Indulgence Friday Update

Good morning bloggy boos! Happy Indulgence Friday🙂 How are you?


We could use some sunshine around here. On Wednesday it was GORGEOUSLY sunny and warm, but I had to go to a dentist’s appointment and of course by the time it was over, so was the warmth and the sunshine. Ughhh, really, Mother Nature?!

Even so, it turned out alright because I took a nap and that just made everything better:) Do you get crazy hungry after naps too? I make a beeline straight for the kitchen!

Since we could all use a little more sunshine in our lives, here are a couple of shots of (a tree) and (a sign) during my rest day walk last weekend. It was sooo gorgeously sunny! A tad chilly but the sun compensates for all chilliness, don’t you think? Smile


Don’t litter, people!

Motha Nature will thank you.


In other news, last Indulgence Friday, I indulged in some restaurant food. Restaurant food is a big deal because well, it’s kind of expensive. Just saying.

We went to a local Mediterranean restaurant, and I got some pretty ugly food. But then again, fugly food is the most delicious:)

I got the Spinach Salad (the Greek dressing was BEYOND what my taste buds could handle. recreating asap, so so so good), Vegetarian Lenchili, tea, and an unpictured plate of hummus that was shared.



Salad (halfway done):




Okay I lied, ugliest bowl of soup in the world. It semi- looks like puke but I promise you in real life it looked semi-appetizing. It was delicious though:)

That’s all for today loves! See you tomorrow:)

How are you celebrating Indulgence Friday?


Favorite soup?

Butternut Squash Soup! This soup was deeelish though:)

Have you liked Chef Katelyn on Facebook yet?!

Well you better get on that!




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19 responses to “Indulgence Friday Update

  1. I’ve never had the spinach salad there…but I know that fugly lenchili is pretty darn good!

    I was thinking the sun might come out today….but wow, just looked out the window. I hear it is supposed to rain all weekend too…but rain is better than snow!

    I will be celebrating indulgence Friday by a quick trip to the gym after work and then a whole lot of work and prepping for my smoothie workshop tomorrow!
    Already looking forward to Mon night spinning 🙂

  2. movesnmunchies

    ack sorry about the sun! our weather has been WEIRD here too.. akk i wnt that soup! im eating one right now for lunch thats isnt very good..

  3. Amy’s veggie barley is delish soup!!! I’m pretty much a huge fan of any soup as long as there are no beans in it 🙂

  4. I’m going to spend my afternoon making a devils food cake with (hopefully) some cream cheese frosting. Recipe courtesy of Eat, Live, Run. I’m pretty excited considering I’ve never made a cake without a cake mix lol.

  5. oh I love Med food:) May have to make my next trip to Rochacha there;)

  6. Indulgence Friday always means PIZZA!!!

  7. Ahh I hate when good food looks unappetizing that always happens to me!

  8. Mmmm soup sounds good today considering it’s 30 degrees when it should be at least 55.
    My favorite is veggie chili (is chili soup?)
    I am going to indulge in some banana soft serve with an entire bottle of sprinkles on top.
    And I liked your page on facey!

  9. I LOVE Amy’s black bean soup. I CRAVE it. 😉

  10. I think I’m going to have an Indulgence Saturday instead since I’m heading to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow:)

  11. Kaila @healthyhelperblog!

    I wish the sun would stop hiding too! I miss the warmth and light!

    I love Mediterranean cuisine …..lots of flavor and nutrition right there!

  12. I’m always starving after a nap!! I’m celebrating indulgence Friday with some awesome oats 😀

  13. My indulgence Friday will include sushi with my brother. I rarely eat sushi. I may hit up the bookstore too. So indulgent when you’re a nerd like I am. (:

  14. Napping makes me hungry too!

  15. That soup does kind of look like vomit, but then again, so does most of my food- and it always tastes amazing 🙂

  16. napping always makes me hungry!!!!!!! soup never usually looks to great, but it sure is good 🙂 yum!!!!!

  17. Natalie

    Hey there Katelyn! I am extremely unashamed to admit that I just spent the past two hours of my Friday night reading every single blog post of yours to date. And it was AWESOME. 😀 Um, yeah, hopefully it’s not too creepy that you kind of just became my idol, hahaha…. You remind me so much of Hungry Runner Girl Janae whom I also adore! I’m currently a high school junior, so reading about how you’re managing to survive senior year juggling difficult classes (lucky me, I get to look forward to that AP Bio next year!) and dealing with college (I’m so excited to hear where you’re going!) but still finding plenty of time for running (cross country runner here!) and eating amazingly delicious yet healthy foods…. It’s just really inspiring. Cheesy, yes, but WHO CARES! 😀

    So yeah, I figured I’d introduce myself! Howdy! I actually have a personal blog, (it’s and yes I was in middle school when I came up with that URL, haha) if you ever want to chat, hehe. 🙂

    PS. I hope you appreciate the extreme usage of smiley faces and exclamation points in this comment. 🙂

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