Triple Tangent To-The-Nones Tuesday

Good morning bloggy boos!! How are you?

I am a sore son-of-a-gun (daughter of a gun?) because of a KILLER spinning class last night. I have been hooked for two years and it is never going to end people, it is just something to accept.

So, since it is Tangent Tuesday, here are some randoms about me. Enjoyyyy:)

  1. This song has been stuck in my head all. day. I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet (WOAH ego, watch out there!), but seriously, I can’t tell if this girl is trying to be funny or if she thinks she is really good. Okay that is the meanest you will ever see me. Don’t worry the worst is over:)
    Oh lawd.

    Want to hear more about the great debate? Clickety click on over to these:

  2. I always HAVE to be eating something when I am sitting. Whether it be during schoolwork or watching a movie, I always have to be munching on something or I will not be able to sit still/focus. I used to chew a lot of gum but then I realized it just made me really hungry so that was semi-counterproductive.

    THANK YOU carrots (carrot balls) and every veggie/fruit on the planet for allowing me to munch on you at odd times of the night when I really should be sleeping instead of studying.

    Except I am a grandma and go to bed at 9 basically so that was a false statement. Ignore that, and change it to every waking hour of the day. That is why I pack so much food for school every day (besides my raging appetite). I cannot focus in class so I pack munchables. Problem = solved.

  3. I am only allowed to watch Jersey Shore when I am working out or doing something productive, like eating folding socks. Why did I make this rule for myself? a. We don’t have cable, and b. I figure trash TV counts as negative points, so then might as well fix it with some good deeds aka a sweat sesh (my gym has EVERY CHANNEL ever) or doing something for the fam. It’s all about sacrifices, people.

    Ob. sessed. My recent fave quote? “What a shady b****”. Okay Vinny you are a jerko but sometimes you are really funny:)

  4. I cannot for the life of me remember my voicemail password. I have tried every single number combination in my memory it is obviously an error on Verizon’s part.

    Any suggestions?! Please and thank you:)


So I am calling it To-The-Nones Tuesday because I am not To-The-Nines today. I am rockin the yoga pants/juicy hoodie look because I have senioritis and I don’t like to put too much effort into my appearance.

Roll out of bed, eat, repeat!

Here is a recycled photograph FYE:)

See you tomorrow loves!! Have a rockintastic Tuesday:)

What do you think of Rebecca Black’s debut video?

Hahahahhaha. That is all I have to say about that:)


“I wanna snuggle.” Love you Dreena.

Tell me some random/crazy/weird things about you!!




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45 responses to “Triple Tangent To-The-Nones Tuesday

  1. I have seen exactly one episode of Jersey Shore. Not my thing. Haha. I love to watch Glee while I work out, though! It’s the perfect combo of tv/music to really keep you going!

  2. I really hope she isn’t serious or she needs to get a much better songwriter…lol. See you’re not mean…I am=) You’re making me miss the Jersey Shore! Now I feel like catching up on some episodes. Unlike Rebecca Black’s single Jersey Shore is in my opinion so bad that it’s good!

  3. Cute outfit! I agree with you I rarely watch tv and if I do im usually doing something else

  4. I love jersey shore too hahah guilty…I love vinny at like all times… He just does the most random ish. “Cabs are hereyaaaah”

  5. Omg. I heard this on the radio and was going to blog about it! It’s been stuck in my head ALL MORNING. and this is NO good. Help me.

    AND… my favorite JS quote? “GTF… gym, tan, find out who Sammie’s texting behind Ronnie’s back.”

  6. Twinnies for real. I only watch trashy tv when I’m at the gym. I legit only actually watch America’s Next Top Model at my house because Grandma Hollie can’t be at the gym at 8pm ha.

  7. movesnmunchies

    BAAHHAH the jshore rule and the eating rules i LOVE.. um basically everything and anythign snooki says im in love with

  8. OMG, yes I heard this song today and am way confused. Apparently, people can hire this company that will write you a pop song, shoot a video for you, and hope for fame. This girl seems to be getting it, but it can’t be for good reasons!

  9. “They’re fighting all the time and I can’t even concentrate. Can’t even clean my shoes…”

    I heart Pauly D 🙂

  10. I always tell people I’m heading to the gym to watch tv (I don’t have cable either)!
    Haven’t watched jersey shore though, but recently I’ve gotten sucked into Bethenny Ever After…mindless but funny 🙂

    I hope you’re not too sore for kettlebells!

    Call verizon! The same thing happened to me once…they can change it over the phone.

  11. I love JS!! My favorite comment is when Snookie said, “I will f––ing attack you like a squirrel monkey.” Bwahaha love it!

  12. You are too freaking cute. It’s like not even fair. 😉

    Um, I ALSO love Jersey Shore. And I also don’t have cable. I hulu it after work on Fridays. It’s like my celebration/start to the weekend. That said, I DO try to do something productive while I’m watching it. Even if it’s just cook dinner or something. hehe

  13. Oh my dear that song is awful! It feels like an SNL skit!!

    Great outfit 🙂

  14. My favorite quote was basically Ronnie’s whole narrative of the fight between Snookie and Angelina last year. He called Angelina the staten island dump. I DIED. I still laugh to tears whenever I youtube it. I wish I did something productive while watching it, but most often I watch it Friday after work so I am eating nachos lol. It’s fine though because I do my workouts at 6am, in a class at the gym so there is no way to watch TV 🙂

  15. Girl you know I feel the same about jersey shore! Trash tv at its best….so addicting!

  16. Girl, you are so crazy! Haha. My senioritis as far as wardrobe will last my whole life. I hate coordinating outfits. If it’s simple as hell and looks good on me and is comfy I will wear it. Therefore V’s secret yoga pants and Tshirts all day erryday.
    Wierd fact about me: I speak in ebonics when I am happy.
    And Ke$ha is my Jersey Shore. I only listen to her when I am in the car or out having fun. I shouldn’t like her buuuuuuuut I do anyway. =)

    • Haha girl I like your philosophy:)

      And I totally had to look up “ebonics” and then I laughed out loud because I do that all. the time. And agreed. Ke$ha is defs a guilty pleasure, only allowed when you are dive bar crawling.

  17. LOVE this!!! Girl, you are adorable. I always have to be munching when I am sitting down too…like right now ha:) I have never seen Jersey Shore…I know, who am I? Hope you are having a fabulous day!

    • Awe thank you love!! And WHAT!! I am coming to Utah right now and we are watching Jersey Shore togeths and eating cookies, you will kick yourself in the pants for never watching it before

  18. Pingback:

  19. I totally have a “rule” that I can’t watch trash TV unless I’m doing something productive too! Love it! 🙂

  20. Number 2= me too! And I’m pretty much always sitting at home, so I’m pretty much always eating 🙂

  21. the way she says friday makes me wanna shoot myself! hahaha

    “she’s a whore, jussayin”. except snooki says whore with an awesome jersey accent haha.

    i cant sit without eating either! 🙂

  22. haaa I feel like that girl is trying to be Ke$ha in high school. Which works, because I find both slightly annoying 😉

  23. I absolutely love you!!! 😀 I always look forward to your posts! 😀 They always make me smile!

    You are the BEST BLOG OUT HERE! 😀


  24. oh lord. why are your posts so funny??
    That Rebecca Black video. I consider myself nice too, but I agree with you about it. There is a facebook event called “Friday” (held tomorrow) and it is held in the car with Rebecca hosted by that awkward moment when she can’t choose which seat to sit in. Pretty funny.
    Random crazy weird? I don’t watch TV!! I KNOW. and I wake up early naturally (read: 6am)

  25. I can’t get myself to watch Jersey! I think its the hair…or maybe the tan? Anyways…why are you so cute? I feel like you are literally ALWAYS eating. Me like.

  26. Omg, that Rebecca Black song/video is out of control. I THINK she is being serious, but even if not, it seems to have worked out in her advantage. Girl is infamous!

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