How To: Fit in Fitness

Good morning bloggy boos!! How are you?

I am in such a good mood because today I am pigging out with Lisa and then TOMORROW I will be at my (surprise!) college for accepted students day:) And meeting all of my new girls. So so excited.

I am starting you off with an “inspirational” Jillian Michaels quote. If you are as obsessed with BL as I am, holla @ me.

“I’m gonna burst a blood vessel in my eyeball…I’m going to burst a blood vessel in my eyeball because of YOU.”

– (the great) Jillian Michaels


Don’t make Jillian mad. Get yo burn on, people!

Oh and to clear it up, I am not at the beach🙂 Hahaha it was a picture my grandma sent me to make me jealous. Well it worked.

Recently a few readers have asked how I keep an active lifestyle while balancing my life as a student. So I figured, what’s a better topic when I’ll be going to college in the fall?! (any guesses as to where that is?! I may..or may not…tell you if you’re rightSmile)

Read on for my secret stash of how to stay sane (and hot) in times of overload.

Here we go!


How to Fit in Fitness:

  1. Don’t try to find time, make time. This works like a charm. When you’re looking for room in your day, you’re not gonna find it. Guaranteed. So, decide when you’re going to work out and commit to it. For example, I plan my workouts ahead of time and decide when and for how long I am going to do them. Working out right after school is perf most of the time, so I do that, come home, then eat dinner and do my work! Easy as pie, and endorphinified:) Other days of the week, I meet up with friends to go to spinning, kettlebells, BodyPump, or just to ride the machines for a bit!
  2. Plan ahead. Get your work done ahead of time, or know when you are going to complete it. That way, when you’re blissfully sweating away, you won’t be having a heart attack over the stack of paper waiting for you on your desk:)
    ^^ Danggg son that kid’s got his work cut out for him
  3. Eat well. Not only does this mean eat nutritiously, but prep your eats ahead of time so that when you’re a starvin marvin, you have some food on hand to tame your hungry beast. For example, smoothie ingredients (protein powder!) are great, and pre-made grains, beans, and pre-sliced veggies are perfect. Oh, and cookie dough bowls.
  4. Get some sleep! Self-explanatory. Get your sleep, and you’ll have more energy and time to get your workout in.
    ^^ Don’t be That Guy.
  5. Get creative. Run outside, do a BodyRock workout, a fitness or yoga/pilates DVD, whatever floats your boat:) Go to yoga if you’re feeling sassy!BodyRock eats insanity for breakfast.


So there you have it! Get creative with your workouts, no excuses:)

See you tomorrow from my new COLLEGE! And with my new best friend roomie🙂

Edit: I am so so obsessed. Slash in love.

How do you fit exercise into your everyday life?

Favorite workouts in a pinch?




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52 responses to “How To: Fit in Fitness

  1. Great tips—once working out becomes a necessary staple in the day…those things get easier too!

    I love our gym—it makes me want to spend time there. That always helps!

  2. movesnmunchies

    WOAh you are already going to college?!? im so confused!! doesnt it start next fall?!? anywho. GREAt tips.. i 100% agree!!! esp with making time and planning ahead!

  3. applesnoats

    awesome stuff!!!!im definitely gonna need these when I head to college in July!!

  4. Great tips! I love seeing high schoolers active even when they’re not playing organized sports in school. I didn’t start working out regularlyuntil I was a sophomore in college. In high school, I always did sports, so I was active, but I never did it for my own health! <3you!

  5. Great post! Working out helps SO MUCH in college. After sitting through 6 hours of lectures, you need to get up and move around or you’ll go insane.
    P.S. I’m glad you are back to regular posting! I love your blog 🙂

  6. Hela

    hahaha, did u notice the dog jumping around to catch the ball in the video? too funny 😀
    I agree, too, the key is to make time for your workout ahead and planning other things around it. I always try to think of my workouts as appointments themselves, this way, I won´t want to miss them 😉

  7. Great tips and ideas!!! I love working out in the morning, It is when I have the most drive and I like getting it done in the morning so I 1. dont end up putting it off or 2. have to think about it all day!

    I love planning my meals around the gym too, I usually have a pre breakfast before I go and than when I come home have real breakfast! Something to look forward too 😉

  8. great tips:) So many people look at it like a chore-I look at it like a lifestyle:) Have fun today w/Lisa and what a big day tomorrow-woohhoo

  9. I’m like you when it comes to working out…I have to make time! If I don’t just stop whatever I’m doing and get it done, it won’t happen! I have had to be really creative lately with workout because I’n injured but I can’t wait to get back to me normal routine! Just a quick question: I have wanted to try the body rock workouts for a while now but I don’t have any of the equipment…to do the workouts did you buy the equipment or do you just kind of use stuff u have a round the house?

  10. Jillian Michaels’ Shred DVD is pretty perfect for exercising when you don’t have enough time! I do want to check out Bodyrock tho

  11. Tabitha

    I joined the Y in Jan because they offer programs for everyone in my family: 2 adults, a teen, 7yrold, 2yr old and 11mth old. Me and my two young ones go every morning. Mon and Fri I Zumba, Tues cycle cut, wed strength mix, thurs body flex. If I can make time to workout with 4 kiddos then anyone can do it. I also changed our eating diet in Dec to GFCF/soyF and I am now adding more and more raw to it as well. I just love raw food 🙂 I feel better have more energy and make a better mom and wife when my body is in tune: mind, body, spirit 🙂 Happy Day

  12. I agree with the making time for it one. I also really agree with planning out all of your workouts the day before, especially since classes vary on different days. Working out in college is so important, I dunno why so many people skip out on it!

  13. Abby

    I get up early every morning and go before class or my clinical. For April my goal has also been to add abs every day so I do that when I get home from school.

  14. runyogarepeat

    Great tips, and they definitely work for college too! I always make time for exercise, especially when I have lots of exams and am super busy – it keeps me sane. What works best for me is packing clothes to go to the gym right after class. I literally sit in class ready to leave to get to my fav spinning class!

  15. great tips I totally agree you cant find time you have to make time!

  16. I love JM and BL — and I totally loved when she said that quote after they won the challenge!! haha

    Great tips girl – making exercise and health a priority is the only way to go! 🙂

  17. hahahah I love that inspirational quote 😉

    And you’re so right about MAKING Time instead of finding time!

  18. Nike Training Club works me out in a pinch fa SHO!

    and I’m so excited to hear where you’re going. EEEP!

    I’m the same way. I don’t find time. I MAKE time. I plan my life around my workouts. That way, I don’t have the “no time” excuse.

  19. Ahh! I LOVE that What the Hell song AND I’m absolutely positively obsessed with Jillian. Have fun visiting your new school! How exciting!!

  20. yes yes, all of the above. I find that good food and good sleep do wonders for my 5am motivation! amen to that!

  21. Awesome post! I was one of the people asking about this, so thank you! I used to be solo into running, but dropped off when my schedule got crazier. Im realizing that I need to just schedule my workouts in instead of just hoping it happens. Thanks girl!

  22. I am not a morning person at ALL so it never even occured to me to work out in the morning. But the problem was is that after work I am so tired/bloated from sitting all day/unmotivated that I was only going maybe a couple times a week. One day out of nowhere I decided to try to go before work, (ie waking up at 5am, omg GROSS,) and it has been actually working for me since February! I now make it to the gym at least 5, if not 6, times a week. Every single day it’s a struggle to get out of my warm bed because like I said, NOT a morning person, but I have found that I have a ton more energy during the day, and a lot less time to talk myself out of going. If I can do it in the morning, anyone can, I promise.

    • ME TOO! In college I am going to try to get classes that are later in the morning so I can do all of my workouts first thing – I am such a morning person though, I just need to have time! haha

  23. Hi Katelyn! I just found your blog and I LOVE it! I’m so adding you to my Google reader! 🙂
    So fun reading about your college excitement! I’m a senior too and am also going to be a college freshman in the fall! So excited!
    When I don’t really have time for exercise, I love to bike while doing my reading for English class. It makes the time fly by. Yay for multitasking!


  24. moveovercelery

    I aspire to be like Jillian! Who doesn’t??
    I make time by working out first thing in the morning. It’s out of my way and I don’t have to think about making it to the gym that afternoon!
    Have fun at your college orientation! 🙂

  25. What an amazing post! I love that you said MAKE THE TIME! 😀

  26. Love these tips. I hate when people claim that they don’t have time to exercise, I think you need to make time for the important things in your life. If I really want it then I’m doing it and I never miss a work out 😀

    Have fun tomorrow girl 😀 Can’t wait to know your university of choice

  27. Great post and I love Jillian Michaels.
    I view working out as a ‘have to’ and it jut became a part of my day so I don’t ever view it as a chore. It’s my time of the day where I can think about anything I want.

  28. I used to put exercise at the bottom of my to-do list, but now it’s at the top. I get grumpy if I don’t work out, so ensuring that I fit it into my day makes all the difference 🙂

  29. I wish I was half as healthy and mature as you when I was a senior in high school! You are going to have a blast in college, dear!

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