Such a Tease.

Good after(noon) bloggy boos!! How are ya?!

Sorry about being MIA yesterday, my Friday (at COLLEGE) involved very little sleep. But needless to say, I had a bangin’ time. It is almost time to tell you where I am going to school next year :))

I know I know, I am SUCH a tease. Okay enough of that. Are you ready?

Dun dun dun..





I have never been so ready to graduate from high school in my entire life. Imagine going to your future school, meeting your future best friends, and then going home the next day to return to halls filled with freshmen and, well, children.

I am sure we’ve all been there, so help a sista out and join with me in the countdown until graduation on June 23rd, 2011.

The countdown starts now.

73 days, 19 hours, 17 minutes, 24 seconds.

To simplify that, let’s just call it 73 days.

…That’s a lot of days. Le sigh.

So let’s get to the pictures from my day at ‘Cuse, shall we?

It began with meeting my roomie and sprinting to each other. This girl is my sister from another mister, we might actually be separated at birth. But more on that later.

The presentation began with the drumming band (for all of the huge ‘Cuse games) coming in and bangin it out for a good ten minutes. It was awesome. I got chills!


After that, they showed us a movie made by Newhouse students all about students getting their acceptance letters and going around the world to students packing up to leave for home, and why Cuse is such a great school. I almost cried. So I think it’s easy to say that they did a REALLY good job!

I had a hard time trying to figure out how anyone would be able to say no after all of that biznazz. Seriously, if I had to pick any college to date, it would be Cuse. They wooed me, not going to lie.

Then, we were split up into our respective colleges until lunch.

Lunch was had in the Carrier Dome, and they put our names up on the scoreboard (WHAT WHAT).


But, the food semi-sucked. Think iceberg salad, veggie burgers, pulled chicken, and white buns. I got an iceberg salad (blugh) and the black bean and corn salad.


^^ DOME.

Let’s just say the hot pepper was the best part of my meal.


Please ignore how tired I look. That pepper was SPICY, it cleared out my system like no otha.

The dome again:


You can imagine how college boys would make tons of jokes out of my consistent use of the word “dome”…

Anywho, a picture with some of the girls!


Me, Jenna, Nicole, Sarah?, and Brittany (roomie!).

The rest of the day was spent looking at res halls, eating, shopping for ‘cuse gear (I bought out the store, prepare to be amazed), and taking pictures with my roomie!


Isn’t she gorg?! Ignore my awful hair that is what happens when it is windy and cold.

That’s all for now loves, it’s time for me to hit the pavement with the Padre! See you tomorrow:)

Tell me your alma mater!

College stories. GO!

Any college advice for CK?




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42 responses to “Such a Tease.

  1. AHh congratulations!!!! Such a great school 🙂

  2. Congrats!!! You are going to love your college time! I went to the University of Miami all 4 years but I didn’t live on campus so I didn’t exactly get the full college experience. Some times I do wish I had gone away from home so that I could appreciate everything college was about. Good luck girl 😀

  3. Ahhh congratulations girl, that’s awesome!! I had an inkling from your Tweets. My advice? ENJOY these last few months of high school, seriously. I wanted nothing more than to graduate, and felt so trapped during senior spring. Looking back on it, I wish I’d taken more time to enjoy my friends, high school, and family. It will be here before you know it, but the time will pass even faster if you’re having fun and living life to the fullest, instead of concentrating on what’s ahead!!

    College advice? Never be “THAT girl”….you know, the one who’s always drunk and passed out in the hallway of the dorm?? Haha, I really don’t think you would be, though 😉 Congrats again!!

  4. CONGRATS girl! 🙂

    You both are gorgeous! It looks like you had an awesome weeknd!
    Advice? Take advantage of all the possible opportunities that are open to you because you are only young once 🙂 My brother is graudating from high school this year as well and he is so excited and cant wait to finish, I told him to savour the last few months ! You will be done in no time girl!

  5. I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with my BscN! I think it’s the most beautiful university – all of the buildings look like castles. They would even make a skating rink outside every winter, right in the middle of the uni! It was like some kind of prairie wonderland.

    One good college story I have in my mind is after my roomie and I returned to campus from a pub crawl. We were walking mindlessly through campus when we saw the strangest thing: A gorilla! We followed him around as he shuffled through campus, moving just like gorillas do! I ended up catching up to it (did I mention I am stupid/courageous?) and said hello. When he looked at me I realized it was a person in a gorilla costume! It was so hilarious and realistic that we spent the night having him chase us through the dorms, so they would be caught on video camera and freak out the RAs! We all went out for ice cream afterwards.

    Advice: If you are living in a dorm, get a mini-fridge. Cafeteria food is generally not very good.

  6. Congratulations! Great school.

  7. Congrats! My journalism teacher in high school went to Syracuse. He always raved about it! My advice is, enjoy the last few weeks of high school, and the summer before college. Once you get to college, it goes by so fast. You’ll never get that time back to just “be a kid.” It sounds cheesy, but I wish someone would’ve told me (okay, so they did, I just didn’t listen 🙂 ). I began school at Purdue University, but I transferred, and will be graduating from Indiana University.

  8. Oh my goodness. You just made me a zillion times more excited for college!! And I totally hear ya about being SO READY to graduate. Ours is June 2nd! And I’m going to the University of Michigan in the fall!!
    Congrats on making your college decision!


  9. Congrats!!! That looks like so much fun!

  10. So exciting congrats!!!!

  11. OMGEEZ.


  12. Kaila @healthyhelperblog!

    That is soooo amazing! Syracuse is an awesome school! Very prestigious I might add….lol! There are a few seniors from my school going there next year too….you are gonna enjoy it so much!

  13. congrats katelyn!!! I am right there with ya on being SO ready to graduate. We are almost there, wooohooo!!!

  14. YAYAY! Congrats, pretty girl! That’s such amazing news 🙂 I went to a small school in Southern VA – Longwood University. Think college boys make fun of the “dome”?? Try going to Longwood and living in the Cox residence hall haha!

  15. movesnmunchies

    AHHHH im so excited !i wnt to go to college- but i have one more year.. UGH.. you are going to have a bangin’ time!! you betta still be bloggin!

  16. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Girl- you are freaking kidding me. I LIVE IN SYRACUSE!!! I HAVE A TON OF FRIENDS THAT GO THERE!!!!!!!! You will love it. I love cuse and would have totally gone there if it wasnt a butt load of money. I’m still contemplating grad school there!! Wow im so excited for you 🙂 BTW I think you will love pita pit! Annnnd they have mad good vegan restaurants dt !!

  18. oh yea!!!! congrats! I am so excited for you to venture into this part of life.

  19. There is no place to begin with the college stories! It will be some of the greatest times of your life. Live it up. Have no regrets, because even if you do stupid things you can look back and laugh and say “I was just a dumb college kid, who cares?” I’m so excited for you! I spent 4 years at Washington State University. Trust me, it goes by way too fast.

  20. congratulations, katelyn! can’t wait to follow your collegiate adventures. don’t worry, the remaining high school days will fly by. but so will the four college years so cherish it!

  21. Congrats Sweetie! What an exciting time in your life 🙂 Cherish each and every moment of it!!! xoxo

  22. Vanessa

    Congrats!! I’m so happy for you! I cried when I got my acceptance letter. I went to a private Christian Baptist College (Carson Newman) in TN. I love it and wish I was still there. I ran xc for them too!! My fav memory ever would be when we made it to ?ationals and it was @ Hollywood California! My advice is to enjoy every day(as well as your last hs days) cause it flies bye. It is really the time of your life no matter how stressful or hard it may be. Can’t wait to hear all of your new adventures! I think you should do a post on my Syracuse. I’d love to know why!

  23. moveovercelery

    Oh my giddy goodness! CONGRATS! How exciting!!! You’re gonna love every bit of it! 73 days may seem like a long time but it’ll fly by so fast!
    ahhhhhhhh I’m so excited for you! Now IM excited for college and I still have one more year!
    and say girl, what’s your major? any plans? ideas? fill a sista in!

  24. runyogarepeat

    Congrats!!!! Sounds so fun meeting your future roomie and going to your new school. Two of my friends went there/are still there, and they love it. I went to an awesome bball game (nova vs cuse) there last year! I’m so excited for you, freshman year is filled with so many memories, new things, and new friends. College advice: Be friendly to everyone, get involved, and just love life!

  25. Looks like you had a great time…and sounds like you’ve made the perfect choice of where to go to college!

    What a great opportunity to spend some time there and meet your roommate. The countdown has begun!

  26. You are so cute! You’re going to have an amazing college experience, I’m so excited for you!!

  27. oatsandspice

    YAYYYYY! Congrats on Syracuse – I know you made the right decision 🙂 Do you know what dorms you will be living in! Feel free to email me again with ANYYY questions 🙂

  28. littlehealthjunkie

    Oh my gooosh! oh my goodness, oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so exciting that you got to experience a taste of college life and you’ll be graduating on the 23rd…thats almost a month after our graduation! But seriously so cool, you look super cute with all your new college friends:) Glad you had fun!

  29. applesnoats

    AWWWWWW yay this is so exciting!!!!!Congrats girl your gonn ahave so much fun and don’t worry it’ll be there before you know it!

  30. That’s so exciting! My friend goes to grad school there 🙂

  31. Yay!!!! Congrats girl – I’m counting down with ya! 🙂

  32. congrats! I went to Johns Hopkins. My advice for college is to have a lot of fun, but make sure you make time for studying, healthy eating, and exercise. Luckily, we all know you’ll be doing that 🙂

  33. What a fun time!!!

    Congrats girl! 🙂


  35. I went to Syracuse my freshman year. I highly highly recommend joining clubs! It can be very cold and if you don’t know anyone or have places to go it can get lonely. So join any club that might sound interesting!!

    Just enjoy it! Relax when you are there. Its okay if you don’t know what you want to do with the rest of your life…Take classes that might interest you your freshman and sophomore years…that way you don’t have to change your major senior year!

    Study Abroad…but during the summer! That way you don’t miss a semester at college.

    Also, ENJOY the last couple months of high school! I promise you that you will miss it when you aren’t there! Make sure you do everything…prom, football games, hang out with all your friends! Those memories will last a lifetime.

    Good Luck at Syracuse! Let me know if you have any questions!

  36. How EXCITING! You’re going to have a blast in college =]

  37. Mandi Hicks

    Congrats!! I graduated from the Newhouse school at Syracuse and had an AMAZING experience! You are going to love it! You are from upstate NY and so you already know how the weather can be…which is a huge advantage. Good luck to you! Let me know if you have any questions! GO ORANGE!! 🙂

  38. Congrats girl! I live really close to Syracuse! I go to St. John’s University in NYC now and during the big east basketball tournament I was wearing red but I think I’ll always be an orange girl at heart. 🙂 My mom got her masters in education from SU and I took two english courses and a science course through their project advance program in high school.

    Anyway, there is a vegan cafe called Strong Hearts on East Genesee Street with amazing milkshakes, salads, sandwiches, breakfast-y foods, baked goods, and pizza on fridays! I definitely recommend it! (

    Have an amazing rest of senior year!

  39. funkyryan

    Congratulations! I went to Westmont, which is a small college in Santa Barbara, California.

    Advice? Take a breath, here goes!
    1/College is HARD. Effin hard. Take advantage of tutors, Writing Centers, professor’s office hours. Be your own advocate & get the help you need so that you can be successful.
    2/You’ll come home at Christmas break and want to stay home. DON’T. Go back.
    3/College is FUN. Take advantage of the opportunities Syracuse offers, whether it be a symphony night or a semester abroad.


  40. I went to a few colleges – there may have been some transferring and some illness. But I consider my alma mater to be NYU because I was there the longest and have the best memories there. I also experienced fabulous internships at Scholastic magazine and Rolling Stone magazine and Mercury records. Yes, I got to xerox copies of Mighty Mighty Bosstones reviews for days on end and it was cool.
    College is all about YOU. Right now your blog is probably the most YOU time you get, but in college you can use every minute as a way to be introspective or try new things or meet new people. Remember that YOU are a part of a greater whole, and use that power for good. Groups of friends can run 5ks to benefit charities, or put on staged readings of Vagina Monologues to help abused women, or sign petitions.
    Also remember, some people will try anything to find themselves, even if they know deep down what they are doing could be bad BAD bad. Avoid those people. A tiny bit of drugs in your clean, petite body would go a LONG way.
    And if you are insanely lucky, you just might meet your partner for life during your college years. Like me 🙂 !!

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