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My First Vlog! [Makeup, Skin, and Hair Must-Haves]

Good morning bloggy boos!

Yesterday I was invited to celebrate some Oscars lovin’ at a friend’s house, so I knew I wouldn’t have time to write up a normal post.

So, I gathered a few of my morning essentials to share with you guys! These are some of the best products I have ever found, and they have never let me down.


Oh, and bee tee dubs I look hot in the freeze, please ignore it and click play before you go into shock:)

Some of the products highlighted in the video:

I’m curious – do I sound how you expected me to? I am always so surprised by bloggers’ voices when they do videos!


Just for fun, a couple of pictures from my night!

Samantha, my biff who I haven’t seen in forEVER because she has been at college! Girl is enjoying her life at University of Michigan, and hopefully I will be visiting her at the end of the month!


You know who your true friends are when you can go without seeing them for months and then see each other again, and have it be like no time has passed whatsoever. I love this girl!

Us back in the day:



Oh and her adorable brother. How cute is he?!


He JUST got braces. Poor child, I had mine during the awkward middle school years too. Braces were definitely my LEAST favorite thing. Can you say eating mush for days on end?!

That’s all for today love doves! See you tomorrow:)

What are your must-have products?

See above:)

Did you watch the Oscars?

YES, Anne Hathaway is my fave, she is adorable! And I was SO happy that Toy Story 3 won! Deserved it, 100% 🙂

Do you have any long-distance friends that you still keep in touch with?

Yesss too many to count, those ones are the best:)

Any requests for future vlogs?

Don’t be shy! I luuurve suggestions:)




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