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Three Tangent Tuesday!

Good morning bloggy boos! Hope everyone avoided a severe case of the Mondays:)

I sure did, with the help of approx. three bananas with almond butter…that’s my kind of study fuel!

Unforch, I overslept this morning, which is why I am posting later than usual. I am usually at class by now, but since eating breakfast takes me forever anyways, I am typing this as I slurp on a green smoothie and am currently staring at my giant bowl of Cookie Dough.

By the way, I am so happy that y’all are lovin on the Cookie Dough Bowls as much as I am! Keep linking back, I love seeing your lovely brekkie pictures:)

Anywho, yesterday I was feeling super sleepy (oh, the student life!), so I opted for a nap instead of a workout. It was awesome.

Then, I woke up to din din and cranked out some surrious studying. I am a studying MONSTA. I absolutely love my Droid, because I do not even have to move my butt to look something up on Wikipedia.

Lazy-loo = WIN:)

Then of course, as I was about to grab a snackety snack from the cupboard, we noticed mice poopies.


Ughhh, looks like we have a mouse problem.

Listen, I do not believe in the killing of innocent lives, but these mice have been munching on our goodies since the summer!

Micey-moos are no longer cute in my book.

No more nice Katelyn, time to bring out the big guns! (aka, glue boards with which we will catch the mice and then release them into the wilderness with their wild mice buddiesSmile)


Now to the main event!

Da da da DAAAA….it is Tangent Tuesday! (started by my girl Janae, who is having a giveaway! Now go enter in it)

Aka the day I get to ramble on and on about myself (aka, more than usual).

Then, you get to tell me random/weird/funny things about you so I feel like less of a crazykins🙂

Okie dokie, number one!

Three Tangent Tuesday

  1. I speak a completely different language with my dog. And yes, we understand each other.


    Don’t worry, she’s as crazykins as I am. Do not be fooled by her googly eyes, this pupster licks the outside of our refrigerator. I know, I don’t get her either.

  2. I do really strange things on a daily basis. Like, multiple times a day. Such as licking my plate in public places.

    What can I say, it runs in the family Smile

  3. Over the last 24 hours, I have been craving carbs like a lady with a baby. I had three bananas with almond butter, a million tostones, and two giant glumps (ew, clumps) of raisins. And more raisins before that. And more almond butter.

    ^^ Carbs

    Maybe I have immaculately conceived like the Virgin Mary? (and in case you were wondering, no I am not a skank-ho and am single and mingling so there is no way I could poss be preggo)

    I blame Mother Nature and her lovely Monthly Gift that makes me a ravenous beast once a month (aka, more of a ravenous beast than usual).

    But then again, I am not exactly complaining…I LOVE FOODSmile

  4. Since I can’t stop at three, I must tell you that I chipped my tooth last night while I was eating. Yes, I love food so much that instead of waiting for the food to actually be in my mouth, I bite down before the fork has even left. Aka, chip in my tooth the size of a fork prong.

    If anyone asks, I will call it a “battle wound” from my most favorite activity of all time, and they will think it was something BAMF-style such as deep-sea-fishing but instead it will be from eating, aka my own inside joke with myself:)

That’s all for today, munchy moos! I am late for class, and my spoon just hit the bottom of my Cookie Dough Bowl so it is time for me to go “wash my hair” since I am a lazy-loo (I am a sneakster) and skipdiddlydoo off to class!

Have you ever had a Mouse Situation?

Yes, please do not remind me. My pretzels are now no longer edible. Ugh, effing mice! (pardon my frenchy French)

Do you speak a different language with your dog/pet?

Hahaha yes, you would give me such strange looks if you heard the words I come up with.

Do you do weird things in public places?

Yes, I embrace it:)

Tell me three random/weird/funny things about you!




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We have a mouse problem.

This is not a joke. I repeat, this is not a joke.

I may love animals and think that itty bitty mice can occasionally be cute, but we have mice that are taking my Mary’s Gone Crackers out of the box…through the front panel.

I think I may have a freaky genius on my hands.

Yep, total freaky genious.

^^ Yup, total freaky genius.

Then, during my run two days ago, I spotted an itty bitty baby mouse on a glue trap we had set out (I was not happy with my parents for this), and it was still breathing. I was nearly in tears, lovlies 😦 I couldn’t handle it. Then, I saw another one on the other side of my basement! Let’s just say it was a rough morning.

Plus, we learned that we have a family of mice in our house! Later that night, CKMom found another mouse..in our trash can! And caught it by hand (accompanied by some screaming, but it’s notabigdeal). What a champ 🙂

But despite all that, this morning was loooovely. I was hungry right when I woke up (I usually never am), and all I wanted was peanut butter and bananas. Nothing else. So I whipped up this bowl of yum 😉


Peanut Buttah and Banana Oats



  1. Bring liquid to a boil, then reduce to medium heat and add oats. Cook for about 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  2. When oats are about to be done cooking, mash up the banana and microwave for 15-30 seconds, until hot, mushy, and smelling really good 🙂
  3. Add banana to oats before they are fully cooked, and combine.
  4. When oatmeal is done cooking, cover and remove from heat for a few minutes.
  5. Serve and top with peanut buttah! 🙂

IMG_3076Lots of peanut buttah.

IMG_3075Not as pretty when all mixed up, though…but waaaay tastier!

IMG_3079This was too good. And super simple. Sometimes simplest is best 🙂 I enjoyed this as breakfast in bed (while reading VegNews, obvs), which was so nice considering I’ve been feeling under the weather and had to stay home today.

Not too long after, I got hungry again and decided it was time to lose my Green Monster virginity. (gasp!)

Honestly, I don’t know why I’ve never made one before, but it was time. Plus, I felt like I needed some greens!

Of course, I had to roll In-A-Bowl style. I don’t do smoothies in a glass – as I’ve mentioned before, it would be gone in about T-minus .049712301 seconds.

Behold, my first green monstah! 🙂

IMG_3085And yes, it too was made with berries..and is high-protein!

Berry High-Protein Green Monster


And blend, baby, blend!

IMG_3084I enjoyed mine straight outta the bowl, as per usual. And as you can see, it was slightly overflowing..just the way I like it 🙂

IMG_3083Sometimes my favorite foods are the ugliest ones 🙂 I love how the seeds in the berries add a yummy crunch to the smoothie. This was the perfect snackety-snack!

It got in mah belly.

That’s all for now, lovlies! I hope everyone’s had a great day so far 🙂




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