Made With Love [Indulgence Friday!]

Top o’ the mornin to ya, bloggy boos, and happy Indulgence Friday! How are you?

I am rockin because it is FRIDAY and I am currently munchity munching on some goodies🙂 Slash later on I will be at the gymsky doing my thang and then going out to dinner with my friend Mickey who I have not seen in forEVER. He is probs reading this right now, so hey, hey, hey  Mickey! (name that song!)

His Madre is going vegan for Lent, so you know how happy that makes me. What a wise woman.

Anywho, yesterday was THE most gorgeous day I have seen in the last million years of this nuclear winter. (The Day After Tomorrow, anyone?) So obviously with sunshine and 64 degree weather (say whaaaa?) I was basically jumping out of my seat in class waiting to go outside and run in the sunshine!!

It was gorg, I was sweaty, it was awesome.


Here you go Janae babygirl!! My post-run picture for you:)

The Padre kicked my bootay. My total for the day: 8 miles. Feel the burn!

I was still majorly sore from the Kettlebells class that Lisa and I took Tuesday night (HOLY MUSCLES) so it was not exactly my fastest run. It’s aight though, I am pretty sure I got a tad less pale.

Oh and I may have gotten new kicks immediately afterwards. I was going to get the updated version of my Asics, but I decided to try on some new shoes as well because my arches/footstrike have changed over the last year.

I decided to go with the Nike Zoom Structures. I like them MUCH better because they are leveled off more towards the front of the foot, which makes it much easier to move my footstrike to near the middle and front of my foot rather than my heel.



And I obviously had to try the Nike Free’s. The rock in case you wanted to know. I am most likely going to make these a birthday present to myself when July rolls around. I would be so super speedy in these!!


It’s sideways, I can’t figs out how to fix it and I’m a tech whiz so that’s unusual. You’ll  probs have to turn your head.

Oh and since you all know about my obsession with Darren Criss (is he gay or is he not gay? That is the question), here is a song that will make you dancy wancy:

Feel free to swoon.

Oh snap.


Okay so besides the fact that Darren was clearly made with love….I have something else for you that is as well. And even more delicious. Wait, Mrs. Hall did you hear that?! Double-entendre up in this jointtt!

Anywhos, a few weeks ago (yes, weeks…bad blogger, bad blogger) I got a hugh jass package of granola from Love Grown Foods.


When Laura from Love Grown contacted me asking if I would be interested in trying some, I jumped right on that! We all know that I am about the crunch. (hello carrots)

So, I opened it right away and found a sweet note from Laura and the Love Grown Team. Awe:)


You’re welcome, Laura!

Anyway, onto the flava flavs! I was sent Raisin Almond Crunch, Sweet Cranberry Pecan, and Cocoa Goodness. They obviously knew what they were getting at when they put “goodness” in the name. Hooked immediately.


The best part about this granola is that it is made with no artificial sweeteners or sugar. It is made completely with Agave Nectar, which I love but do not use very often because, in my mind, sugar is sugar no matter where you find it. However, there was not an overpowering sweetness in any of them.

Gluten-free and vegan? Say no more.

I will start off with my personal favorite, which is a dead giveaway because it has raisins in it. You knew this was coming, people!

Raisin Almond Crunch:


I absolutely loved this flavor. Cinnamon-y, crunchy, and filled with almonds, coconut, and RAISINS! The star of the show:)

I had a few issues keeping my hand out of the cookie jar bag. Give me da crunch!

Next up was the Sweet Cranberry Pecan.


I am not a HUGE fan of cranberries, but I love pecans, so I loved this. I think I may be a cranberry lover now!:)

Next up was Cocoa Goodness.

Holy goodness.


I am not going to lie, this did not disappoint. I love all things chocolate and this was no different. Let’s just say this one is the most empty bag in the house. Even though Raisin Almond Crunch will always have my heart:)

The coconut in all of them made me super happy, because as you know, lately I  have been addicted to coconut. I used to hate it because all I knew existed was the sugary, processed jank. But real coconut, I like:)

That’s all for today, loves!! See you tomorrow:)

On the sched:

  • Out to din din tonight, then going to a little shebang.
  • Lisa’s in the morning for a raw brunch and girl talk
  • Spending the afternoon and evening with a girlfriend of mine who I have not seen in way too long. There will be plenty of bonding, including Hot Tub Time Machine. Best movie ever, if you have not seen it go do it now, you can thank me later.

Disclaimer (stolen from Chels): Love Grown Granola was kind enough to send me these complimentary samples to review. I was not compensated for my review on their products, and all opinions expressed are purely my own.

Are you a Gleek?

I am Globsessed. <—I think I just made up a new word. I think I’m going to have to make up a CK dictionary.


Nike Free’s. I am going to get my hands on a pair, just you wait.

How are you celebrating Indulgence Friday?

Going out to din din and going to a get-together! Going out to dinner is definitely and indulgence..I am a broke student, it happens.

Favorite granola add-ins?

Raisins, unsweetened chocolate, almonds…crunchetize me, cap’n!

Edit: DARREN CRISS IS STRAIGHT. Praise the sweet baby Jesus, my day has been made.




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28 responses to “Made With Love [Indulgence Friday!]

  1. Abby

    That raisin almond granola looks bomb! I’m celebrating indulgence Friday by going out for dinner with my grandparents! I haven’t seen them since Christmas so it will be nice! 🙂 As for granola add ins–you covered my favs already! lol

  2. movesnmunchies

    that granola looks GOOD esp the choco one.. love me some choco!.. i wear asics.. nothing fancy- i want your cool looking ones!


    And yes, Darren is straight.. saw him on Ellen… but it’s so funny – his mannerisms are so feminine!

    I’m a true Asics girl. I have really high arches, and I need some newbies.. maybe I should try out some other brands though!

  4. MMM girl that granola was the So good.

    I love love love Nikes. We can run together and be twinnies! It would be perfect. My new Nikes are grey and pink too.

  5. I’ve had their chocolate granola before and it was the! Sounds like a fun agenda you’ve got today; I lovve hot tub time machine! 🙂 Great review girlie, I thought it was really informative no jokes!:)

  6. I need nuts in my granola!
    And my favorite running shoes are Brooks’. I might run outside today too, it’s so nice out!

  7. I’m def a gleek—but I missed this week, so I’ll have to catch up today!

    The mizuno running shoes have really worked for me for a while. …but I did buy the Merrell Barefoot shoes, and can’t wait to test them out running (so far, they’re great for my AMT obsession!).

    Looking forward to brunch!

  8. Darren is soooo good looking!! 😀 I run in nike structures and love them. I absolutely love the new ones like you have, and hope our school gets them soon. They look a lot better than the last model!!

  9. oh you are glowing girl, love that post run sweat! And of course, I love the LOVE GROWN! happy friday!

  10. I’m a gleek as well. To top it all off, I was in show choir and a cheerleader too. Double Gleekness.

  11. i know i don’t comment a lot, but i read, and i think you’re freaking adorbs. even sweaty!!! today i indulged in chickfila nuggets! i never eat their nuggets but darn they are good! 🙂 happy friday!

  12. I saw the Nikes Frees this morning at Dick’s Sportings Goods and I want them too!! Right now I’m running in Mizunos, which I love as well!! 🙂

    Have a great night!!

  13. ARGH you look so good post run!! Bit o’ jealousy over here!! 😛

    That granola looks AMAZING!! And I just read an article about the Nike Frees in Runner’s World (the UK version) and they basically RAVED about them!! I *heart* my Saucony racing flats but would love to get some Brookes Green Silence shoes someday, and some Vibrams!! 😀

  14. I love Glee, he is sooooo hot!!! Move over Fin haha 😉 And I recently bought Bear Naked chocolate granola and it was amazing!! Had it today for breakfast, yum 😀

  15. PS! I totally added you to my brand new blogroll!!! 🙂

  16. runyogarepeat

    I tried on Nike Frees, but I went with green Saucony Kinvaras! I love them, and they are definitely helping me strike midfoot vs heel foot. I know because my calves are sore after running! Congrats on the 8 miles girl! I did 7 miles in the beautiful sun today…there was so many runners out. Made me smile!

  17. That granola looks amazing…I actually don’t eat granola a lot but almonds and chocolate are good in granola=) I have the same problem with glee boys, I totally swooned over Jonathan Groff when he was playing Rachel’s boyfriend, but he is for sure gay in real life. I love my Brooks that I got fitted for because they actually give my crazy arched foot the support I need!

  18. My faaav running sneakers are ASICS and I will never go back to any brand. LOVE THEM!

  19. I love um abs everything about this post!! I LOVE your new shoes and I LOVE that you have influenced your parents not your eating style 🙂 thats so amazeballs! And I def want to try some of that granolaaaaa!

    Oh and I got my new brooks (green silence) which help with the midfoot strike its def helping!!

    um can we go running together? okaysoundsgoodbye.

  20. Oooh, that granola sounds awesome! Gonna have to find me some stat!

  21. Tabitha

    I am not a runner but do attend Zumba 2 times a week and body toning classes 2 times a week. Then between you and a couple ladies at the gym I was encouraged to try my first spin class, WTHeck? OMGosh pain in the booty. I was told that after a few times that will not happen anymore so I am going to go back each week. I make my own granola bars with dried cherries and enjoy life chocolate chips, super yummy and chewy.

  22. I’m a total Gleek! And I love that man!

  23. granola = danger! I can’t stop my self it is oh so good! I haven’t tried Love Grown yet. I am a Nike or Puma girl. Right now I switch off between some lime green Nike Free’s and Purple Pumas!

  24. How have I never stumbled across your blog!? I absolutely love it! Just saw you on The Fitnessista. I will keep an eye on your posts 😉

  25. You are absolutely GORGEOUS! You are such a natural beauty! 😀

    My favorite Granola add-in is RAISINS! 😉


  26. love the color of those frees — so so cute!!

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