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Good morning honey bunches! (of oats?) How are you?


I am excited for this glorious day because it can be nothing but WAY better than yesterday. Woke up, went to class, and then looked out the window. My psych teacher was fuhhhreaking out.


It went from sunny to white-out conditions in 2.41 seconds, but that’s just a guesstimate.

Then I went home for a few hours before my Stat test, which was no bueno. My friend and I spent most of the “review” period talking with Mrs. V about vacations/cruises/what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Love. her.

Anywhos, keep sending along your Mission: I Feel Pretty pictures!! Y’all are so gorgeous, keep spreading the loveee:)


So anywho, today I am going to carry on the tradition of Tangent Tuesday, except it is Thursday but it’s fine let’s just pretend it’s Tuesday mmk:)

I am a bit overdue, but the lovely Alyssa and a few other bloggy buds (I’m so sorry if I missed you, I can’t find the comments! Darn WordPress doesn’t have a search box for commentsSad smile) have presented me with the 7 Facts Blog Award. Thanks, girls!


So, b-b-b-basically, I have to tell you 7 facts about myself. I will try to think of seven more, but I have already exhausted some of my random reserves🙂 Kay ready set, go!

  1. I am a natural blonde. Yes, it is true. I do not spend money to dye my hair with icky chemicals, that is NOT my style:) I roll with sunshine and genetics, mmk?


  2. I make crazy faces. Wait you already know that:)

    crossed eyess


  3. Kelly Ripa is my doppelganger, and my idol. I swear we are long-lost sisters.

    kelly ripa

  4. I was a funny little chile. My funny faces started young:)


    ^^Please ignore the adorable poofy garb I am wearing, please remember I did not know how to dress myself so my parents did it for me:)




    ^^Can you spot me? Smile

    ^^ Seeeesters:) We are too darn tootin’ cute.

  5. My grandmother lives on the beach on the Chesapeake Bay, and we stay with her for about a month total each year (mostly in the summerSmile). It is gorgeous, and we have our own beach! Summertime heaven

    ^^Christmas 2009

    Heaven on Earth.

  6. I’m not short, I’m fun sized! More than once, I have been given paper plate awards for being fun-sized. And I even have a shirt with the above slogan, but I cannot find it right now. I am 5’2” and a quarter, and that quarter is a big deal when you are this teeny tiny! I am also a size 5 shoe, I’m pretty sure that makes me Cinderella.

    ^^ Ha Smile

  7. I have a thing for taking pictures of funny stuff. Exhibit A:

    ^^Naked Cowboy.




    ^^Whaddup George Eastman!

    ^^ I ate the whole. thing. Happy belly:)

    ^^ Da na na na…can’t touch this!

I am supposed to tag seven bloggies for this, but I can’t pick just seven! So, if you comment on this post, consider yourself tagged!:)

Alrighty chickadees, that’s all for today! See you tomorrow morning for a post on my favorite snackety snacks and meals on the go!

Do you joke with your teachers?

YESSS, my teachers are my buds:) I love hearing stories about their crazy high school/college years!

Are you a crazykins face-maker?

Yes, if you have been reading this blog for more than five minutes you would know that:)

Tell me seven crazy/weird/random things about you!




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I think I have a banana addiction.

Seriously, I had like three bananas last night and probably three or four today already. I have an issue, we need to add to my addictions. Currenly, the list contains:

  • Bananas
  • Oh and all food in general.

Yup yup, don’t get food near my face it will be gone in two seconds flatsky.

Anywhos, how are you?! I am daaaandy, I am absolutely in love with Burlington!! I missed New England so much, I grew up in New Hampshire so it was like being home again:)

Okay so I am in a giggling crazykins mood today so I am going to show you all of the funny pictures taken thus far on our trip. All of the pretty, sentimental, artistic pictures will come at a later date. Check back tomorrow for food porn that will make you want to lick the screen.

Omigahhhh my HUSBAND. I do not care that he is a jerk (sorry Mike but it is true), in my fantasy parallel universe he is a romantic, sweet boyfriend that gives me foot massages because he wants to, not because I jumped up and down saying “Pweetty pwease?!” with the sad puppy dog face obv.

Sad face because I did not get to meet up with all of the lovely bloggers that wanted to grab some yummy deliciousness to eat. I’m sorry darlings:( Next time, I promise!!

This sad face may look sad but to me it is hilarious. You have no idea how hard it was for me to keep a sad face and take a picture of it, think of the type of person that is just laughing so hard at a totally inappropriate time and can’t hide it. Yup that’s me:)

Oh, meet my knight in shining rusty armour.

Be jealous, he cleans up reaaaaal nice:)

Hahaha okay these are not that funny but I like anything that is spelled funny. Oh and when my birthday comes feel free to buy these for me and send them in a pretty package wrapped in pink ribbon mmk:) Come back after the food post for all of the fun items I would like for my birfday, it is a very important post so do not miss it.

I feel like a terrible human being for thinking this is funny because it raises money for charity, but how can you not giggle at the sight of a bag that says “urea” on it?! In case you never took a biology class, urea = pee. So you are walking around with a bag that says PEE on it. Just saying.

Hahaha okay this is my new favorite thing. It is created for the sole purpose of protecting bananas when they are in our bags. Okay so we have all had at LEAST one time when we have found a smooshed gooey banana in the bottom of our bags (it has happened to all of us). This is perfect for my banana addiction. You will see this on my birthday list mmk.

Vermont is so not weird!! It is so cute but I saw this and I thought it was hilarious because it is just as obnoxious as I am, maybe Vermont really is weird but I don’t notice because I am exponentially weirder? I knew it was love at first sight<3

Do NOT get this for me for my birthday!! I will definitely laugh very hard at your humor but I would never use this thing in my life. No thanks chickadees, I prefer tamps, please and thanks!

HAHAHA my funny face:) You will be seeing this again tomorrow in the food post. Can you guess what kind of food it was? More specific you are the more brownie points you get:)

Outtake, the awesome waitress got in the way. It’s fine though the tea was good and this made my Mom laugh:)

Pimp my dino.

Pimp my ride?

^^^ Werd. PacSun said it! I am SO ready for spring clothes!

I saw this candy and Combo machine and I thought of my girl Janae! Girl now we can get our candy on the go! Slash they should put these along marathon courses, we would so benefit from these!

Hahaha the Padre. I love him times a million, you should know that he posed for this himself I did not ask him to do it. He is a riot, you all should come to the CK house for a visit and enjoy his company, he makes crazykins faces like I do. It runs in the family:)

Just for humor’s sake, a second one:

I lurve the commercials that always have the mannequins talking to each other..this made me laugh because he was pretending to be a mannequin instead of them being people. Tricky….

Okay now I am going to go eat more bananas and get my sweat on at the hotel gym before we hit the road to go home:) I am happy to go home because I love the comfort of my own beddy bye but I am not going to lie, I am going to miss Vermont! I am a New England girl at heart<3

See you from the home fort! Have a good Sattyday lovies:)

p.s. Yesterday was Indulgence Friday and will show you tomorrow how I indulged!:)

What is the funniest sign/bumper sticker/item you have seen recently?


Do you make crazykins faces? What’s your favorite one?

Hahaha that is a tough choice. You would have to live with me for a day to understand:)

What are you addicted to? (please do not say drugs)

BANANAS and RAISINS. Did I mention that the container of raisins I brought from Weggies is half way done and I am the only person eating from it..yeah it’s a delicious problem.



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