Love at Last Sight: Why the World Runs

Good morning chickadoodees! How are ya?

I am sleepy weepy, mainly because of the project (my Baby Book!) that caused my major lack of snoozage this weekend, but it’s totes fine because it is a-dorable. I am so excited to get it back so I can photograph it for you guys:)

Today I decided I should talk about a breakthrough I had this weekend.

So, here is my Tangent for the week:)


Like many people, I have had a “complicated” relationship with wellness. Particularly, with running.

When I first began running, it was in high school and purely for the purpose of being “skinny” like the other runners. Needless to say, I hated it. I hated how much it made me want to hurl, made my legs burn, and put me out of breath.

But, since I’ve switched to a cleaner diet, all of this has changed. Five miles is suddenly the “norm”, and it doesn’t seem that hard. I attribute my new endurance to my diet, but also to my Dad.

This weekend, I went on a run with my Dad on the canal. It was sunny, warm, and the water was sparkling. It was absolutely perfect.

I brought my new baby with me, and Padre pushed me the entire way. I told him I didn’t want to back down and walk at all, which was a big step for me. Running seven or eight miles on the treadmill is no big deal for me, but running outside is not the same thing. My body just was not ready for the outdoor runs, so when I would go with the Padre, my legs would feel stiff as tree trunks and I would have to walk a few times.

This was semi-disappointing to me, but once we got a good pace on, it became effortless. My form has changed drastically over the last few weeks, and that definitely helped. I have been following the Chi Running principles, landing on my middle/forefoot, leaning forward, and kicking my legs back. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my speed and how my joints can handle running. Patella-femural syndrome, my ASS. Ain’t got nothin’ on this girl!

We ended up doing just over seven miles, and at the end I was sprinting like it was nobody’s business. I don’t even know where the energy came from, all of a sudden my legs were propelling me so fast that the Padre was warning me not to trip:)

It felt so so good, and it was exactly what I needed. For weeks, I had been doubting myself, thinking that my knee would never get better, and that my muscles were just disagreeing with running. But, a few batches of hummus later, I finished my long run with the Padre after not running for more than a few weeks.

Brendan Stats:


In my own mind, this is not a good pace. In fact, it makes me feel kind of like a slug. But what I have to remember is after injury, it’s baby steps at a time Smile


Then on Sunday, the Baby Sister wanted to go to the gymmy gym gym, so she used the machines indoors while I basked in the sunshine and ran along the canal. It was so sunny delicious gorgeous bloggies, you would have peed.

In my mind I promised myself to wait at least a mile before I looked at my pace and when I finally did, I almost cried. I have not gone faster than a nine minute mile (outdoors, on my own) in um, ages.


After I saw that number, this hugh jass smile got plastered on my face and didn’t leave. I just soaked in the sun, the water, the grass, the fields, everything. Soon enough, my eyes were tearing up. This wasn’t the first time, but it was different.

I realized what I have been looking for this whole time. I’ve caught glimpses of it, but not until that moment did I really feel it.

I fell in love with running.

Not the legs or abs that comes with it, but the joy of propelling myself underneath the sunshine, and seeing all of the beautiful things around me. The scenery seemed to be so much more beautiful in my little sneaker-endorphine world.

I realized, that’s why the world runs. Because it gives us joy, it makes us strong, and it makes us appreciate the world and the people around us. When we hit the pavement, we are becoming closer to the Earth. I don’t care how many gadgets and gazoos you carry around when you’re running, but you’re becoming better friends with Mother Nature.

It’s a circle of appreciation that makes gives me so much joy to say that I will be running my first Half Marathon on July 23rd, 2011. A week later, I will be turning eighteen.

Here’s to a lifetime of joy 🙂



Workout Song of the Day:

Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Love. her.


  1. Have you ever had a breakthrough?

  2. Why do you run?

  3. Tell me about your relationship with running, diet, or fitness!


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43 responses to “Love at Last Sight: Why the World Runs

  1. movesnmunchies

    AMEN! i had this revelation last fall when i truly LOVED running.. it wasnt a chore anymore! ill be running a half this oct! im so excited foryou!!!

  2. I’m so glad you had a break through in running that is seriously awesome. I fell in love with it about a year ago-something just clicked. You are going to rock that Flower City Half Girl!

  3. I feel the exact same way about running. I couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂 So glad you had a breakthrough! Sadly I have an injury right now (boo) so I am working on NOT running at the moment so I can more later!

  4. What a great post, Katelyn! I know exactly how you feel—which is why I would spend my super early mornings in the summer running along that same canal path. Aside from the one time I got chased by a mad goose, it was just all about soaking in the scenery and the air and sunshine! Possibly the most natural high there is?

    It sounds like you have the right attitude and certainly will rock the half!

    • Can we please get chased by a mad goose…..hahaha that sounds like the best running story ever. It really is:) I can’t wait for the sun to come back!

  5. Seriously, this post is amazing. You’re so right about why the world runs – it goes so much deeper than outward looks or even the runner’s high. That’s why running outdoors is so much more enjoyable than running on a treadmill – you just can’t beat getting closer to mother nature!! You’re awesome! 🙂

  6. Great job!!! And Congrats on signing up for the race. You go girl!

  7. Yay for your running breakthrough! I’m not a runner but I have the same feeling when I’m weight lifting. For me it’s all about breaking PR’s and getting stronger. When I surpass a previous record I feel like this is what I’m meant to be doing for my body 😀

  8. ahh I love running but I need to do it more, I feel like working out has to be enjoyable or youll never stick with it!

  9. I love this post! The reason I run is for the feeling of accomplishment I get when I’m done 🙂 I would love to run with my dad. That’s so cool that your dad is a runner!

  10. YES. when it happened, did it remind you of my big running breakthrough post I did the other week? 🙂 I’m so happy for you that you got it too. And I can’t wait for us to run on the beach with our respective garmins and hugh jass smiles. 😉

    …and our “I remembered my sports bra” shirts.

  11. When I finished a 10k last weekend, I got such a rush, I was SO happy I’ve started running more! I still have to force myself to do it sometimes, but when I run with my running buddy, it makes it MUCH easier!!!

  12. AMEN SISTER!!!! This post made me tear up because it completely encompasses my love of running and it made me think of how much I’ve been missing it since I’ve been injured. I can’t wait to get back out there in nature, under the sun, running to my hearts content! Thanks for this beautiful post!

  13. This is beyond sweet. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful breakthrough. What a treat 🙂 I’ve had a pretty up and down relationship with running but ultimately I really do like it. I do a lot of my running on the treadmill but I’m hoping to incorporate a lot more outdoor running once the weather is nice enough. What I really need though are some nice routes. I avoid the outdoor running because there aren’t that many nice places nearby to run. I’d rather not run on main roads! But outside is so much lovelier than staring at a wall, that’s for sure! I run to feel healthy, alive, accomplished, to reduce stress, to think, to have me time, to feel sane. SO many good reasons to run. It just does so much for us, doesn’t it. That’s so awesome that you’re able to run again. Keep on flying!

    • Me too, where’s the damn sunshine?! And saaaame I hate the cars so so much. I much prefer the canal, but I have to drive to get there! Thanks for the support love:)

  14. I love this! Very inspiring. You know I fell in love with running last year and I haven’t looked back. I’m so excited for you to run a half marathon in July – I know it will be a great experience for you!

  15. This is so awesome congrats girl!! My breakthrough from runner to burn calories to running for running came when I had to take two weeks off because of an injury. I could still workout so I was still burning calories but I actually missed running! I run because NOTHING gives me the feeling that I get during the last mile of a run. Knowing that the whole time I thought I wasn’t going to finish and that I’ve accomplished something really special, I love love love it.
    When is your birthday girlie?? It has to be SUPER close to mine, I would be so excited if we were birthday twins!!

  16. runyogarepeat

    Congrats on signing up for the half! I loved reading this post because I am so in love with running, and reading about it even makes me happy. Your emotion for it is awesome! I feel this way when I run outside too, it just makes me feel so alive.

  17. Beautiful post! When I stopped running to lose weight and started running with a goal in mind (half marathon on April 16th!) I started to love the feeling of running!

  18. jake

    you so skinny tho girl, and I read that you used to have an eating disorder… so why on earth were you running to keep weight off? You said you did that in high school, but aren’t you still in high school- lolz? I’m glad you got over that and now are running for the pure love of it!

  19. Fantastic post. (: I loved it. That’s exactly how I am with running.
    I haven’t been reading your blog for that long to know about your injury, but what happened and how long did it take you to recover?

  20. Lettuce Choose Healthy

    you are SO fast! I hear ya coming back from injury .. I had to take 4 months off bc of surgery .. Im reallllly a slug .. i would love to run 9:30 min miles right now!

  21. Okay, I love you for a zillion reasons right now.

    1. My birthday is July 23rd.
    2. One week later is my anniversary
    3. That means I’ll celebrate all your milestones with you.
    4. I love that you love running.

  22. omg, I have been getting the itch to get back into running lately, since I’ve been slacking since November. It’s just so hard for me to get the motivation to actually get out there and do it! I work all the time and can’t find the energy most days. How do you do it with everything you’ve got going on??

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