New Baby #2

Good morning bloggy boos! How are you?

Thank you for all of your favorite juicing combinations!! And for the congratulations on my first new baby of the week🙂 She has become a he, and been affectionally named Darren. Lisa, you know me too well:)

Also, I am so glad you guys are gaga for Bressert Kale Chips! There will be more variations this weekend, just you wait:)

Sorry about the absence over the last couple of days:( Being a senior can do that to ya. It’s a bit of senioritis (which the Padre understands, and responded to with, “It’s like running a marathon, sometimes you gotta take a break for a week” <—Love him) and a bit of the fact that I am hearing from a couple of my schools this weekend and the rest by April 1st.

Holy man.

I should be more nervous than I am, most likely, but I think it is good that I’m relaxed about this. What’s the point in worrying when it’s out of my hands, you know?

But anyways.

Yesterday I got a little present from the UPS guy.


Well, more like a present from myself, to myself. Awe, Katelyn, you shouldn’t have;)

We should all feel loved (especially by ourselves!) sometimes. Okay all the time, cause honeybunches you are a pile of lovebunch. To get serious for a moment, just remember that your family, friends, and bloggy boos love you times a million. If you are struggling with loving yourself, don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail🙂 That is all for the seriousness. Back to business.

I bought myself a Garmin.


Why? a. I cannot run outside without knowing how fast/far I am going, or I just get disoriented and feel super slow (way diff than a treadmill) and b. This will make my half marathon training (and future marathon training) a lot more effective. The best part is you can plan your workouts on the computer, and upload them to your watch. It beeps at every interval/pace/etc., which rocks my socks. Love you new workout buddy:)

I purchased this on Amazon last week for $127. Not a joke. So if you bought one for full price, you might as well be kicking yourself in the pants right now.

I am in love. This watch will be my fifth appendage for the rest of my life.


Any name suggestions? I am thinking this one should be Brendan after Brendan Brazier, so I can channel his inner beast.


^^Just TRY and tell me that picture doesn’ t make your brain hurt a little.

Obviously as soon as my new toy came, I had to hit the pavement. The Padre asked if I wanted to go running with him, so obvs I jumped right on that. What’s a better way to try out my new toy than to get my butt kicked by my marathoner Dad? That’s right, nothing.

So, I got my game face on..


And kicked some asphalt.

p.s. Doesn’t it look like I photoshopped myself into that picture? I’m floating basically.


Roughly five and a half miles, including approx two miles of walking because my knee began to hurt. No injuries around here people, we are all about prevention! I am not going to get an ouchy knee right when I get my brand new toy, oh no I am running in the ice and snow no matter what (by the way Mother Nature I am not happy with you, why did you take away our sunshine?!).

When I got home, I had a quick smoothie and then went to my doctor’s checkup, running clothes, Garmin, and all. I’m pretty sure they appreciated it:)

Then I came home and had some goodies. I am pretty sure my stomach is bottomless. So, I had breakfast for dinner (aka Brinner). You crave what you crave, people!


A Cookie Dough Bowl con bananas, carrots on the side. Addiction.

And some Kelp Noodles! I recently found these at Weggies, and basically peed my pants. Even our health food superstore in town doesn’t have these. I am impressed once again:) (bee tee dubs we could still use a Whole Foods or TJ’s around here!)


These are so. good. Crunchy, mild flavor (takes on the flavor of whatever you put them in), and so refreshing. A+!

I enjoyed them with some marinara and nooch, as well as on my salads. I am not going to show you pictures because it looks fugly, but isn’t fugly food the most delicious?:)

That is all for today chickadees! See you tomorrow:)

Do you have a Garmin? Any tips/name suggestions?

We should make a Garmin club and all go running togeths. Running party at my place, mmk?!

Seasoned runners: any tips for running in general and training?

Fill me in, love doves!

Favorite new food finds?

Kelp noodles:) I am always up for a new product! (as long as I can pronounce the ingredients, and there are as few as poss. No HFCS for this girl.)




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30 responses to “New Baby #2

  1. YAY. I’m glad you were able to start running again girl. That Garmin looks like the I’d be lying if I were telling you I wasn’t jealous. My only tip is start off slow-you have the rest of your life to run. Oh and have fun-that is rather important too! 🙂

  2. those kelp noodles look so yummy! Three cheers for avoiding HFCS.
    You’re gonna rock your new baby!!

  3. oh yes, my garmin is my baby too!! so addicting. I love kelp noodles, they a good crunch to them. I bathe them in peanut sauce. YUMM!

  4. Ariel

    question about the kale chips…do you have a food dehydrator? i do could I just use the oven?

  5. gooood mornin chick a dee! ahh you bought a garmin, jealous! That would be a great birthday gift, not that mine is coming up or anything 😉

  6. Breakfast for dinner is my fav!! And I love ze new garmin!! I have the garmin forerunner 110w it is mah bayybeeee. Soooo welcome to the world of garmin lovin’ I expect you to have lots of sweet runs now!!

  7. I have a Garmin Forerunner but have never taken it out of the box! 😮

    I’ve been wanting to try kelp noodles, but haven’t been able to find them. Excellent score! 🙂

  8. I love my Garmin-wouldn’t go for a run without it! Just forwarning-sometimes when you look down, if you’re out of range or rounding a corner it can drop your pace signif-so check back when you hit a straight away in open site!

  9. Emily

    Stop!!!! I just spent $10,000 on stuff to make cookie dough bowls, kale chips and your AWESOME healthy cookies. Now I’m about to fork out $127.00 for a garmin. Sheesh!

  10. Oh gosh hearing back from schools is so exciting!!!! And nice work on the Garmin deal 🙂 Such a smart shopper!

  11. movesnmunchies

    YAY! i just got a garmin two days ago and used it today too!! dude if you read the handbook there is like SO MUCH stuff you can do with it!

  12. Melissa

    Breakfast for dinner is the best! I eat it at least once a week. Which half marathon are you training for? I am running the buffalo half marathon in May! For training, start out slow, don’t run too much too soon. I have added 2 extra weeks into my training plan. Last year I ran overdid it with my training and got a stress fracture. Listen to your body (it already sounds like you are doing this), when something hurts stop or slow down. Stretch before and after your runs. Cross-train a couple times a week, this could be going on the elliptical, spinning, swimming, etc. Where do you like to run outside? I love the canal path in Roc, so scenic! Btw, I love your garmin! I will definitely be investing in one of these this spring!

  13. I need a garmin sooo bad! My watch is awful and its distance tracker is all off! Omg we are totally twins BTW….I just got those same kelp noodles from Wegmans! Trying them tonight! And I agree…Wegmans is great but having a Whole Foods in upstate NY would be beyond amazing!!!

  14. I have always wanted a garmin 🙂 jealous!

  15. My favorite new food find is a new vegetable (which I love…I want to try all the vegetables in the world) …enoki mushrooms.
    They are kind of noodly to when you steam the slightly and they are like ramen in soup ….but completely veg.


  16. I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love my Garmin.

    surriously. I don’t know what I’d do without him. and he is SO handy dandy for races!

    please just come to college in VA Beach. we can be running Garmin buddies fo lyfe. 😉

  17. Abby

    Holy steal on the Garmin! I’ve been thinking of buying one and didn’t even think of using Amazon! That’s the jam! 🙂

  18. fiercetyper

    OMG. Thank you so much for posting that link to Amazon. I’ve been wanting a Garmin 305 FOREV but wasn’t willing to pay 200 bucks plus shipping. I totes just bought one too! If I wasn’t in California I’d Garmin my butt over to your house for a running date. 🙂

  19. Yay for the Garmin.
    And good luck with the schools- where did you apply?

  20. Take care of your gorgeous self and that knee! And I saw those at the health food store the other day and had the same reaction!! I didn’t buy them because I had other plans for dinner but something tells me I’m going back today…because I also need more Zevia.

  21. You’ll totally love your new baby! It takes all the guesswork out of running outside—and good thing you got to try it out before the snow came back 🙂

  22. Molly @ Mollyrunsfresh

    Miss katelyn!! How are you? I’ve been MIA for a while just takin a break but thought I would stop by and comment when I saw your baby #2. I LOVE my Garmin! I wear it for all my distance runs and on days I do speed I wear a small basic lap-time watch. How far/often do you generally run? Would love to chat with you about running and all our bloggy interests via email and of course we have our future bloggy meetup when I’m on that side of the country 🙂 take care munchkIn

  23. Having a Garmin seriously changed my life! Enjoy it 🙂

  24. Kelp noodles sound awesome definitely need to try them!

  25. My friend and I went to best buy over the weekend and she literally bought the SAME Garmin!!! I’m so excited for her to use it… since we’re running buddies now. hehe perk!! 🙂

  26. I’m so jealous! I’m dying for a Garmin. I wish I was a seasoned runner but alas, I just wing it 😉

  27. I absolutely love breakfast for dinner! 😀 It is so much fun to mix things up! 😀


  28. That garmin looks so bad ass lol Enjoy it girl! 🙂

  29. I love my Garmin! I don’t use it on every run, but it’s great when you want to keep pace and distance. I got a great deal on mine through Amazon, too!

  30. Pingback: Oats ‘n’ Chocolate Protein Bar Recipe « Molly Runs Fresh

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