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Three Things

Good morning bloggie babes! Thank you for all of the sweet comments on my last post, I love you guys like you wouldn’t believe:) If you haven’t had a chance to look yet, I highly recommend it. The discussion going on in the comments is highly uplifting, you all are so beautiful!

This morning’s post is a tribute to my girl Janae who requested that everyone do a tangent of three random/awkward/weird things about themselves on their blogs.

Here we go!

  1. I eat straight hummus and raisins mixed together. A LOT. (I make my own hummus because I can’t stand the saltiness of packaged business, you could never eat a whole cup of that stuff straight, now could you?)
    It tastes good, don’t knock it till you try it;)




  2. When I listen to music on my own time, it’s always something slow and relaxing like Michael Buble, Norah Jones, you get the idea. I’m a bit of a sap. But when I work out, I listen to hard-core rap. When I run, don’t be surprised if you hear me singing about gettin’ Arab money.

  3. I drink tea. A LOT. I have a thermos that is SO cute that I carry around 24/7 with my collection of tea bags that goes on forever and ever (and a bag of Stevia that semi-looks like an illegal substance when I put it in my tea).


That’s all for now loves! I have to head off to classSmile

Tell me three weird/awkward/random things about you!




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My Big-Girl Lunchbox

Good evening lovlies! I hope everyone had a rejuvenating day (to make up for my rather un-rejuvenating day). Unfortunately for me, mother nature has stopped by for her monthly visit so I decided to take a rest day from my 5K training. I had a GIANT bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast (with some of my copious amounts of chopped tropical fruits), and then walked to the library and picked up some old movies. Did I mention I love Audrey Hepburn?

I grabbed Casablanca (even though it’s not an Audrey, I couldn’t help myself) and Funny Face along with a movie called American Beauty that got 5 Academy Awards. I mean, if it has that many (including Best Picture), it can’t possibly be a mistake.

I also grabbed The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone, since it almost seemed like a crime that I had never read it. So far I like it; unlike Skinny Bitch, she takes a much…gentler approach 🙂

For din din we had leftover almond rice with salads, roasted beets (mmm my favorite) and steamed collards…leftover beets will be a treat tomorrow!

So I thought today would be a good opportunity to showcase a couple of my new toys! I’ve recently been really conscious about being eco-friendly (Prius! 🙂 ), so a few weeks back I got an eco-friendly lunch box with 3 sections and an adorable eco-friendly tea thermos! Have a look 🙂

Awe, look at the dancing pear!

I'm a little teapot...

So far they’ve both gotten good compliments, people keep asking me where I found them! I bought them in Ithaca, NY. The lunch box was at a GreenStar Co-op, and the thermos was from the Cornell Store.

However, if you’re not about to drive to a collegetown in Upstate New York, you can find the lunch box at http://www.ecolunchboxes.com/ and the thermos at http://www.dcigift.com/product.cfm?productID=1082&catID=15. They also make the popular “eco-cup” that comes in more patterns and isn’t made specifically for tea.

Question of the day: Are you getting into the “eco-friendly” trend? What eco-friendly products do you like?

That’s all for now, babies! Nighty night



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