Kara Goucher + Why Syracuse?

Good afternoon bloggy boos!! How are you?

I am happy because my belly is full (of orange-extracted Bancake) and my muscles are wobbly woo. Gotta love running.

Thank you so much for all of your support on my announcement about my first Half Marathon!! I hope to see all of you Rochestarians out there with billboards and t-shirts:)

Just kidding. But not really.

So, in my obsession with running, I have subscribed to Runner’s World (with KARA on the cover – how she had a baby seven months ago and is still hot, I have no idea):


And bought her book.


And read most of it. NBD.

When I haven’t run yet, I’m dreaming of the workout I want to do. Like actually, it’s like having a new boyfriend and wanting to spend every second of the world with them. I absolutely love running, I am head-over-heels crazy in love and right now my sneakers are calling my name but I have to wait until this Bancake is digested.

How come I can’t just eat all the time and be able to eat more and more without ever getting a tummy ache?

So after my long run on Sunday, I took Monday off (long walks with the pooch) and yesterday was spent on a 5-miler. I basically got my ass handed to me. It was fun, and I was proud of myself for being able to do 5 in 45!


Five miles in 44 minutes, 45 seconds. Average pace of 8:56! And that is WITH all of the stoplights. I gave myself a pat on the back for that one. Then I stretched and worked my abs, which I am so proud of. They are becoming more sculpted every day:)


A few of you requested a post on why I chose Syracuse University. To be honest, there isn’t any earth-shattering answer to that question, but I will do my best to explain the reasoning inside my little head:)

Why I chose Syracuse University:

  1. I’m a very outgoing person. Kind of crazy, to be honest. So when I went to visit Syracuse the first time (back in November) I really didn’t think it was the right place for me because of the campus. However, when I met many of the students,  I realized that they are as cray cray as I am, so instead of me feeling like I’m in their faces all the time we kind of bounce our craziness of of each other:)
  2. Syracuse has the programs I want. I plan to double major in Nutrition Sciences and Public Health, and no other school (that I know of) has strong programs in both.
  3. Syracuse was not my first choice. I had my heart set on going to school in D.C. or at the University of Rochester, but I realized that neither of these places were right for me. They are great schools, but when I felt the environment and relationships among students, it was not where I wanted to be. I have kind of a screwed up mind…when it comes to thinking with my brain, I go with my heart. Those schools were good “thinking brain” schools…great academics, reputation, connections, etc. BUT when it came down to it, I would not be happy at either of those places because I felt like I had to act differently around those people. I am not perfect, and I do NOT have perfect self-image. So when it comes to being myself, it’s really hard unless I am around other people that accept my craziness. Otherwise I just feel like a nutball.
  4. Location. Syracuse is not too far from home, so I can come home for a long weekend and get free food/free laundry:)
  5. Size. Syracuse is not too big, and not too small. At first I was all about the smaller schools, but Syracuse is perfect because it is not a CITY, but I can meet new people all the time yet still keep relationships with the people I have met and care about. Plus, the college I am in and the majors I am in have smaller, tight-knit communities, so I get the best of both worlds.
  6. School spirit. It is no secret that Syracuse has a killer basketball team. If you have ever heard of Syracuse, you know that the students and faculty are all about GO ORANGE! and so are most of the people in the state of New York. I am a huge rah-rah school spirit, cheer-on-the-team kind of girl, so it is a perfect place for me to show some enthusiasm:)
  7. 50/50. As I said before, my brain thinks in strange ways. To me, Syracuse feels to be passionate in every realm of the students’ lives. The students are passionate and care to no end about their passions/academics, but they care equally about forming strong, important relationships with other people. THAT is the kind of community I will thrive in. The other schools seemed to be about 80 academic / 20 social. That’s a bit too much time in the books, if you ask me. (and that is coming from an overachiever too – hello five AP exams this year!)

That’s all for today loves! See you tomorrow:)

Anything exciting happening today?!

Imeannnn if running and studying for AP’s is exciting:)

What did you have for breakfast today?

An orange-kissed Bancake!

What is your Wednesday workout?

400 meter sprints at the track, and then weights and abs. Killller



p.s. There are some big changes coming to the bloggy soon – any guesses? Smile


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25 responses to “Kara Goucher + Why Syracuse?

  1. funkyryan

    I think your reasons for Syracuse are great! I chose Westmont because I walked onto campus and it felt like coming home.

    Best of luck on your AP exams. Do you know if Syracuse will give you credit for your score?

  2. I LOVE Kara Goucher!! She is SO inspirational!! I love Paula Radcliffe more though, and have her book, but I can’t WAIT until Kara’s is available in the UK! 😀

    Your Bancake sounds amaze!! And I LOVE track 400’s- so much fun!! 800’s are real killers though! 😛 My Wednesday workout was spin+weights- fun! 😀

  3. I want to get her book so badly. I think I will now.

  4. Molly @ Mollyrunsfresh

    I ❤ Kara goucher! And I'm so glad you have fallen in love with running. I'm seriously going to ask my parents to let me run a 1/2 marathon up north this summer. We could run together!

  5. applesnoats

    I’m so with you in the craziness part!!I’m really out going when I’m around people that are crazy like me but otherwise I tend to be a bit shy!
    Ps-yay for your running bf love!

  6. I know exactly what you mean by feeling out the schools you visit- it’s funny how we view schools differently based on who we are. (although I still kinda wish you were coming to UR!)

  7. Good luck at Syracuse! Enjoy college, I miss it so much!

  8. movesnmunchies

    OH YES! running is LOVe- so happy you are loving it!! and bancakes 😀 :D… great reasons for Syracuse… i never knew they were the only one with that double major- wow!

  9. Kaila @healthyhelperblog!

    Love Kara Goucher (and not only because my mom has the same name lol!!!). I have missed running so much and I can’t wait to get back into once my knee is 100% healed!

    Today I went to see Source Code (HELLO Jake Gyllenhaal!) and am gonna do my first WIAW post later! Excitement!

  10. My Wednesday Workout was a 2.5 mile run with my bf around the park by our house. For breakfast, I’m currently sipping on a green/protein smoothie with orange, mango, chard, protein powder and hemp seeds. Kind of a strange combo. Definitely time to go shopping! 😉

  11. Have fun at Syracuse, you are going to love college!! And my Wed workout is upper body weight training: Bench press, arnold presses, and push ups. I’m so sore!

  12. Those are all GREAT reasons to attend a university! You are going to love the PubH/nutrition combo!!

  13. runyogarepeat

    Love Kara! I love your attitude about choosing a school. Academics is great, but you need a place where you can act like yourself and get crazyyy too! Nutrition + Public Health double major sounds awesome.

  14. Sounds like you’ve made the absolute best choice for college—and from what you’ve told me there may be some fun crazy vegan eating going on in your dorm room! That would have never happened when/where I was in college!

    Go study!

  15. I LOVE kara too. Like she is my fav by far. I want to read that book so bad but until after finals I will be raeding all my textbooks and books for classes 😦 POOP.

    Btw you totally will make tons of friends and fit in at cuse- I have a ton that go there and none of them have ever said they regret it! Plus its an amazing school for academics (as u know) and has great school spirit.

    Als0- a tip I learned from an upperclassmen when i was graduating hs, they told me “college is what you make of it- it doesnt matter where you go, it is all about what you do there”. which is so true, make the most out of it (which im sure you will 🙂 ) Plus if you need to know all the awesome spots you’ve got a friend (cough cough me) who has lived here her whole life!!

  16. Those are great reasons! I wish I would’ve analyzed the schools I applied to. I felt pressured to apply and choose one by October of my senior year, so I rushed into it!

  17. moveovercelery

    Ahhh your majors sound so awesome! You’re gonna have a blast!
    New change? Self host??

  18. sevenplates

    This is my first time stopping by at your blog. Love it! My name is Kaitlyn too (just spelled differently).. and I’m also in college! 🙂

  19. I recently subscrbed to Runner’s World, too and I’m loving it! How was Kara’s book I’m doing my first marathon in January so maybe it’d be good for me!

  20. Shocker-I had eggs. But they were still the bomb.com and I loved them. You will love Syracuse. For real. What are you planning on doing with your double degree? Email me and we can talk or community healthy chats. lolzthatswim@gmail.com. Because we don’t have enough communication through blogging, tweeting, Daily mile or texting. mkay.

  21. I think your choice in colleges is PERFECT FOR YOU!!!! I know you will have SO much fun there! 😀

  22. feerlessfood

    Haha you LIKE where Syracuse is?? Just kidding : ), but I hate cold. For some reason my family always goes to visit Rochester in the dead of winter… I mean really guys, come on! The summer is nice there!

  23. kara is so inspirational! I can only hope to be in 1/2 as good of shape she is in after having kiddos- if I ever have kiddos!

    I love your analysis on syracuse, I think that program sounds excellent! My friend from graduate school now lives in Syracuse and works as a Diet Tech.

    Cornell University is the land-grant university, NY’s cooperative extension service operates through Cornell, so that is a great place for nutrition/public health too if you want to go into nutrition education/community health education/research etc.

  24. We are such twins – I just subscribed to runner’s world AND posted a super similar pictures on today’s post!! haha 🙂

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