Thanks, NYS-DMV.

Thanks, NYS-DMV. You SUCK.

Actually though. I didn’t even get to TAKE my road test. Why? Because they are all jerkasaurus Rex’s and told me I didn’t have all of my forms.

Okay, so technically that is my fault.

BUT, wouldn’t you think that a certificate of completion of Driver’s Ed is more than enough proof to prove that I’ve driven more than five hours in my lifetime?

You would, but it isn’t. I need to go allll the way to get a ten millionth form, and now I have to wait a whole two months to take my driver’s test. Awesomesauce.

Yes I know I am going on an angry rant, but this is my blog and I’ll rant if I want to.

So, this afternoon will be spent kicking the nonexistant ass of the pavement of Upstate New York and possibly racing you to Florida. No, I’m not kidding. This is how people learn to take out their rage in a healthy fashion, na’mean?

If you need some motivation for running today, click here. Because you know I’ll be reading that quote ten thousand times today and then kicking it into full gear, road-runner style. Just in Tempos.

So if you live nearby and will most likely be running into me, make sure you have fresh-baked cookies on hand and can cheer me up. Because I’m a grumplestiltskin at the moment, and I am not afraid to admit it.

What frustrated you today? Be honest. We all get pissed off now and again!

The DMV.

Cheer me up Smile

Pwease ❤

What are you having for lunch today?

….I’m hungry. Time for lunchypoo! Salad + quinoa-hummus-raisin-balsamic bowl whatwhaaaat




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19 responses to “Thanks, NYS-DMV.

  1. Ooh my god, I would have been so angry!!! I hope you get some fresh baked goods to cheer you up 🙂 and two months isnt that long 😉 More time to practice, you will be a PRO by than hahaha.


    When I went to get my official license, I had all my forms, passport, birth cert., etc., and they told me my passport wasn’t enough of a proof of address.

    SO I moseyed back home to grab a typed up envelope addressed to me from my future college. Name, address, check.

    That wasn’t good enough because there was no “first class mail” stamped on it.

    Cause, ya know, I most def lie about where I live on my passport AND on my mail.

    The third time, I brought back about 12 envelopes from old mail, gave the lady the stink eye, and told her to gimme my license.

    I may have been a little less socially unacceptable than that, but that’s the way I choose to remember it.

    CHEER UP, girlfriend. Everything happens for a reason. God just donesn’t want you on the roads just yet. 😉 Heh. LOOOVE ya!

  3. Abby

    Ahh! How frustrating! Hope your day gets better—and QUICK!

    Off to Body Pump then I am going to make a big salad for lunch! I’m going to try and make a homemade cherry balsamic dressing because that just sounds tasty today! 🙂

  4. oh I loathe the DMV! All those papers are ridiculous! Glad you could vent, I totally would too!
    My rant today….our disposal is busted and the maintenance people have yet to come fix it. Bugger.

  5. I hate the DMV for real. I will never understand it and the annoyance it creates. Every single time. I wait forever seriously in the one in VA in the hood with scary baby mammas.

    Um anyways-todays annoyance of the day was that my housemate has “forgotten” to clean her dishes the last week. UM ew grime girl.

  6. That is frustrating…the DMV sucks!
    And I think we should run into each other someday, we’re so close!

  7. Ugh 😦 That’s sucko. If it makes you feel any better, I’m also 18/a senior in HS and I don’t have a license yet. In fact, my permit actually expired on my 18th birthday (back in January) and I haven’t gotten it renewed yet so I can’t drive at all until I do.

    I actually made your carrot cake quinoa for lunch! 🙂 It was yummy! With some greek yogurt, cucumber slices, and pb on toast!


  8. Kaila @healthyhelperblog!

    Awwww Katelyn! I’m soooo sorry about that bull sh*t! The DMV SUCKS! Just getting my permit took 4 hours at my local one! Ugh they are so frustrating!

  9. Gahh, the DMV is the worst place ever!!!!! Rant away girl – you’ll forget all about it after you hit the pavement!! 🙂

  10. Annoying dealing with the DMV is never easy!

  11. movesnmunchies

    THATS BALLS!!! the fact that my run was poop this morning frustrated me!! oh you shall see what i had for lunch on tmrws post 😀

  12. Sorry I’m not around. I totally would have made cookies for you. Totally. 🙂

  13. SO effing annoying! Dane Cook said it best: The DMV is Satan’s asshole. Seriously.

  14. runyogarepeat

    Ugh, so annoying girl! That is so frustrating. Watch some FRIENDS, watching re-runs of FRIENDS or another funny show would definitely cheer me up!

  15. What a pain in the ass! Sorry to hear 😦 2 months will be here before you know it!

  16. applesnoats

    ohh run all the way to florida and meet me:)

  17. What DMV doesn’t suck!? 🙂 I swear, I literally dread the days when I have to go to that hell whole – because like you’ve experienced, I’m usually always missing a form or two because they seem to change the rules every couple of months! Errr… !!

  18. ahh honey i’m so sorry 😦 yeah i couldn’t take mine the first time becauase my brake light went out on the drive over. so, so lame 😦

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