym class ever and I have NEVER done it! I gots to get on that lol! I could use a good butt bustin workout!

  26. I began dancing when I was 3, and continued through my sophomore year of college. I’ve been taking Zumba for about 2 1/2 years now though, and that helps when I start missing dance. Have you ever tried Zumba? It’s more latin inspired, hip-hop stuff, but it’s definitely a good workout! I balance it out with pilates, yoga, the treadmill and arctrainer (not all in one day, of course :)).

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