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Say a Prayer + Owl House Eats!

Good evening all! Hope you’ve had a lurvely and restful Sunday🙂

The first part of today’s post will be a little emotional and sappy, but I feel that this is a topic that I need to address because it really hit home with me today.

This morning after I posted a gluten-free pizza-for-one recipe, I headed off to church where I listened to an unexpectedly profound service.

It started with a meditation on the “goodbyes” that will be said at the end of the year (leaving for college), as well as a highlight on the goodbyes that will be said to the graduates that leave to go to war.

As I sat with eyes closed, I imagined my “goodbye” with my family with both excitement and incredible sadness. I will be leaving my comfortable house filled with the people I love most (and my stove), but entering into a new place that will have so much to offer: a life of my own, creativity in the kitchen, and the many excitements of college life (pursuing my passions and partying..obv).

But then, my mind shifted to how I would feel if I were leaving my parents to go to a place where I would be killing human beings, for the sake of “freedom”.

I am not in any way saying that there cannot be justifications for war, but instead I would like you to put yourself in that eighteen-year-old’s position for a moment. Imagine saying goodbye to your parents, knowing your next destination would be a foreign country with a bunch of soldiers you’ve never met, to a place where no one can be trusted.

Then, put yourself in the position of the parents saying goodbye to their child. The fear that their baby wouldn’t come home, or wouldn’t come home all in one piece. The fear that their little girl or little boy wouldn’t be the same person they said goodbye to, but instead someone they don’t recognize.

Many soldiers return home only to commit suicide. Over one thousand have survived suicide attempts, and most will come back from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Whether you support war or not, please support our troops. These are our friends’ boys and girls, our neighbors, and the person who sat next to us in elementary school.

Say a prayer for these soldiers and their families tonight, and remember that our soldiers do not always believe what they are doing is right, but they feel that it is right to fight for our country and the lives of their loved ones.

Though I do not believe in the killing of any human being, I support the humanity of the people who lay down their lives every day, no matter whether that directly or indirectly protects us.

The reading and sermon that followed the meditation will be covered in tomorrow’s post. Here’s a hint: it has to do with your passion, your life, your career, and your heart. Any guesses?

If you pray, please also include my family in your prayers. Today had an abrupt turn for the worse, and we need your prayers as we nurse a family member back to health. You all are beautiful, and I know with the love of us all, we can all get through the tough times!

Also, please drive safely. You never know when one choice in a vehicle could change your life.

God bless!


Now onto a less emotional topic………FOOD!

This afternoon (after the awesomely moving church service and a nice jaunt around the neighborhood with the puppers), we headed off to The Owl House.

I cannot rave enough about this place, it is delicious, has copious vegan and gluten-free entrees (this place even has gluten-free bread made with teff, can I get a hell yeah?!), and every dessert is vegan.

Gett @ m3.


I got the Garden Salad (Field Greens, Farmers Market Vegetables, Lemon Vinaigrette), topped with a Lentil Burger, sans the Vegenaise and Onion Roll (not gluten free).


It was delicious, I scarfed it down in 0.26 seconds and loved every bite. I haven’t had a grilled burger in much too long, and a reunion was well overdue. Hello, smoky flava!


It made me incredibly skippidyy happy to find that the waitress was very accommodating to my vegan– and gluten-free restrictions (last time I came I was not on a gluten-free diet).

I always end up feeling like “that girl” who pesters the waitress.. “Can I have the blah blah blah but with no blah and with blah blah on the side? Oh, and no blah blah, either, can I get blahty blah instead?”

I would feel bad, but I like my food, and I like it my way:)

Which takes me to dessert! I absolutely could not resist this son-of-a-gun even though the burger left me sufficiently stuffed.

There is always room for chocolate.


Chocolate Mousse (Cocoa-Avocado Puree, Fresh Fruit, Cacao Nibs).

IMG_3467This was to. die.

Recipe to come.

I’m not sure exactly how this motha was concocted, but I don’t ask, I just eat.


Just you wait kiddos, this will be the most decadent thing that ever hit the bottom of your endless stomach.

I literally could not stop making “mmm!” noises while I was licking this off of my spoon, it was too good and I was getting some funny looks but I could care less.

And then I looked in the mirror and there was tons of chocolate in my teeth.

But as before, I could care less. It’s a small price to pay for chocolatey deliciousness🙂

Then, we headed across the street to one of my favorite co-op’s to explore fun foods and get free samples (wooo for Sundays!). There was free chocolate, chocolate-covered almonds, and organic blueberries! Uh, chocolate and fruit fo free? Get at me!


I had three of these little cuppies, it’s fine. They’re free for a reason, people!

That’s all for now lovies! I’m off to make some din din, do my homework, get excited for my first day of psych tomorrow (new semester, hollllla!), and go to sleep EARLY.

I am making a vow to myself to go to bed NO LATER than 10 every night, and I am telling all of you because that will make sure I am more accountable for my own rebelliousness. It is now your job to keep me in line. Good luck, people!

What is your view on “support our troops”?

I support the people, not necessarily the war.

Do you ever feel like a pesky food orderer?

Uh, always. My food, my way, beeyotch!

Do you get food stuck in your teeth/your hair/on your clothes?

Yes, yes, and yes. That is why I wear scarves🙂

Have a good rest of your night! Eat some chocolate for me;)




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Hoo? The Owl House, that’s Hoo!

In last week’s post, I promised a recap of my evening at the latest vegan restaurant in town, The Owl House. Sorry, I’m a little late 😉

Prepare for an incredibly mouth-watering experience…it’s about to get yummy.

We arrived at the restaurant donned in some warm, fall garb because it was honestly pretty chilly – 60 degrees.

There was no option to make a reservation unless it was for 8pm or later, so we said “What the hey!” and just crossed our fingers.

We were hungry.

The only seating available when we got there was outdoor, and the wait for indoor seating was 45 minutes so again, we said “What the hey!” and ate outside.

We were hungry.

But it was cold.

The patio seating was beautiful, which made up for our chilly fingers.



Oh hey, CK Dad!

We started off by browsing the menu, which is laden with extensive and exclusively vegan items – I prepared, and looked at the menu ahead of time 🙂

Good prep, Chef Katelyn!





We started off by ordering the Vegan Mozzarella Sticks (made with Daiya! oh, a restaurant after my own heart).





And one of the evening’s specials, Chili-Spiced Sweet Potato Fries served with a hot ‘n spicy raspberry dipping sauce (and topped with more Daiya! score).





CK Dad can fit a lot in his belly, so he also ordered a vegan Caesar salad complete with tofu croutons.





I may have had a few bites 😉

These were all so delicious, I wasn’t sure if I would have room for my main dish!

What can I say?

We were hungry.

But lezzbeserious, there is always room for more good food.

I ordered the Olek’s Buffalo Stance, a buffalo-spiced tempeh sandwich with vegan bleu cheese sauce and greens pressed between two perfectly toasty and seed-sprinkled slices of their multi-grain bread.

Oh, it was to die.




Because three pictures just isn’t enough.




Now I’m craving it again..You’re killin me, smalls!

(Sandlot reference! Who caught it?)




Gobble gobble.

Get in mah belly.




I cannot even describe. It was my first experience with a vegan buff chick sandwich, and it was so good.

(yes, in this town it’s Buff Chick – we have buff chick pizza, sandwiches, wings..you name it)

I will be ordering it again. Next on my list is their Lentil Burger! CK Mom got it and had nothing but good things to say.

Dad got the Tilapia Croquettes, and Rebecca ordered the Buffalo Stance as well.




Now, no good meal is ever complete without dessert – no matter how full you are 😉

Their desserts are all completely vegan and gluten-free, making them a score in my book!

Tonight’s offerings were a Chocolate Coconut Brownie Cake, a Lemon Raspberry Cheezecake, and Chocolate Mousse with seasonal fruit.

Move over, fruit, give me cake!

Since we never really go out to eat, we felt it would be okay to indulge 😉

And why else?

We were not that hungry.

We ordered both the Chocolate Brownie Cake and the Lemon Raspberry Cheezecake.



Ohhh, so rich.



Slight camera fail. It was getting dark – hello autumn 🙂

Both desserts were delicious, but the Chocolate Cake stole the show, as usual.

Chocolate gets me every time.

I really and truly believe that chocolate is the trump-all, cure-all.

But not the sugary, dairy-laden stuff – I’m talkin’ 80-100% cacao.

Oh yeah, I roll with the big boys.



^^ Big Boys. Ha!


It’s loaded with antioxidants and endorphine-releasing goodness that makes you happy and helps your heart among extensive other benefits.

But, of course, everything in moderation 😉



What’s your favorite healthy indulgence?

Chocolate is clearly one of mine, but I would also have to add bubble baths with some hot tea. Nothin’ beats that at the end of the day!

So, I hope you enjoyed the food porn!

I really hope to be able to post more often then, well, once a week.

I’ve missed blogging so much, it’s such a great form of release at the end of the day. Not being able to blog has made my mind even more cluttered than it already is from school! Not good.


But thank goodness for weekends!

I got to take a rest day today after yesterday’s workout, which was killer on my body after being sick in bed.

Booo, sick.


Church this morning really bounced me back to a place closer to the spiritual centeredness I aim for every day, but haven’t been able to find in the messiness of life and schedules.

So my goal is to have one post every day, no matter how short. Maybe this will be a good lesson in efficiency!

Question of the Day: How do you stay efficient and afloat under stress?

You can see some of my methods in my last post.

On my agenda tonight:

  • Pizza for dinner!
  • Studying for my first Econ test..oh boy.
  • Outlining a Bio chapter.
  • Getting to bed early birdy!

Have a great evening lovlies! See you later 🙂




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The Start of Something New…

Okay, seriously dorky title. First thing that came to mind – not joking. High School Musical should definitely leave my memory, now!

Even though it is sort of relative…High School Musical, senior year – since Tuesday was my first day of senior year 🙂

But anywho, I’m here to assure all of you lovely readers that I have not vanished or stopped cooking – instead, I’ve been so busy.

With what, you might ask? Here’s a visual:

Homework from my first day of senior year!

…Oh no.

Too bad these classes are fascinating! I just don’t always appreciate the 20-pound textbooks I had to carry home, but I think we’ll become good friends 🙂

That’s right – 25 page bio outline, 10 page econ outline, an essay to read and annotate and write an essay on, an article to find, driver’s ed papers to finish, and more bindahs to get.

Question: What did you wish you knew before your senior year of high school?

My answer would be:

  • That I would actually get this far. It’s crazy! In kindergarten, I would think to myself, ughhhh 12 more years of school?! But…
  • Time flies. It truly does. I don’t know where the years went – it seems like only yesterday I was freaking out about getting my 3 pages of homework done in the fourth grade.
  • Boys should treat you well and not have boobs as the first thing on their minds. I think this pretty much goes along with common sense, but as any naive, young girl does, I wanted the boys I liked to like me back. So we have all had some time where we’ve tried to be more beautiful, bigger-boobed, or just different to get a boy’s attention – but it’s not worth it. No boy is. If he’s a good guy, he’ll love you for you. I’ve learned this the hard way – through many bad boyfriends and a couple of good ones.
  • High school changes people. I’ve seen people become consumed in the high school dynamic, doing anything for attention, getting too drunk, doing something stupid, getting too stressed over school, not getting enough sleep, and throwing friendships away on a whim. Don’t be that person. Stick to your values, be good to yourself, and remember the important things in life – love, loyalty, and friendship.
  • You first, always. Many people say “family first” or “school first”, but if you don’t take care of yourself, nothing else in your life will follow. Get your sleep, eat well, get in some exercise (for your body and for stress relief), and then attend to the rest of your life. Especially if that means setting a cut-off time for yourself. My most useful habit has been setting a bed time for myself – 10 on school nights. That’s the time I would say, self, it’s time for you to get your sleep. Because one of the most important things I’ve learned is that if I’m not rested and don’t have something nutritious in my tummy, there is no way that the extra 3 hours I forced myself to study is going to make any difference. Zoning out during a test is no good when you can be well-rested and knock out the answers that clearly don’t make sense! Sleep and nutrients are magical things.

So, back to my first day!

How did I get through this? First day of school power brekkie 🙂

Half of a Plum Pie Katebar (recipe to come in another post) mixed in ooey-gooey style with my buckwheat, topped with bluebs and blackburries – a pear and cherries on the side.

Aweee, baby pear! How cute 🙂

We also had some Ethiopian food, courtesy of my favorite local vegan restaurant, leftover from my lunch date with my sister on her first day of freshman year 🙂

There may have been a few of my Signature Oatmeal Cookies (on cacao-cinnamon-raisin crazy juice) in the mix… (p.s. recipe to come in another post 🙂 )

Ohhhh dang. I may have had a few of these….

That’s all for now lovies! More pictures (and the previously mentioned recipes! get excited, people) to come, including a certain Butternut Squash Soup of mine that is slightly famous in my family, as well as a homemade Lentil Vegetable Soup, Hot Chocolate, and a kasha recipe 🙂

I’m off to dinner at the new vegan place in town, and I am beyond excited! Daiya Mozzarella Sticks, anyone? I already know what I’ll be ordering 🙂

See you later tonight!


p.s. I got my senior portraits taken today! Many thanks to Cialone Photography, I will have the beautiful pictures in exactly 3 weeks…ahh, I can barely wait!!


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