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I’m a walking holiday!

Good (afternoon) bloggy boos! How are you?

I am currently noshing on a cookie dough bowl because um I woke up after eleven. Whaddafuh people this NEVER happens to me! I am usually the girl that can’t sleep past eight. This is abnormal but I am embracing the need for sleep, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

So anywho, yesterday as I was driving to din din with Hollie, I noticed that a. every single bar was packed, and b. everyone was decked out in St. Patty’s day wear. People, St. Patty’s Day isn’t until Thursday, couldn’t you have waited at least until Thirsty Thursday?!

The Jersey Shore-esque title comes from a. The fact that I am the bubbliest person you will ever meet, and b. This guy:


Hahaha I was laughing really hard. He was just dancing on the sidewalk, I am pretty sure he was blamin’ it on the juice (name that song!).

Hollie and I met for din din at Natural Oasis, aka the place I go with ALL of my bloggy best friends, since the food is delicious, cheap, healthy, and the staff all know me. They even know my order and the fact that I prefer herbal tea, they don’t even have to ask. It is not unusual for them to ask “How’s the family?” I love being a regular Winking smile

We started off with two Coconut Milk Chai Teas (herbal) with agave.


When Lisa and I went last weekend, we didn’t get these and I have NO idea why. This was so good!! I went a little heavy-handed with the agave, but it was still delicious nonetheless:)

Then, we ordered two Ethiopian Spiced Green Lentils (below) along with Brussels Sprouts + Cauliflower + Potatoes and Kale + Collard Greens. It obvs came with tons of injera. Not many photographs people, I apologize. I was too caught up in chatting! Smile


Then we went back to mi Casa for cookies and Biggest Loser watching. Guys I am unhealthily obsessed with this show now. Jillian and Bob are my idols, I would love to spend every day making people healthier and (yelling at them) and talking with them about emotional issues.

Because in all honesty, morbid obesity (and obesity in general) is an eating disorder. Although it is not the stereotypical eating disorder, it is one. Instead of depriving themselves to slowly die, they are  overfeeding themselves. It is just as dangerous and emotional as what is thought of to be a more “classic” eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, etc.).

So, we semi-stuffed our faces with cookies, raw chocolate mousse, granola (more on that soonSmile) and a Quinoa-Hummus-Raisin-Balsamic Bowl for my homegirl!


In my classic doggy bowl. Lurve<3

I think it is safe to say she loved it.

A picture together before she left:


Please ignore my scraggly hair. I desperately need a haircut! Slash a hairbrush. Ya know.

Her boyfran then picked her up and I went to sleep. I am pretty sure I slept an inhumane amount last night, but what can I say I love to snooze:) Besides, I have to save up my lack-of-sleep abilities for the school week!

See you in the morning lovelies!! Until then, you can wonder how on Earth one tiny person can eat this giant container of hummus in three days. Yup people that just happened.


I am pretty sure it’s bigger than my head. Bee tee dubs this is a quadruple batch of my homemade hummus. You know you have a problem when you go through that much hummus in three days…with no help.

Anyone interested in having a hummus-raisin-balsamic lovers party?! I will gladly host Smile

Don’t forget to send in your Mission: I Feel Pretty pictures! These always make my day:)

Do you watch Jersey Shore?

Only while I’m working out:) Trash tv is only allowed while you’re doing something productive!

Are you a hummus-lover too?

I think the pictures speak for themselves;)

How are you being a walking holiday today?

Being as bubbly as Perrier and spreading smilessss:)




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Good morning honey bunches! (of oats?) How are you?


I am excited for this glorious day because it can be nothing but WAY better than yesterday. Woke up, went to class, and then looked out the window. My psych teacher was fuhhhreaking out.


It went from sunny to white-out conditions in 2.41 seconds, but that’s just a guesstimate.

Then I went home for a few hours before my Stat test, which was no bueno. My friend and I spent most of the “review” period talking with Mrs. V about vacations/cruises/what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Love. her.

Anywhos, keep sending along your Mission: I Feel Pretty pictures!! Y’all are so gorgeous, keep spreading the loveee:)


So anywho, today I am going to carry on the tradition of Tangent Tuesday, except it is Thursday but it’s fine let’s just pretend it’s Tuesday mmk:)

I am a bit overdue, but the lovely Alyssa and a few other bloggy buds (I’m so sorry if I missed you, I can’t find the comments! Darn WordPress doesn’t have a search box for commentsSad smile) have presented me with the 7 Facts Blog Award. Thanks, girls!


So, b-b-b-basically, I have to tell you 7 facts about myself. I will try to think of seven more, but I have already exhausted some of my random reserves🙂 Kay ready set, go!

  1. I am a natural blonde. Yes, it is true. I do not spend money to dye my hair with icky chemicals, that is NOT my style:) I roll with sunshine and genetics, mmk?


  2. I make crazy faces. Wait you already know that:)

    crossed eyess


  3. Kelly Ripa is my doppelganger, and my idol. I swear we are long-lost sisters.

    kelly ripa

  4. I was a funny little chile. My funny faces started young:)


    ^^Please ignore the adorable poofy garb I am wearing, please remember I did not know how to dress myself so my parents did it for me:)




    ^^Can you spot me? Smile

    ^^ Seeeesters:) We are too darn tootin’ cute.

  5. My grandmother lives on the beach on the Chesapeake Bay, and we stay with her for about a month total each year (mostly in the summerSmile). It is gorgeous, and we have our own beach! Summertime heaven

    ^^Christmas 2009

    Heaven on Earth.

  6. I’m not short, I’m fun sized! More than once, I have been given paper plate awards for being fun-sized. And I even have a shirt with the above slogan, but I cannot find it right now. I am 5’2” and a quarter, and that quarter is a big deal when you are this teeny tiny! I am also a size 5 shoe, I’m pretty sure that makes me Cinderella.

    ^^ Ha Smile

  7. I have a thing for taking pictures of funny stuff. Exhibit A:

    ^^Naked Cowboy.




    ^^Whaddup George Eastman!

    ^^ I ate the whole. thing. Happy belly:)

    ^^ Da na na na…can’t touch this!

I am supposed to tag seven bloggies for this, but I can’t pick just seven! So, if you comment on this post, consider yourself tagged!:)

Alrighty chickadees, that’s all for today! See you tomorrow morning for a post on my favorite snackety snacks and meals on the go!

Do you joke with your teachers?

YESSS, my teachers are my buds:) I love hearing stories about their crazy high school/college years!

Are you a crazykins face-maker?

Yes, if you have been reading this blog for more than five minutes you would know that:)

Tell me seven crazy/weird/random things about you!




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Wordyless Wednesday + Mission: I Feel Pretty!

Good morning chickadees! Happy Hump Day! How are you?

Today’s post is going to start out wordy, and then it is gonna go wordless. Get ready for a post that is moody mood!

I am so glad you all loved the recipe yesterday! Looks like quick and simple meals are your thang;)

Anywhos, yesterday I came home super tired, so I ate a quinoa-hummus-raisin-balsamic bowl and took a napsky with my neck heater pillow.

I am somewhat obsessed. It smells so. good. I am pretty sure it is filled with magic beads?

Lately my neck/shoulders have been SO tight! Can you say shoulder massage?! (preferable by a tall, dark, and handsome man that likes long walks on the beach, cooking, watching the Bachelor, and giving massages:))

I. freaking. love. naps.

As a student, I have learned to embrace the afternoon siesta with open arms. If you haven’t tried it, you should. Way better than using carbs/chocolate/caffeine to stay awake.

Oh, and remember when a friend of mine thought I was eating a bowl of cheese?

Yesterday he thought that my quinoa-lentil-raisin-balsamic bowl was Cocoa Krispies. When I told him what it was, he thought it was so cool that my food was exotic.

I told him only if exotic means not WonderBread:)

Hahahaha he liked that joke.


Mission: I Feel Pretty

Alrighty tighty, time for some wordlessness! Here are some of the Mission: I Feel Pretty submissions I have received so far.


Note: It is NOT too late to send your Mission: I Feel Pretty picture! I think I am going to make this a more permanent feature on the bloggy (with its own tab and errthang:)), so feel pretty loves, and send yours in!:)




















That’s all for today loves! Don’t see your picture here? Shoot me an e-mail! Or better yet, take your Mission: I Feel Pretty picture and sendity send it to 🙂

Have a rockin’ Hump Day, loves!

What is your best neck/shoulder pain relief trick? Please tell me I am dying here!

So far sleeping and using my neck heater pillow, but it is not working very well..

Are you a nap person?

I used to swear I hated naps and would never ever take one, but now I am in luuuurve:)

How are you feeling pretty today?

Once you figure it out, capture the moment! Send it in to be featured on the bloggy. Feel free to send a sentence or two about why you feel beautiful, a link to your blog, or post about it on your own bloggy!




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