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Good morning honey bunches! (of oats?) How are you?


I am excited for this glorious day because it can be nothing but WAY better than yesterday. Woke up, went to class, and then looked out the window. My psych teacher was fuhhhreaking out.


It went from sunny to white-out conditions in 2.41 seconds, but that’s just a guesstimate.

Then I went home for a few hours before my Stat test, which was no bueno. My friend and I spent most of the “review” period talking with Mrs. V about vacations/cruises/what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Love. her.

Anywhos, keep sending along your Mission: I Feel Pretty pictures!! Y’all are so gorgeous, keep spreading the loveee:)


So anywho, today I am going to carry on the tradition of Tangent Tuesday, except it is Thursday but it’s fine let’s just pretend it’s Tuesday mmk:)

I am a bit overdue, but the lovely Alyssa and a few other bloggy buds (I’m so sorry if I missed you, I can’t find the comments! Darn WordPress doesn’t have a search box for commentsSad smile) have presented me with the 7 Facts Blog Award. Thanks, girls!


So, b-b-b-basically, I have to tell you 7 facts about myself. I will try to think of seven more, but I have already exhausted some of my random reserves🙂 Kay ready set, go!

  1. I am a natural blonde. Yes, it is true. I do not spend money to dye my hair with icky chemicals, that is NOT my style:) I roll with sunshine and genetics, mmk?


  2. I make crazy faces. Wait you already know that:)

    crossed eyess


  3. Kelly Ripa is my doppelganger, and my idol. I swear we are long-lost sisters.

    kelly ripa

  4. I was a funny little chile. My funny faces started young:)


    ^^Please ignore the adorable poofy garb I am wearing, please remember I did not know how to dress myself so my parents did it for me:)




    ^^Can you spot me? Smile

    ^^ Seeeesters:) We are too darn tootin’ cute.

  5. My grandmother lives on the beach on the Chesapeake Bay, and we stay with her for about a month total each year (mostly in the summerSmile). It is gorgeous, and we have our own beach! Summertime heaven

    ^^Christmas 2009

    Heaven on Earth.

  6. I’m not short, I’m fun sized! More than once, I have been given paper plate awards for being fun-sized. And I even have a shirt with the above slogan, but I cannot find it right now. I am 5’2” and a quarter, and that quarter is a big deal when you are this teeny tiny! I am also a size 5 shoe, I’m pretty sure that makes me Cinderella.

    ^^ Ha Smile

  7. I have a thing for taking pictures of funny stuff. Exhibit A:

    ^^Naked Cowboy.




    ^^Whaddup George Eastman!

    ^^ I ate the whole. thing. Happy belly:)

    ^^ Da na na na…can’t touch this!

I am supposed to tag seven bloggies for this, but I can’t pick just seven! So, if you comment on this post, consider yourself tagged!:)

Alrighty chickadees, that’s all for today! See you tomorrow morning for a post on my favorite snackety snacks and meals on the go!

Do you joke with your teachers?

YESSS, my teachers are my buds:) I love hearing stories about their crazy high school/college years!

Are you a crazykins face-maker?

Yes, if you have been reading this blog for more than five minutes you would know that:)

Tell me seven crazy/weird/random things about you!




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The Stylish Last Supper

Good evening all! Hope everyone’s had a relaxing day:)

Mine was jam-packed with schoolwork and my econ paper. I didn’t have class until noon, but I went to the library anyway and CRANKED OUT a lot of my paper and a ton of the work I’ll be missing while I’m de-chipmunking Winking smile

I had planned on going to the gym after school, but my stomach was NOT agreeing with me! I think the ibuprofen I’ve been taking has made my stomach all messy, but I’ve been eating anyway. Did you know that eating is not as fun when you’re not hungry?:(

Before I get to my “Last Supper” before the surgery, I must thank Sophia and Stefanie both for giving me the Stylish Blogger Award! Thank you so much ladies, you’re sweethearts:)










Here’s how it works!

There are 4 duties to perform to accept this award:

1.  Make a post + Link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2.  Share 7 things about yourself.
3.  Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4.  Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

Alrighty tighty, here are my 7 Things!

  1. I get really excited about little things. I love it when the marshmallow melts perfectly in hot cocoa, or something awesome happens like Dennis Quaid being on the Ellen show;)
  2. When I was an itty bitty child, probably two or three, I lived in Minnesota where mud comes to visit a LOT during the spring. So, being the little kid that I was, I fell flat on my face and ended up with a mouthful of mud. And I have the picture to prove it. I guess mud doesn’t taste good or something?
  3. I’ve been wearing rings since I was five. Currently, I wear a claddagh and a peace sign ring (soooo 2010..I need a new one;) I remember the day I got my first ring:) I was at an arts fair with my Mom in New Hampshire, and I saw this ring that was knotted into a “forget-me-knot” (ha). She got it for me, and I had to save it for my birthday but it was SO worth it! It was sterling silver and I wore it until I outgrew it around age ten or eleven.
  4. I’m organized…in a disorganized way. Although I tend to be a neat freak and keep things spotless all the time, eventually things get messy. And honestly, you would look at my mess and think “dang, how does this girl find anything?!”, but I know where everything is. Don’t touch my stuff, ya hear?! 😉 (I heard that most geniuses are “organized” this way..maybe that says something about me? 😉
  5. I eat grapes on my pizza. No, I don’t cook it with the grapes on top. When I’m about to take a bite, I plop a grape on it. You probably are thinking about how gross it sounds but IT IS SO GOOD. The sweet and tartness of the grapes PERFECTLY compliments the saltiness of cheese (in my case, Daiya;). If you don’t believe me, try it out. Do it. Now. (p.s. this also semi-works with apples and other such fruits, but none can compare to grapes. none.)
  6. I’m kind of a dork. Okay, that you probably already know but know this: in the sixth grade I single-handedly read 3 books in one day. Let’s just say it was rainy and the books were goooood. I still love me some books, but somehow blog-reading always takes precedence over my leisurely reading time. Any recommendations?? I need to get back on that bandwagon:)
  7. I make weird noises. When I’m tired or really happy, I sometimes make this pterodactyl noise. Other times, I just make my own sound effects. You will often hear superfluities of onomatopoeias in my everyday jargon. Like when I’m on the treadmill, I occasionally will blurt out zooooom! When I turn off the shower, I do a “raspberry” but with just my lips. So it’s like pppppphhhh! Okay, if the grapes didn’t freak you out, that one definitely did.

Now onto my bloggie girls! I am awarding:












Celiac Teen




Congrats ladies! I just recently found all of your blogs, and I love:) Keep bloggin’!

Onto another note, I’ll be pureeing all of the food I usually eat and having it as “soup”. I can tell it’s going to look incredibly nast, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do;)

So, to celebrate my last night before what will probably be a week of non-solid food, I made some yummy goodness that didn’t end up as a plated picture. Let’s just say I was more excited to eat real food than to take a picture of it:)

IMG_3256My homemade hummus:) Recipe to come!

IMG_3258Brussels sprouts! Mrawrrrr

IMG_3259Eggplant. Looks appetizing, I know;)

IMG_3262Red quinoa! I can’t get enough of this stuff! It tastes and smells like Grape Nuts cereal, aka nutty heaven.

IMG_3263Slash I love my rice cooker even though it tends to “singe” instead of “cook” some of the time. It’s fine, any reason to be an octopus and doing a million things at once = fine with me:)

IMG_3267PARSNIP FRIES ahhhhh:)

That’s all for now loves! Hope you all have a good evening Smile (slash now it’s semi-late..don’t let the bed bugs bite!)

I’ll be up until midnight eating everything in sight since I can’t eat at all after midnight…my tumbly will be grumbling for oatmeal!

Slash please entertain me with fun comments and blog posts for me to stalk all night in my Google Reader:)

Have you ever eaten Grape Nuts cereal? Wasn’t it AWESOME?

Yes, it was:)

How do you keep yourself entertained/distracted when you are trying not to think about scary things like surgeons and knives poking in your mouth?

Please help me out here.

What are your favorite late-night snacks?

I need ideas:)

Catch ya later dolls! I’m going to go read some of Crazy Sexy Diet, stalk blogs, and eat:)








p.s. expect a hilarious video of me with chipmunky cheeks in the near future Winking smile


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